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  • Quick Q&A for Parents-to-Be


    This isn't new information by any means but if you know anybody who may need to see it...

    (2 minutes)


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  • Who is Q? What is the Plan for the Vaccinated?


    This is a measured and calm review of the deep state and its ambitions to rule a depopulated world.

    Also the push-back from the antidote to the deep state: the Q team (whoever they may be) and what has been happening since the assassination of President Kennedy.

    This has been a clandestine war from the very beginning -  a beginning that goes back millennia at least to biblical times.

    This war is coming to a head as we live and breathe - a war to end all wars, and to end the influence of institutional evil that has been festering within the halls of power from earliest known times.  

    We indeed live in the most "interesting" of times.

    In only 30 minutes much is left unsaid, but the primary message concerns the fate of the jabbed - how will the negative effects of the injections be countered?

    Operation "warp speed" was

  • Federal-Social-Media Collusion Hits the Courts


    "The New Civil Liberties Alliance, the Attorney General of Missouri, and the Attorney General of Louisiana, have filed a lawsuit that blows the lid off a sprawling federal censorship regime... "

    "Discovery has unveiled an army of federal censorship bureaucrats, including officials arrayed at the White House, HHS, DHS, CISA, the CDC, NIAID, the Office of the Surgeon General, the Census Bureau, the FDA, the FBI,...  "

    “If there was ever any doubt the federal government was behind censorship of Americans who dared to dissent from official Covid messaging, that doubt has been erased"

    Read all about it.

  • The Covid Narrative Methods Investigated


    Mark Sharman (formerly of ITV and BSkyB) reviews the Covid news and propaganda management with Brian of UK Column, one of the few upstanding genuine news outlets in the UK, and still a pioneer in well-researched independent news.

    "Why is it that we... still do not... see any proper investigative journalism by the big media names... ?"

    "... what they're basically saying is 'Don't question the Government's line... "

    (69 minutes)


    Also from UK Column we have David Scott and Alex Thomson talking to John Cullen about UK Column, the treatment of the population by the World Government's subversion programme, and the treatment of statistics by the official sources:

    (1 hr

  • And So Say All of Us


    Distressing scenes. Viewer discretion is required. This is not over just yet.

    (38 minutes)



  • Bob Tells It Like It Was, As We Guessed it Must Have Been


    But it still shocks to the core, because it confirms beyond any doubt that "our government" is not ours when push comes to shove.

    Yes we knew that, or those of us who thought about it knew, but seeing it in black and white brings an inflexion point, a point of no return to the days when, well, when we might have been mistaken.

    The media left many questions unasked - deliberately. Does that not make them complicit?

    "How many more months will they spend sitting comfortably on the truth, watching millions of people suffer at the hands of a lie?"

    TCW tells the story and asks the questions. And, just maybe, helps open the flood gates.


  • The Covid Story from an Insider


    Paul E Alexander worked for the WHO and then the Trump Administration in April 2020, trying to make sense of the best response to the virus.

    The Brownstone Institute presents this interview for those who would like more information about the "office politics" of the pandemic.

    Don't miss.

    (86 minutes).

    Watch here.


  • Lockdown - How Did That Happen?


    The travesty of lockdown was unbelievable, breaking as it did with all previous pandemic thinking without so much as a hasty risk assessment.

    So how did it come about?

    We haven't heard much about that, no doubt because nobody wants to own up to owning it, but the Spectator takes advantage of the Tory leadership campaign to review the story according to Rishi Sunak.

    Yes, it's every bit as bad as we thought it had to be. The more I hear about the workings of Cabinet meetings, the clearer it becomes how dysfunctional government doesn't just happen by accident - it is deliberately engineered.

    (71 minutes)


  • 75 Year Anniversary of the Nuremberg Code Marked


    A timely reminder of the Nuremberg Trials and the establishment of the Code with regard to the control of medical experiments on people.

    This 75th Annual Commemoration was called by the Action Alliance 75 Years Nuremberg Code.

    You can also watch the video (6hrs 38 minutes!) of the event. 

    Too few seem to remember the Nuremberg code these days, so perhaps we should offer a handy pocket-sized reminder (A6 double-sided foldable).

    We might also remind ourselves that the excuse that "I was following orders" was

  • A Week in the Life of Dr David Cartland


    Interviewed by James Delingpole.

    "Look guys, we have got three deaths in one afternoon... "

    (70 minutes)

  • A Booming Business in These Post Pandemic Days?


    In case you thought that John O'Looney is an outlier, or the phenomenon might be unique to the UK, Principia Scientific International reports exactly the same boost for the same businesses:

    "Funerals are a solid but slow-growth business, and the trend toward cremations hasn’t helped,” writes Alex Berenson on his Substack. “But between 2019 and 2021, SCI’s earnings per share more than doubled, from $1.90 to $4.57"

    Whilst that doesn't necessarily imply that the numbers being buried have doubled, it does imply a significant growth in numbers.

    This US based report notes the "elevated numbers of consumers".

    This video

  • Dr. Ryan Cole On Post-Jab Cancer Explosion And Excess Mortality


    We have all heard by now that the jabs can give us myocarditis and related heart conditions, that they don't do your immune system any good, and that in point of fact because the "spike protein" circulates in the blood (when it doesn't clot it) to all parts of the body, it can cause mayhem more or less anywhere.

