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  • Stop the Shots. Now.


    UK Column News Monday 16 January.

    UK Column leads with more medically-qualified testimony.

    How long before MPs can question the narrative before being thrown out of their party?

    (84 minutes)

    At 28 minutes: Public Order Bill

    At 33 minutes: 'Wellbeing' in Scotland

    At 44 minutes: Tanks for you know where

    At 65 minutes: Sanctions on Iran



  • Covid Vaccines Were Controlled by the Pentagon and Big Pharma from the Get-Go


    If you think you understand our world, then you are wrong.

    Vaccines are matter for medical regulators, right?

    Apparently not.

    "the informed consent rules have been amended under Obama - subjects don't have to be informed of what's going on if it is deemed not in their best interests"

    I wonder who does the deeming here?

    We don't have any emergency but they keep extending it because they need it to bypass all the normal medical rules.

    (17 minutes)


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  • Doctors For Covid Ethics - Fifth Symposium


    Doctors for Covid Ethics 5th Symposium - if it isn't here, it probably doesn't exist.

    I won't attempt to summarise - suffice it to say that whatever you want to know, its here somewhere, and if it's not here then it's in an earlier symposium!

    Wade in...


  • Neil Oliver Tells it As It Is - Wilful Blindness


    As always, he makes the unanswerable case.

    Our MPs are complicit in their absence. They are complicit in the ongoing fake vaccination programme, even though there is clearly no cause for it that has not been long discredited.

    Will they be complicit in the next restrictions? 

    We need to go back to first principles.

    What will it take?

    (15 minutes)



  • "A Criminal Complaint Against the Swiss Federal Council"


    "Mr. Najadi, himself and his family fully jabbed and boostered, describes his realization that the entire narrative, especially regarding vaccine efficacy, is based on contradictions, misleading and unsupported claims and perhaps malicious intent"

    "He trusts the Swiss judicial system, is confident that the Truth will come to light, and sends a message of hope that justice will indeed prevail"

    Reiner Fuellmich continues his work with the ICIC.

    "This is the most important case that I can imagine..."

    (28 minutes)


    And of course, nothing like this could be possibly be happening in the UK could it?

    No no, of course not, that would be too ridiculous for words.


  • More Medicos are Slowly Coming Out


    Good if belated news - more medicos are accepting that the vaccines are more dangerous than the disease, and calling for them to be stopped.

    Dr John Campbell, who strikes me as an honest man trapped for years within our brainwashing system of NHS big pharma big government collusion, has caught up with the facts as we knew them many months ago.

    Yet yes, there is truly more joy in Heaven over one sinner that repents than over ninety and nine just men - welcome to the club John Campbell, your example will encourage others to reconsider, until the truth becomes generally accepted.

    At that point the understanding of the causes of the absurd demonisation of the unvaxxed can begin.

    (4 minutes)




  • Trump Caught in Vax Quicksand?


    Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog waxes eloquent on the state of the US political classes as 2022 comes to a close.

    It's not a calm performance, but it's certainly heartfelt and grounded in evidence and logic.

    Some may think that poor old Greg has flipped and lost it - but whether you think talk of bio-weapons is unconscionable or not, it is now extremely clear that the jabs are not proven either safe or effective.

    And most countries around the world are treating Covid as actually now no more deadly than the flu (and it may never have been more deadly than flu - "lies, damned lies, and statistics").

    So there is no justification for the Covid jabs, and quite probably no justification for any mRNA jab.

    The weight of independent

  • The WHO has Utterly Lost It!


    The unflappable Ivor Cummins lays it out.

    Their end must be nigh soon now.

    (14 minutes)


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  • Premeditated Genocide? Really?


    The evidence does seem to be mounting that the true intent and origin behind the Covid mRNA "vaccines" is quite different than we have been led to believe.

    I have no direct information but here are three reports which all seem to point in a similar direction.

    First up: State of the Nation bases its analysis on the American VAERS dataset, whereon anybody can report a vaccine adverse event (but maybe only < 10% do).

    "It’s of paramount importance to understand that every single physician and scientist in America has access to the official government data and information posted on the VAERS website"

    including "every department throughout the U.S. Federal Government, the U.S. Armed Forces and all affiliated NGOs", "every public corporation and private company, every medical center and hospital, every healthcare insurance company and risk

  • Recap on Vaccine Effectiveness According to UKHSA


    Nothing especially new but a useful reminder of how we got here.

