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  • UK Column Update 23 June 2022


    Just to remind everyone that UK Column in addition to its usual slots on Monday Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes now does a Thursday slot a well.

    Today Brian Gerrish takes us through matters Ukrainian war, Ukrainian destruction and reconstruction, the Falklands, the Russian enclave in Kaliningrad (ably assisted as so often by Alex Thomson); also the Uvalde Texas school shooting (which Mark Anderson still hasn't given up trying to understand) and lastly Debi Evans with her much awaited report on the goings-on within the MHRA-UKHSA-Bill-&-Melinda-Gates-Foundation axis (we can trust them, they're independent).

    Next up, door to door polio vaccines for all kids?

    "Vaccine-derived poliovirus has the potential to spread, particularly in communities where vaccine take-up is lower"

    So... the vaccinated may ... spread the vaccine-derived virus... to the unvaccinated...

  • Straight from the Horse's Mouth


    John O'Looney, undertaker, recounts his experience with the NHS.

    "They're insane mate, you wouldn't believe it... "

    "Whether people choose to believe it or not I really don't care, I know what I know... "

    And more...   "It's only going to get worse as well... "

    "... literally, they've drowned from kidney failure... "

    "... I've never seen so many people 'not need' a post-mortem who've died suddenly, that just never happened... years ago... if you dropped dead suddenly, you didn't have a choice... you had a post-mortem and that was it... "

    Forewarned is forearmed.

    (59 minutes)



  • Doctors for Covid Ethics - Fourth Symposium


    They don't do things by halves.

    Here we have seven hours of material, which I'm guessing the average person doesn't necessarily have spare at the end of the week!

    Happily someone has split the proceedings into three, which at least makes it seem more manageable, and means that skipping through to where you left off last time will be a bit easier.

    You can download the participants and schedule here.

    Part 1 (2 hrs 45)

    11 mins      Introduction

    14 mins     Dr Bhakdi  -  the Fundamental Mechanism of Damage

    24 mins     Michael Palmer  -  Irrefutable Proof of Causality


  • The Culling of Humanity?


    You know it makes sense... or does it?

    (31 minutes)


  • Grand Jury Closing Episodes


    Dr Fuellmich's Covid Grand Jury has now closed its presentations of the evidence.

    This is a Grand Jury.

    The purpose is not to return a verdict of guilty or innocent, but to put the prima facie evidence before a jury, whose task is then to determine whether or not indictments should be raised for the prosecution of the accused.

    Who is on the jury? We are.

    Let us take our responsibility seriously:

    • to judge the case on the basis of the evidence presented
    • to bear in mind that there is no evidence presented in defence of the accused because this is not a trial
    • to answer the question - does the evidence warrant the holding of trials to prosecute the accused?
    • to ensure that justice is both done and seen to be
  • Depopulation Beckons?


    The Covid "pandemic" will undoubtedly go down in history as a most nefarious event that demonstrated beyond question that the very highest levels of national and global government are not beyond the reach of organised crime.

    How we deal with that situation in the future remains to be resolved, but if government by the elite doesn't work then perhaps we should try government by the people?

    Whatever that means, it must of necessity involve a huge program of decentralisation so that the "levers of power" become too many, too numerous, and too jealously owned by the locals to ever again be co-opted by the few.

    But I digress.

    The world is still coming to terms with the damage inflicted

    (a) by the virus (not very much - hardly noticeable in statistical terms) 

    (b) by the associated jabs that have been foisted upon the world

  • Michael Yeadon on the Covid Fraud


    On this site over the last years we have rehearsed almost all aspects of the Covid scenario, but it's worth featuring Mike Yeadon again to provide a quick tour of the principal factors that alerted him to the "collusion and malfeasance" that he saw emerging, and the reasons why he determined that the pandemic was being used for population control.

    One or two of these aspects might be put down to accident or ignorance, but when nothing about the handling of the pandemic makes sense then when you put it all together it becomes incontrovertible.