    It also seems to be true that it may be the cause of the unexpected and "unexplained" increases in cancer, recently acknowledged in the statistics, from new cases to unexpected relapses in patients that had been in remission.

    Here Dr Ryan Cole tells us what he knows about the jabs and cancer:

    "These aren’t pure products... When Pfizer submitted vials to the European Medicines Agency to look at purity … they were in the 50% range … The TGA in Australia looked at it and said,

  • German Insurer Hit by Huge Rise in Vaccine Claims


    As if more evidence were needed, the German Techniker Krankenkasse insurer confirms that claims for vaccine damage rose form 13,777 in 2020 to 437,592 in 2021 - based on confirmed diagnoses.

    "Approximately 11 million people are insured by the Techniker Krankenkasse. 473,593 cases of medical treatment resulting from vaccination thus amounts to around one in every 23 people vaccinated, assuming all 11 million are vaccinated"

    Need one say more?

  • 6029679/21 - Update from Mark Sexton


    Update from the Telegram Channel 6029679/21:


    "Update today, Friday the 12th of August 2022.

    Since July the 20th 2022 and our visit to Charing Cross police station.
    (Another 30 day ban from 13/07/22 just finished).

    1, no contact or update from The Metropolitan Police, no contact from inspector McManus, email received from PC Clark dated 23/07/22 confirming receipt of emails with the new evidence from Dr Wagh and Canadian data analyst Christine Massey. Nothing at all since, despite the many promises to engage and provide updates.

    2, reply from Baroness Hallett’s team regarding the independent public inquiry into the pandemic.
    “They suggest I contact the police if I am alleging crimes are being committed”

  • Lest We Forget


    I haven't posted that much on the Covid Vaccines recently because (a) if you still think they are beneficial you are very fast asleep and (b) repetition clogs the site unnecessarily.

    Still, it's still true that the vaccines all seem to be both criminal and poisonous so we feature this reminder from the Daily Sceptic for those who may be new to the idea, or who may be unconsciously bending back toward the oft-repeated narrative propagated by the corporate-media-crony-government axis.

    The two salient facts are that:

    (a) Covid is no worse that the flu (and evidence strongly suggests that it was indeed the flu, rebranded) 

    (b) the vaccines are unnecessary at best (and evidence strongly suggests that they kill many more people than would have died without them, and

  • Reversing Autism / Vaccine-Induced Autism?


    We haven't featured Dr Fuellmich recently but he is still working, and this session 116 is potentially very important.

    Autism is an undoubted and growing curse, and anything that makes a dent in this tendency is to be welcomed.

    Dr Wodarg correctly gives the witness a hard time, but that doesn't invalidate the process of collecting the evidence that is available, nor does it invalidate that evidence even if it may not be strictly conclusive in a court of law.

    "... the human body has the capability of repairing itself from absolutely anything... "

    "... they can't transfect all of them - this is why they want repeated injections, because this is a cloning process, and they have to keep the body poisoned in order for this technology to work... "

    "... when the body is put back into a state of homeostasis (or balanced pH) then the

  • Covid is Gone - Long Live the WHO?


    Is it possible for the world to be secretly under martial law and never know a thing about it?

    Most of us would say no, I'm sure. There would be soldiers in the streets and it would be "Papers Please!" everywhere wouldn't it?

    Or would it?

    After all, few countries in the world have anywhere near enough troops to do anything like that, and the push-back from the public would be unmanageable. It would only need to fail in one country and others would be following suit - nobody wants authoritarian government except the authoritarians.

    So what are the would-be authoritarians to do? 

    We know from recent Covid experience that they happily resort to propaganda, "nudge units" and similar fear-based tactics to persuade us to imprison ourselves and

  • The MHRA Has No Clue about Safety or Duty


    "I’m retired but I worked for 20-plus years in a safety critical sector where I was legally accountable for the safety of hundreds of products which I authorised for use. So I know a robust safety management system when I see it.  From what I’ve found out about the MHRA, I don’t think its safety management is as robust as those responsible for it seem to think"

    I'm thinking that in the face of the evidence this must qualify as the most understated observation of the year. I would go much further, and charge those in authority with dereliction of duty amounting to culpable homicide.

    "This means that it is either defaulting against the Human Medicines Regulations or it’s got someone to approve it not doing the statutory audits while it’s busy monitoring the Covid vaccines rollout"

    “The MHRA does not hold a process for investigation of individual Yellow Card reports"

    Or not monitoring

  • Can The Human Biohazard Survive in a World in Upheaval?


    Dr Bruce Scott writing for UK Column reviews the nature of our "modern" world, and in particular the relationship between our rulers and the people.

    Is our formerly loving and supportive nanny state now so discontent with this relationship that it is trying to bully us into a new one? Or was it never truly so loving and supportive, but perhaps rather more condescending and uncaring, if we consider its actions rather than its fine words?

    In fact, are the words and actions now reaching a parting of the ways, clear for all to see?

    "These “nudges” towards a restructuring of how we live are straight out of the totalitarian playbook"

    The People's Vaxxed II Truth


    "This Follow-Up Documentary Covers Scenes From The More Than 50,000 Miles That Polly And The Vaxxed Team Traveled In The U.S. And Around The World"

    (96 minutes)


    See also the original movie Vaxxed: https://vaxxedthemovie.com/