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So the Trial has ended in Washington DC, and justice has been served ... or rather, Mark Steyn has been served with hefty punitive damages for daring to point up the unlikely "science" behind the by now age-old hockey-stick graph. 

The Daily Sceptic has a useful report, noting the disparity between the $1 million punitive damages awarded and the actual damages award (think of the same amount but minus the "million" qualification). We may all come to our own viewpoint on whether or not this represents actual justice as we would recognise it.

Mark Steyn's own website makes some excellent points, including that he (like Julian Assange?) might as a journalist have been thought to be protected by the First Amendment.

Putting the whole weird mesmerising Humpty-Dumpty logic of today's world into some entertaining context (at least when viewed from a comparatively safe distance of some several hundred years), the redoubtable Nick Hubble reviews how strange ideas have occasionally arisen historically to exert a mind-controlling grip on the sensibilities of the more susceptible members of society, invariably not for society's ultimate betterment.

Go figure.