    "The real-world data on incidence presented in that Vaccine Surveillance Report were highly suggestive of a problem that should have been prioritised for rigorous investigation, not explained away with the flick of a pen"

    "UKHSA had resorted to including a stern warning in bold in its section on real-world data:

         ... These raw data should not be used to estimate vaccine effectiveness"

    "they preferred to believe that it was the real world that was wrong and that their cleverly constructed experimental studies that were right"

    "We’re now nine months from that last table of real world data on Covid infection by vaccination status, and in the meantime studies from from around the world continue to suggest that the vaccines

  • The Men Behind the Masks


    It is well recognised that the lie is halfway around the world before the truth has put its boots on. I suppose that in this day and age we should be using an updated metaphor - perhaps that the lie has flashed through all corners of the internet before the truth has booted up it's PC and remembered its password.

    Still, the parable of the hare and the tortoise also springs to mind - steady and reliable eventually triumphs over fast fancy and fleeting. The truth will out, as they say, just as soon as the inevitable inconsistencies occasioned by the lie become exposed. It's only a matter of time and perseverance.

    Hence the necessity for ever more censorship by those who do not want the truth exposed. Censorship that will in the end prove inadequate to the ever-expanding task of covering up all the  inconsistencies rippling from the original lie. 

    In summary - the truth

  • Jeremy Promoted Chief Scientist for Tedros


    No, not that particular Jeremy (although many may think he was secretly promoted Prime Minister a while back); this is Jeremy Farrar of SAGE, the Welcome Trust, and now right-hand "Chief Scientist" to Tedros of the WHO.

    "Shortly after Xi Jinping enacted the strictest lockdown in history in Wuhan, China, and long before that lockdown produced any results, Farrar echoed his new boss, Tedros, in praising China for 'setting a new standard for outbreak response' "

    I wonder if Tedros advertised the vacancy? How many applications were received? and what selection criteria were applied?

    After all, the WHO is certainly financed by tax-payer dollars / pounds / euros, so should we not be told?

    "Farrar is the second former SAGE member who has been rewarded by the WHO with a major promotion ... the first being 

  • The Simplest Messages Are the Best


    Simple messages that can be understood in a few moments are it seems to me the way forward.

    Life isn't always complicated, and those who wish to obscure the simple truth are prone to embellishing it with unwanted complexity in the hope that the simple truth will get lost in the verbiage.

    Here is some very simple truth (3 minutes) about our national energy policy, brought to us by GB News.

    Here is another very simple truth about the Covid pandemic.

    Imagine that you have been tasked to discover the reliability of a test for a disease - how would you go about it?

    One way to calibrate the test would be to assemble a group of healthy people known to be free of the disease

  • Twitter - the View from the Inside


    Twitter has famously (or infamously, depending on your viewpoint) made an abrupt about-face following the Musk take-over, with many employees departing and many insights into its alleged programme of censorship being published on Twitter itself.

    Professor Jay Bhattacharya (of Great Barrington Declaration fame) was recently invited by Mr Musk to "Twitter Towers" to review how the great unscrambling is progressing.

    Unherd reports.

    (40 minutes)


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    Highwire Review December 2022 - 298 Bringing the Heat


    Highwire Episode 298 - Bringing the Heat

    A sitrep on where we have been,where we are now, what may be coming...  

    Yes it's long (but visit the highwire.comnext Tuesday/Wednesday when they will have loaded your preferred clip).

    (2 hrs 50 mins)



  • The Federation of State Medical Boards


    AKA "The International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities".

    Maajid Nawaz explains the power pyramid that controls the global medical profession.

    "Both the international one and the American one are registered to the same office in Texas

    "The body that regulates all the medical boards and councils around the world...  it's... a private company... "

    "... the entire thing is a stitch-up... "

    (The first twelve minutes suffice to make the point if you're short of time)

    (96 minutes)



  • Andrew Bridgen MP Spells it Out


    More or less net zero MPs in attendance.

    They are what pass for "our representatives" in Parliament.

    (22 minutes)


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