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  • Grand Jury - The Covid Court of Public Opinion


    This is the Grand Jury proceeding to decide on the need for indictments against the alleged perpetrators of the Covid-19 scam.

    "The allegation is that the world’s governments have come under the controlling influence of corrupt and criminal power structures. They colluded to stage a pandemic that they had been planning for years. To this end they deliberately created mass panic through false statements of fact and a socially engineered psychological operation whose messages they conveyed through the corporate media"

    "The purpose of this mass panic was to persuade the population to agree to the so-called “vaccinations" which have in the meantime be proven to be neither effective, nor safe, but extremely dangerous, even lethal"

    Coordinated by the Corona Investigative Committee, this is scheduled to begin today, 5th February 2022, and to hear evidence

  • Midazolam Murders Case - Judge Assigned


    The snail's pace at which our UK courts system progresses is well-known, and it is undoubtedly true that justice rushed is unlikely to be satisfactory, but it has been acknowledged almost from time immemorial that justice delayed is justice denied.

    One might have expected that a case of such import would have been fast-tracked at the every least.

    Perhaps it has been, but it has still taken over a month to assign a judge and that judge isn't expected to do much at all until March. 

    Given that "... we are applying for the seizure of the entire UK Midazolam supply, to prevent the ongoing euthanasia of targeted demographics in care homes, hospital wards and in their own beds" one might have hoped for more alacrity.

  • Covid-19 "Vaccines" - Safe for Kids?


    (16 minutes) You might want to skip the first 50 seconds of this... 

    "... 50 times more likely to kill them than Covid itself... "

    "... is it not the responsibility of the Companies to prove safety?"

    Read more at Children's Health Defense.


    FDA Used ‘Critically Flawed’ Risk-Benefit Analysis to ‘Justify’ COVID

  • "Why I'm Quitting the NHS"


    The Daily Sceptic reports on why an NHS Clinical Scientist is leaving.

    "A core principle in healthcare is to ensure that patients are given free access to all information, to enable them to make a proper and informed choice about any treatment. As a scientist, I have been and still am gravely concerned about the Government and NHS misrepresentation of these vaccines as ‘safe and effective’"

    "I have been appalled by the NHS willingness to trample over the concept of personalised medicine in the promotion of products still in phase three trials"

    "NHS contracts do not specify any requirement of taking part in human experimentation. In any case, human experimentation should be carried out under the safeguards of the Nuremberg Code, which has been sadly violated in all its points during the vaccination campaign"

    "The last straw, however, has been the participation of our hospital in

  • Covid! Covid! Wherefore Art Thou Covid?


    The Daily Sceptic reports today on the plight of Kiribati, Covid-free until two weeks ago but now suffering its first outbreak after a flight arrived from Fiji.

    Salient points:

    Passengers on the flight of doom were:

    • quarantined for two weeks prior to flying
    • fully vaccinated (we can discount this as we know that vaccines do not prevent transmission)
    • masked (we can discount this as there is no convincing evidence of effectiveness)
    • tested
  • Dr Reiner Fuellmich Announces a Grand Jury Trial


    "We are adopting this model to prove to the public, with the help of real witnesses, lawyers, a judge and experts from around the world, that we are dealing with crimes against humanity that span the globe"

    "The goal is a coherent presentation of all the facts gathered to date, and thus to convince the populations of all countries that resistance here is not only possible, but required of every individual"

    (5 minutes)



    Here is a more in-depth exploration of this topic:

    "... these are not side-effects, it's happening on purpose... this is genocide..."

    (90 minutes)



    In contrast to the above, this article in Unherd proposes that the

  • Update on a UK Covid Legal case


    PJH Law has written to Commissioner Dick of the Met concerning her investigation into prime-ministerial partying at nbr 10.

    "Re: Crime Reference Number: 6029679/21
    Further to the news that the Metropolitan Police has opened a criminal investigation into the Prime Minister’s partying can I respectfully suggest that that enquiry is added into the above crime reference number as the recorded crimes are linked – serious misconduct in public office"

    Spot on.

    The purported partying was clearly undertaken without regard to any pandemical dangers involved, so what are we to deduce - that they were unbelievably unconcerned by the dangers to which they exposed themselves, or were they aware that these supposed dangers were in fact not all that they had been made out to be?

    Yes, the partying problem is pretty idiotic but the implications are serious.


  • A Short History of Medical Malfeasance


    Dr David Martin delivers (another) history lesson covering HIV Aids and vaccines through to Coronavirus. 

    "... he gave the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill a grant to create a pathogen...  so that we could actually get... the public to accept the need for a pan coronavirus vaccine... we need the media to create the hype...  we need to use that hype to our advantage... investors will follow if they see profit at the end of the process "

    "... it was not a lab leak from China, it was not a lab leak from anywhere, it was an intentional weaponization of the spike protein and it is murder and we will call it what it is "

    "... he's the boss of Anthoni Fauci, he's the boss of CDC, he's the boss of NIAID, he's the boss of NIH, he's the boss of the FDA ..."