    "... there is no safe way to combat a pandemic with a vaccine... "

    "... all four companies did the same thing... and they are not stupid people... "

    "... they don't have the data, they didn't do the experiments, they did not meet any kind of sensible set of regulatory guidelines even in an emergency, and in many cases there are

  • "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome"


    Medical Newspeak is working overtime, and there are no prizes for guessing the reason.

    Dr Ryan Cole decries the "Centre for Deception and Confusion" to USA Watchdog.

    "Dr. Cole is seeing dramatic increases in all types of illness such as aggressive cancers, heart disease, strokes, brain problems and autoimmune disease to name a few"

    "Our country doesn't even have a code for vaccine injury"

    "The reason cancers are taking off like wildfire... we've suppressed the immune system that would normally keep these cancers in check"

    "... you will never have an effective vaccine against a coronavirus... "

    (68 minutes)



  • Weekend Round Up with UK Column - and Pfizer Shots for Babies?


    For a change it's the NHS (or UKHSA as we must now call it) and the Covid aftermath that takes pole position, with a very pertinent discussion on how the excess deaths of the second half of 2021 identified by a US life insurance company is being portrayed by the usual suspects. Yet the NHS still appears to be locked in terminal decline even though Covid deaths have declined and we were originally locked down to "save the NHS".

    Once again the evolving Ukraine situation and how that relates to UK and US foreign policy is investigated and the likely results set out - neither the Biden administration nor NATO nor Ben Walllace come out well. Russia on the other hand doesn't seem to be short of additional customers for the hydrocarbons that it used to sell to Europe. 

    And so on to the Bilderberg group (inclusive of Michael Gove, David Lamy, Mark Sedwill, Tom Tugendhat, and Jeremy Fleming (GCHQ) et al from the corporate and media worlds comprising the British contingent) and their meeting that will no doubt

  • Andrew Wakefield talks to Clive


    Andrew Wakefield is the notorious doctor who in the late 1990s first raised a query about whether or not the MMR vaccine was linked to the rise in autism.

    The result was a firestorm of disapproval and denial.

    Later on the inimitable Del Bigtree of the Highwire took up the cudgels to bring the truth to the people in the teeth of officialdom and the media, but it's not often that we can hear from the man whose life was for ever changed by that original suggestion that vaccines might not have been as safe as we were told that they were.

    Now he tells us how the global authorities have been allegedly vaccinating people against pregnancy...

    On the plus side both he and Clive are delightfully calm and measured in their delivery, even as they discuss the possible horrendous consequences. 

    Del on Davos - and Monkeypox


    The inimitable Del Bigtree, along with Jeffrey Jaxen reviews the Davos powerfest - worried about the "next pandemic"? Well, yes and no.

    As Bill Gates admitted, they didn't make such a good fist of the vaccines for the last one.

    (19 minutes)



    Of course, given the burgeoning scare du jour, we can't ignore the monkeypox issue - especially as they ran a monkeypox simulation in 2021 - Del gets some thoughts from Dr McCullough. A bit of a shame that these Yanks can't debate without shouting at each other, but it's what they say that counts, not how they say it

  • Death by COVAX?


    Nick Bowler writing in the Daily Sceptic surveys the overall excess mortality figures for the UK and compares with the excess mortality figures for Denmark.

    By comparing excess mortality per number of vaccines administered, and using Denmark as a benchmark because it had a different Covid mortality profile than the UK, he thus is able to discount the thesis that these excess death may in fact have been due to lingering effects of the disease rather than to the vaccine.

    Obviously there is some scaling to be done in order to account for population differences but the results look pretty uncompromising.

    Whilst this investigation is not performed to the exacting standards expected of a scientific process, it's conclusions do seem to indicate that a proper investigation is indeed required.

  • Death by Regulatory Failure?


