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  • Everything You Never Wanted to Know about This Global Psy-Op ...


    ... but you are going to have to find out sooner or later.

    Martin Geddes has helpfully summarised what Covid really means for humanity, and his opening gambit is arresting.

    However, as he equally helpfully points out, we have been here before, even if not on a global scale.

    "Governments routinely are captured by criminals and psychopaths, and turn on their population"

    Twas ever thus.

    The 2020s are however the first time in history that the necessary communications tools are available to permit the self-appointed elite to coordinate the job at global scale. Humanity's future is in the balance.

    Happily it is also the first time in history that the common peoples also have the communications tools to uncover and understand what is really going on, to spread the word, and to come together globally to reject these

  • Economic Dominoes in the Firing Line, Collapse Coming?


    Clif High speaks again - the knock-on effect of the Chinese Evergrande collapse and how that will impact the world markets - not just the stock and financial markets but also the food automobile and appliance markets that we all rely upon to maintain our living standards.

    "Shocking the number of people that were reported dead in the UK by the delivery drivers"

    The good news? This economic collapse (unlike the jab results) may be delayed until January . . .  after that, buckle up!


  • Lawyers & Medical Experts Start Legal Proceedings for Crimes against Humanity


    The Daily Exposé reports on the coming trial of the century.

    Dr Reiner Fuellmich updates us with the conclusions of the Corona Investigative Committee.

    They have absolutely nailed it. 

    "Mr Global and his puppets will lose this war of good against evil. They will lose their insane war against life and creation itself.

    "There is no other way".

    A Tour de Force indeed - do not miss:

    (40 minutes)

  • Dr. David Martin - Follow the Patents, Then You Will Understand Covid


    We have reported on Dr David Martin's views previously, on the Stew Peters Show, and earlier when he gave evidence to Dr Reiner Fuellmich for the Corona Investigative Committee.

    The long and the short of his claims is that by following the trail of patents taken out in respect of the claimed 'novel coronavirus', he has concluded that the virus was never 'novel' and the pandemic was therefore unfounded.

    In this recent presentation below he has moved on from releasing the results of his investigations to declaring war on the influencers that have been managing aspects of the alleged pandemic.

    I have no way to verify his assertions one way or the other, so I do not

  • No mRNA Jabs - No Epidemic?


    Two billion people in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia...  and no mRNA vaccines? 

    "They are among the world’s most densely populated and poorest countries - fertile ground for Sars-Cov-2.

    So the epidemic must be raging out of control from Karachi to Jakarta, right?"

    Place your bets now...

    Then have a look.

  • Highwire Episode 241 - Sins of Science - Sins of Education


    This episode is a genuine blockbuster that pins down so much that is wrong with our world today.

    If you think that this is just about "vaccines" and "Covid", think again.

    You may feel overwhelmed by the implications, but Del is providing pointers to how we will need to rebuild our attitudes to medicine, to government, and to the ways in which we raise and educate our children. 

    The old systems of top-down authority are so fundamentally flawed, even corrupted, that they must be discarded, and new ways of working based upon bottom-up paradigms are going to have to be invented and adopted by the responsible people - primarily parents and those responsible adults that are prepared to reclaim their sovereignty from the self-appointed "expert" and "governing" classes.

    This is the most daunting prospect, but it is also the most exciting and will depend upon the ambition and determination of each one us to join and

  • More Evidence that the Covid Risk to Kids is Below Minuscule


    The Daily Sceptic reports that an article in the journal Nature Medicine has analysed the "death count" of children under 18 in the year following the first lockdown, and concluded that the number whose cause of death was actually Covid could almost be enumerated on one hand.

    And SomersetLive reports that a member of the JCVI has said that "it is far too early" to be vaccinating children below 12 as the British regulatory bodies have not yet examined the data from the US.

    I might add that (to my knowledge) these British regulatory bodies have not yet shown any inclination whatsoever to deviate from the decisions of the US regulatory bodies. If they do so on this issue it would require some serious explanation.


  • Benjamin Fulford , October 2021, on Trump, Covid, 5G, Vaccines, and World Domination


    A wide-ranging Fulford interview from October. 

    "they wanted an excuse to vaccinate everybody"

    (23 minutes)


  • Healthcare Workers in the Firing Line - Worldwide


    In the UK the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care is mandating the jabs for front-line workers in both care homes and in the NHS (although the NHS have a reprieve until 2nd quarter 2022).

    In the USA the Biden administration is similarly attempting to mandate healthcare workers to take the jabs.

    In both cases this is being done through pressuring the employers to enforce the rule, which brings employment law into play, in addition to the healthcare arguments over just how infection is supposed to spread (whether by workers and/or by patients), what efficacy the vaccines actually confer, and whether those who have achieved natural immunity should be compelled to also take the jab. And so on. Everybody insisting (that word again) that they are right and everybody else is wrong.

    Now mix in the human rights aspects (Nuremberg code,

  • Dr Michael Yeadon Reviews the Covid Record


    At a time when the establishment is determined to vaccinate all our children against a disease from which they are in no danger, Dr Yeadon's review (July 2021) is an understandable, authoritative and devastating assessment of the Covid conumdrum.

