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The Daily Sceptic reports that the Lancet has produced a study that explodes "a myth that formed a key part of social distancing policies and fear messaging during the pandemic".

The choice of words is interesting, indicating that somehow this myth formed from an unknowable process that nobody understood, emerging from within the amorphic consciousness of the time.

In fact it resulted from a relentless barrage of full-page newspaper advertisements bought and paid for by "our" government.

From Imperial College no less (not that I would consider that a recommendation) research has concluded that "transmission during the presymptomatic phase is responsible for a tiny fraction of overall spread".

Well, it's good of them to confirm that the findings of our report from January 2021 were absolutely spot on.

For what it's worth, you can read about the Lancet study here. Better late than never, but where have they been these last years?



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