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  • Omicron Round-up - Mask, Tests, Vax Fatalities, Passports


    Mahyar Tousi is a "right wing" commentator who is closer to mainstream than many, but here he is pointing up some of life's current absurdities:

    (4 minutes)


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    And the Daily Sceptic reports on the severity of this dreadful new scariant...

    But what about the Covid Tests? Does a positive test = an infection? 

    To hear the official sources (including the media) the positive test is synonymous with the infection

  • Plan B is Upon Us! Run or Hide?


    I try not to get into the weeds on the merits of this or that squirm or turn, thinking that most of our readers prefer matters of more significance, but today we have a couple of contributions from Daily Sceptic that propose explanation/motivation behind the abysmal action.

    First up Toby Young trying to tell us that there is nothing more behind it than buffoonery - but if that were so there must be a great many buffoons infesting the halls of government, possibly to the exclusion of all others.

    "My conspiracy-minded friend thinks it’s all part of a worldwide plan. He believes that since March of last year the government has been doing the bidding of a small cabal of powerful billionaires who want to control the world’s population via vaccine passports and other bio-security measures"


  • Dr Reiner Fuellmich Gives us the Good News and Bad News


    Vaccine Impact report on Dr Fuellmich's recent remarks in Poland:

    "It has been called 'Nuremberg 2.0' by many, as expectations have been that there would be some kind of trial in an international court of law where these criminals would be prosecuted"

    "... he made clear ... that the judicial system is owned and controlled by the Globalists, and justice will not be found in today’s courts, whether it is Germany or the U.S., or any other country"

    "That doesn’t mean that they are not going to proceed with a trial that will be similar to the original Nuremberg trials. He states that there will be a real judge, real lawyers, and real witnesses, but the jury

  • Call to Arms from The Freedom Cycle


    This call to arms from the Freedom Cycle reports on the latest intention of the Bernician to launch a legal prosecution of the alleged British criminals behind the Covid crimes against the British people.

    This has been a long time in gestation - understandably so since the prosecution envisaged will if successful up-end our Parliament, Civil Service, NHS, UKHSA, MHRA, and likely much more.

    It is probably no exaggeration to suggest that it will ultimately lead to a new constitution reconfirming Common Law as the primary legal

  • "Over 1200 Pfizer Vaccine Deaths within the First 90 Days"


    "The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released the first batch of documents related to Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine after a federal judge ordered that they must comply with a massive Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that was filed by a government accountability group called Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency"

    Gateway Pundit reports, 2nd December.

    "FDA challenged the FOIA request in court. After the agency was told that it must turn over the documents, Justice Department lawyers representing the FDA asked a federal judge to allow them an unthinkable 55 years to process the request"

    "in just the first 90 days

  • "Synthetic Biology" Key to (Great?) Reset of Living Systems


    The WEF (World Economic Forum) - who else?! -  "proclaims a scientific human reset is near because 'Synthetic biology lies at the intersection of an ageing population, climate change and environmental degradation' ".


    "Lessons learned from COVID-19 vaccines could advance synthetic biology"


    So these vaccines are a test-bed for "synthetic biology"? 

    Was that mentioned anywhere on the "informed consent" package insert?

    No matter, perhaps by the time the legal niceties have been sorted out it will all be over.

    Technocracy News and Trends has the story.

    American Heart Association: mRNA COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk


    American Heart Association Journal 'Circulation' publishes Abstract 10712 concerning the effect of mRNA jabs on the heart:

    "Our group has been using the PLUS Cardiac Test (GD Biosciences, Inc, Irvine, CA) a clinically validated measurement of multiple protein biomarkers which generates a score predicting the 5 yr risk (percentage chance) of a new Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS)"

    "Recently, with the advent of the mRNA COVID 19 vaccines (vac) by Moderna and Pfizer, dramatic changes in the PULS score became apparent in most patients"

    "We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination"


  • Brownstone Institute - Covid America Today


    The latest newsletter from the Brownstone Institute ("Giving Tuesday" - no prizes for guessing one aspect of this communication!) is featured today not because I want you give them money (that's for you to decide) but because they bring us quite nicely up to date with a summary of how things are across the pond.

    Biden's v*x mandate is in trouble in the courts:

    "The decision proves that good sense is not entirely gone. There are still judges and citizens out there who care about freedom"

    They also remark on the current mood of the US nation as they see it, and the difference that they have set out to make:

    "this speaks to a main message that arrives in our inboxes daily: thank you for helping me realize that I’m not insane but rather that science, reason, and humane values still matter"

    Not so different from the UK then.


  • Toxic Covid Vax Batches Carefully Deployed in the USA?


    Was there method in the deployment of the 5% of batches that were found to cause the vast majority of adverse events?

    This video takes us through the results of tabulation and graphing of adverse events from the US VAERS system, by vaccine manufacturer and date. The results are striking.

    (28 minutes) (If you see a "502 Bad gateway" (or similar) below, try again shortly...)


    The conclusion that "they" were deliberately calibrating levels of toxic dosage against numbers affected seems very pertinent. Although one can't rule out some benign technical reason for this observed pattern of results, given the suspicion of coordination between the different manufacturers

  • Useful Perspective on the New Scariant - and Covid Chronicles Announcement


    As so often we turn to Ivor Cummins for a cool look at the topic of virus variants.

    Those with not very long memories will still remember the fuss surrounding the Alpha and Delta variants - the fact that this new one is the Omicron (greek for letter 'o') variant tells us how many letters-variants we have skipped-ignored since those days. Why were we not told?!


    Like / Dislike this video here. Or not - perhaps he upset someone?