    "there is no possible benign interpretation of this"

    "it's a straightforward respiratory virus, most people have completely ample immunity to repel it"

    "once you've been infected, you're immune. There's no uncertainty about it"

    "it's simply not true that the variants that it throws off as it replicates are sufficiently different from each other to represent any threat at all... it's impossible"

    (57 minutes)


  • Interpretive Meltdown at the UK "Health Security Agency"


    As if needlessly reorganising the responsibilities of Public Health England around OHID UKHSA DHSC NHSE/I and NHSD (no, me neither) didn't provide obfuscation enough, the OSR (Office of Statistics Regulation - but you knew that already didn't you?) is now reportedly providing guidance to UKHSA to ensure that the statistics published are both properly constructed and properly understood ("understanding" obviously also incorporating the modern nuance of conformity with the desired official messaging).

    This seems to be leading to a degree of confusion over the inconvenient situation that sometimes arises in circumstances

  • "Something Awesome is Happening in Melbourne"


    "My fellow Australians, something awesome is happening in Melbourne"

    "Melbourne has been overtaken by Australians"

    "we're doing this for the whole world"

    "the cops have given up"


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  • The Zelenko Protocol for Covid-19


    Dr Zelenko has been much in the news recently and Mikki Willis (of Plandemic fame) has provided an 8 minute interview with the great man.

    In addition to his thoughts on the Covid pandemic, he also describes his protocol for the prevention and prophylactic treatment of early stage Covid, a protocol which doesn't involve the use of any contentious drugs such as hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin, since many pharmacies in the USA were either unwilling or unable to provide these.

    (9 minutes)



    So what does this protocol involve?

    Elemental zinc, vitamins C and D3, Quercetin ("

    Peter Doshi on Covid Vaccination


    Associate Editor of the British Medical Journal Peter Doshi, bona fide expert in drug approval processes and associated data analysis, offers five minutes of pertinent destruction of dubious science to a meeting called by Senator Ron Johnson - unmissable.

    "would you take a dose of this drug every six months or so for possibly the rest of your life, if that's what it took for the drug to stay effective?"


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  • Coming Soon ... The Covid Chronicles!


    Regular visitors will probably be aware that we have been delighted to feature many of Ivor Cummins' videos on the topic of Covid, and indeed on health in general.

    His outstanding research and wonderfully confident yet laid-back style of presentation marks him out as a truly extraordinary source of information, and the fact that he doesn't charge for his videos tells us that his approach is as unbiased as may be found anywhere.

    It may come as a surprise to some that Ivor is not medically qualified. That he can and does produce such commanding videos is probably at least partly because he does not share the medical profession's training, but investigates the art of health by applying scientific principles to the available medical and scientific literature.

    So today we hear that the feature length film of Ivor's pandemic is due for release... "shortly".

    The Covid Chronicles promises to be the

  • Vaccinating Children Aged 5 - 11 - Risk-Benefit Analysis


    Children's Health Defense publish a cooked-up unscientific risk-benefit analysis for the Pfizer vaccine in 5 - 11 yr olds.

    So why should anybody pay attention?

    Because the Pfizer-FDA analysis was even less scientific. The entire trial cohort consisted of only 1528 children in the vaccination group and 757 in the placebo group.

    Bearing in mind that we are talking of an age range whose risk of serious adverse outcomes from Covid itself is in the region of vanishingly small, this number of trial participants is nowhere near large enough to provide useful data (unless a participant actually dies). Since no participant suffered a severe adverse event we can say (unscientifically) that the incidence of serious adverse events from the vaccine might well be less than 1 in 1500. Although it might also be a bit larger than 1 in 1500, given random

  • UKSHA Data Shows Infection Rates Over Twice as High in the Vaccinated


    Following on from their article on excess deaths currently occurring in Scotland, the Daily Sceptic turns its attention to the statistics for the UK. 

    Vaccine effectiveness is estimated by comparing rates of disease in vaccinated individuals to rates in unvaccinated individuals

    these raw data should not be used to estimate vaccine effectiveness

    Well, tell a child not to do something...

    "The CDC distinguishes 'vaccine efficacy', estimated from controlled studies, from 'vaccine effectiveness', which is used 'when a study is carried out under typical field (that is, less than perfectly controlled) conditions'. It is therefore not appropriate for the UKHSA, a Government agency, to insist that its data “should

  • Meet Aaron Siri


    Is Siri the latest Loudspeaker gizmo that will let you navigate the internet by voice alone (and allow Silicon Valley to diagnose your voice-print to collect your health status)?

    No, he's ICAN's live flesh and blood attorney.

    Here he is in conversation with Del Bigtree (the Highwire host who shouts a lot) discussing the various legal campaigns that ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) has undertaken in recent years - and what an informative conversation it is!

    (1 hr 45)


  • "The EUA of Pfizer's Vaccine for Ages 5 - 11 is Illegal and Unethical"


    Readers of this site will know that we have featured articles from ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) from some time. They were some of the first to openly criticise the US regulatory bodies, especially over their laxity in overseeing the safety of vaccines.

    Below is their latest legal update explaining exactly why Pfizer's vaccine should not have been authorised for children between the ages of 5 and 11.

    (See also their subsequent letter to members of Congress).



  • Public Health Scotland - What Drives their Excess Deaths in 2021?


    An excellent article in today's Daily Sceptic puts the Scottish Head of Health and Social Care Analysis and Support on the spot by the simple application of logic.

    If more people are dying in 2021 than in 2020 (as is reported), then what is the cause?

    It seems that that may not be very clear.

    "I and others have written to MSPs about the dreadful situation asking for a thorough analysis of what is responsible. In response we have been sent a reply from Anita Morrison, Head of Health and Social Care Analysis and Support, that I reproduce below" 

    This response was found to be less than convincing.

    In fact they reproduce not only Anita's response, but also their own analysis of the figures, which makes for

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