    " ... the emergency use authorisation cannot stand if the basis of it was a felony"


  • The Covid Policy Response in Retrospect


    It's clear that before Covid burst upon the scene, many governments (including our own) had run pandemic preparedness exercises which purported to ensure that we wouldn't be caught napping should a pandemic strike.

    We now know that the pandemic was hyped out of all reality from quite early on, possibly something to do with totally unfounded reliance on "scientific" modelling (ie: modelling by "scientists" as opposed to scientific modelling where the hypothesis represented by the model is tested against reality and peer-reviewed before being assumed to be accurate).

    Still, there had to be more to it than that because seemingly all countries world-wide decided with one accord to throw all

  • There Will be Consequences


    "Consequences is a fun game for all ages that can be played just about anywhere... "

    Well, this isn't going to be a fun game.

    As so often, Neil Oliver puts his inimitable stamp onto the moment, the moment when the pandemic narrative finally became untenable and fell apart.


    (10 minutes)


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  • The FOI Request that Nobody is Talking About


    "Please supply how many people have died from Covid-19 alone, with no underlying health issues, from November 19 to December 2021"

    Well, some of us have been talking about this kind of thing for a long time, but it's always good to see a new face taking up the cudgels.


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  • Planet Lockdown - Documentary - Released 20/Jan/2022


    (1 hr 50 minutes)

    "Planet Lockdown is a documentary on the situation the world finds itself in. We spoke to some of the brightest and bravest minds in the world including epidemiologists, scientists, doctors, lawyers, protesters a statesman and a prince. These brave souls had the courage to speak truth against all odds and inspire us to do the same. We must have the courage to overcome our fears. Once we do, it gets easier every time"

    Listen carefully - you will learn the origin of the phrase "hate speech". It's the little things that give the plot away...



  • Hammersmith Police Mount Major Criminal Covid Investigation


    This follows on from our earlier article:

    PUB Supports Met Police to Investigate "Midazolam Murders"

    The original complaint was lodged at Hammersmith by retired policeman Mark Sexton, and it was subsequently decided that Hammersmith would play the lead role in the investigations.

    Unity News Network reported:

    "Metropolitan Police Crime Number:  6029679/21.  International Criminal Court (The Hague) Case number: OTP‐CR‐473/21"

    "The world’s

  • Verdict - International Common Law Court of Justice - Big Pharma, China, Vatican, convicted of Genocide and Criminal Conspiracy


    Global Crimes against Humanity demand special courts, outside of the bribery and corruption that may be endemic in the courts of any individual country.

    The International Common Law Court of Justice cut its first teeth on the deliberate genocide of indigenous children in Canada by the Vatican, the Crown of England and other parties.

    The latest case to be concluded against Big Pharma, Government, and Church Leaders is about the Covid genocide.

    "Convicted individuals include Alber Bourla and Emma Walmsley, the CEOs of Pfizer

  • EU Parliamentarians Review Covid Status in Italy & EU



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  • Cover up, Deception, Covid Origins


    TCW (formerly The Conservative Woman) reports on the latest email revelations brought about by legal action in the USA.

    Some of our government's primary scientific advisers are mentioned.

    "If it had been known that research by US and Chinese scientists gave rise to the pandemic, would governments worldwide have put their trust in the lockdown and mass vaccination policies that have proved so damaging? Especially when promoted by scientists such as Fauci who were among those funding the research"

    Hard to answer - the author may be assuming that they did not know, but there are other hypotheses.

    Whatever the truth of that, at least some resignations, and possibly criminal

  • Fauci Concedes - Tests Do Not Detect Virus


    "The only way to determine whether someone could be the carrier of the virus is to detect living viruses. The tests are not suitable for this"

    Many extremely well-qualified medical experts have been pointing up this awkward fact for ever (well, since 2020 anyway) but there are none so deaf as government ministers and their "advisers".

    That the good Doctor Fauci from his exalted podium as sole authorised disburser of pandemic wisdom to the world has confirmed that if the PCR / antigen test is taken at the time a person is infected it may be accurate, but if taken later on it is useless, since the infection may have passed but still be detected:

    "And so we made the decision that people who tested positive would go into isolation for 5 days, and if they continue to be asymptomatic then they can just go straight back provided they are wearing a mask.... and that when you go back you don't have to do an antigen test"


  • Guidance to GPs on Vaccine Safety Ignores Pfizer Trial Data?


    The Pfizer trial data is proving contentious.

    Frankly I would like to feature fewer Covid stories, but some strike me as important. This is one such, as it perfectly illustrates the apparent dishonesty underlying the vaccines drive being so assiduously pushed by our authorities.

    This is not data that has arisen post vaccination roll-out - this is data from the original Pfizer safety and efficacy trials. It should have been identified and investigated before the vaccine roll-out ever started.

    It joins a long list of problems with the Covid pandemic story (the test that doesn't work, the alternative treatments that were suppressed, the unproven "asymptomatic infection" narrative, the bare-faced lie so beloved of our "journalists" that a