    New Zealand was hard hit by the official response to the Covid "pandemic".

    NZDSOS (New Zealand Doctors Speaking out with Science) "published an open letter on the need to investigate deaths following vaccination, of which 'an unredacted version is being prepared for the Police.' "

    I can't help thinking that they need a more catchy acronym than NZDSOS but perhaps they were all taken.

    "There is a shockingly large burden of deaths and injuries following the Covid-19 vaccines, of itself and compared to any other treatment or vaccine in modern times. We report many cases that DEMAND proper investigation, as befits any medication lacking safety studies"

    So how does the UK differ? Probably only in scale, as our vaccination programme remained voluntary (for most) despite huge pressure for compliance. Nevertheless our MHRA to my knowledge has made

  • Open the Gates for Pandemic Prevention


    Bill has laid it all out for us - all we need to do is just read his book to receive his wisdom - fortunately it has been published just at the right time to help us deal with the very serious threat of Monkeypox. Can this threat be countered before it becomes a pandemic?

    Of course all the usual suspects are queuing up to tell us how he is totally wrong and his solutions have been disproven, most recently by the response to the Covid pandemic, but we should remember that this isn't just Gates speaking, he has a great wealth of authoritative people behind him (the WEF, the UN, the WHO, plus sundry similar bodies that characteristically don't make the headlines, such as the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome etc, plus many distinguished academics such as Professor Neil Ferguson, and the full weight of the pharmaceutical industry), so we should pay close attention.

    For an untimely review of this book by some who do seem always to be at the forefront of those usual suspects,

  • Monkey Pox - or Monkey Business?


    On the face of it monkeypox is an unlikely candidate for a pandemic - it spreads slowly, by contact with an infected person, is not normally fatal and can be mild enough to escape much notice.

    The Daily Exposé has a theory:

    "The main points to take away from this are that the alleged monkeypox disease is extremely rare, has rarely been seen outside of Africa, and has never been recorded in multiple countries outside of Africa at the same time"

    "So with that being the case, do you not find it strange that we are suddenly being told that cases of monkeypox are now being recorded in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, France,

  • Covid Review - What is the Truth?


    The truth has been in short supply in recent years, perhaps especially in the scientific journals, so it's with some surprise that I note the publication of this highly critical editorial by Russell L. Blaylock (retired neurosurgeon) in a prestigious journal, Surgery Neurology International.

    It's a wide-ranging and thorough review of all the horrors that the "pandemic" was used to unleash on us.

    Some relevant points below but these are a long way from illustrating the full breadth and depth of the article, which pulls no punches.

    "Cancer patients are being told they should get vaccinated with these deadly vaccines. This, in my opinion, is insane"

    "It should be noted that no studies were ever done on several critical aspects of this type of vaccine"

    "Previous experience with the flu vaccines clearly demonstrates that the safety studies done by

  • "All Jabs Tested Found to Contain Nanorouters"


    Many of us have watched videos of strange particulates found in the "jabs" and have heard speculations about what they may portend.

    Ricardo Delgardo of La Quinta Columna (or for us Brits La Quinta Columna via Google Translate) explains the results of his investigations in this video.

    "Graphene oxide is extremely toxic, and the toxicity is also dependent on the electromagnetic radiation it absorbs"

    "... this graphene oxide can be stimulated remotely and wirelessly, using .. the new 4G, 4G plus and 5G technology... "

    "All vaccinated people send their data to an external server controlled by artificial intelligence...

  • It's Not Over Until It's Over


    In the UK it's spring going on summer - down under it's autumn going on winter.

    An epic rant from Australia, pointing out that those in power have no intention of relaxing their agenda, and that the populace in certain countries are demonstrating that they have no intention of taking it any more.

    All that needs to happen is that the powers that be cut off the food and fuel supply.

    "You do not want to be in the cities when this happens"

    "... we don't know how crazy it's going to get yet... "

    (62 minutes)