    Also here Ivor and Donal discuss the facts on the ground in South Africa - how does the real impact of the new variant on South Africa contrast with the reaction of the rest of the world, and likely knock-on effect of the new travel restrictions on South

  • Is there a Link between Covid vaccines and Heart Attacks? What Risk for Children?


    Given the number of athletes and others who are collapsing with heart problems in recent weeks,  this is a serious question, yet as ever our authorities are loath to admit any possibility of linkage, whilst they remain determined to vaccinate the entire population against a disease that the stats show is little more deadly than the seasonal flu - and primarily carries away the elderly with comorbidities.

    "Irrational" doesn't begin to describe it.

    The primary difference between 2020 (no athletes collapsing) and 2021 (athletes and others collapsing) is the vaccine roll-out - the possibility of a

  • The "Bioweapon" isn't Going Away - Here's Why


    What "bioweapon"?

    Karen Kingston, reportedly a former Pfizer employee, tells what she knows to Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com.

  • Vaccine Murder case against Bill Gates, Adar Poonawalla filed in India’s High Court


    The "world's first" vaccine murder case has been filed against Bill Gates, Adar Poonawalla in India's High Court .

    "Petitioner has sought prosecution of AstraZeneca’s (Covishield) manufacturer Bill Gates, his partner Adar Poonawalla and other Government officials and leaders involved in the murder of a 23 year old man, who lost his life because of vaccination"

    Read all about it.

    Also, back in September we reported on the Indian Bar Association suing the WHO Chief Scientist for "causing the deaths of Indian citizens by misleading them about Ivermectin".

  • Jab Experiences collected by the Needle Bar


    There has been a great deal of controversy over the Covid counter-measures, but it has been difficult to understand how people have been affected. The medical authorities seem to think that there is nothing amiss, whilst many patients are of contrary opinion.

    Today we report on the Needle Bar:-

    "Rod Humphris is touring the UK on the Needle Bar Bus with a film crew, gathering stories and having that conversation. Tell your personal story, or come to a session in the bar and join the conversation. All experiences and points of view wanted. Call us and we will come to you"


    Of course these stories are anecdotal, but it is the task of the authorities (CHM, MHRA, UKHSA) to give us their best assessment of the overall situation, based on sound research. One year after the start of the

  • Vaccine Safety Update - Nov 2021


    It is now nearly one year since the Covid vaccines started to be rolled out across the world, and it is striking how many reports critical of the vaccines have been published, and how few reports analysing the ins and outs of the admitted adverse events have so far been published by the responsible regulatory agencies to confirm their contention that these jabs are "safe and effective".

    In fact the sheer volume of evidence concerning their apparent decline in efficacy and the still unexplained rise in excess deaths that are reportedly occurring despite low death rates attributed to the pandemic, does seem cause to worry that our regulatory agencies may be (at best) asleep on the job - the job of monitoring the outcomes and reporting their findings to the public.

    Once more the Daily Sceptic comes to our aid and presents their

  • EU Green Lights Pfizer's Jabs for Kids From 5 - 11


    EU regulators have approved the Pfizer vaccines for children down to age 5 (although this doesn't seem to have made the BBC yet - perhaps they are too busy bulling up the "worrying new variant" from South Africa).

    I can't begin to imagine how they are justifying this, but those who may be taking this seriously (yes it is serious) might like to view the Tucker Carlson Robert F. Kennedy Jnr conversation.

    Apparently this decision still needs to be "rubber-stamped" by the EU Commission, which I have little doubt will oblige with

  • Higher Vax Coverage --> Higher Excess Mortality?


    More vax, more deaths? How so?

    Note - correlation does not always imply causation! But it does flag up a warning that perhaps we should be looking at this more seriously...

    "The Harvard study showed vaccination makes things worse as far as cases goes. This new study from Germany shows that the more you vaccinate the more people get killed"

    Definitely counter-intuitive, but what if it's true?

    "What this new German study shows is:  The higher the vaccination rate, the higher the excess mortality.

    "I can’t say I’m surprised. These are the deadliest vaccines in human history by a factor of over 800. But it is always nice to get confirmation from multiple sources who have no conflicts"


  • Everything You Never Wanted to Know about This Global Psy-Op ...


    ... but you are going to have to find out sooner or later.

    Martin Geddes has helpfully summarised what Covid really means for humanity, and his opening gambit is arresting.

    However, as he equally helpfully points out, we have been here before, even if not on a global scale.

    "Governments routinely are captured by criminals and psychopaths, and turn on their population"

    Twas ever thus.

    The 2020s are however the first time in history that the necessary communications tools are available to permit the self-appointed elite to coordinate the job at global scale. Humanity's future is in the balance.

    Happily it is also the first time in history that the common peoples also have the communications tools to uncover and understand what is really going on, to spread the word, and to come together globally to reject these

  • Economic Dominoes in the Firing Line, Collapse Coming?


    Clif High speaks again - the knock-on effect of the Chinese Evergrande collapse and how that will impact the world markets - not just the stock and financial markets but also the food automobile and appliance markets that we all rely upon to maintain our living standards.

    "Shocking the number of people that were reported dead in the UK by the delivery drivers"

    The good news? This economic collapse (unlike the jab results) may be delayed until January . . .  after that, buckle up!


  • Lawyers & Medical Experts Start Legal Proceedings for Crimes against Humanity


    The Daily Exposé reports on the coming trial of the century.

    Dr Reiner Fuellmich updates us with the conclusions of the Corona Investigative Committee.

    They have absolutely nailed it. 

    "Mr Global and his puppets will lose this war of good against evil. They will lose their insane war against life and creation itself.

    "There is no other way".

    A Tour de Force indeed - do not miss:

    (40 minutes)