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After three years and innumerable deaths, seemingly hundreds of conferences and who knows how many video reports ....

Dr Brian Ardis talks to Stew Peters to explain his snake venom theory further.

Snake venom? Really?

What one can say without fear of contradiction is that the layers of disinformaton and misdirection over all things Covid have been legion - was it a virus? Was it 5G? Was it developed in a lab? Was it developed in China, Ukraine, Sudan, the USA itself? Was it readily treatable with existing prophylactics? Did the jabs work? Were they safe and effective? Did they stop transmission? Did they cause untold suffering and death? If so, how?

The deep state is nothing if not determined to own all sides of the argument - if the opposition is controlled, then who can stand in their way? 

Now I'm not asserting that the opposition is in any way knowingly "deep state" - but we do know that the DS's favourite tactic is to use misdirection, propaganda, untruths, half-truths, indeed any truths except the real truth, to convince honest people that the truth lies elsewhere from where it really lies.

So I reserve my judgement, but I do think that Dr Ardis is worth hearing. I do think that the spike protein is the poison, and that it has to be delivered by the needle for full effect (why else would they need the fake PCR test?). How precisely it works is important to the understanding of possible counter-measures, but the game would now seem to be substantially up.

Or is it?

"Every single one of those venoms can be purchased on-line - all of them"

" ... in the future, they believe that they can get all of you to make something that venomous creatures do that mammals don't ... CRISPR technology ... delete genes out of the human genome ... and insert snake venom genes ... we're investing billions of dollars in the technology ... the entire pharmaceutical industry is moving that way ... "

But hey, I can be wrong. After all, what do I know? It's your viewpoint that counts.

(53 minutes)




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