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Great Reset

  • And What is Nancy Pelosi Up To in Armenia?


    Recent clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan have made the Guardian, and now we hear that Nancy Pelosi is visiting Armenia, but to what purpose? Is Armenia-Azerbaijan to become another proxy war between Russia and NATO like the Ukraine? And what does Iran have to do with it?

    What is the underlying linkage? It's complicated...

    (16 minutes)


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  • Stand By for the Move to the EU's Tristatecity Megalopolis


    Can't wait?

    I thought not, but will we Brits be welcomed after we so foolishly exited the EU on the entirely unwise grounds that we wanted to govern our own country?

    Now we can truly see how the EU is leapfrogging into the glorious technocratic future whilst we poor deluded "democrats" are getting left outside the big tent. Has the train already left the station, or will we be just in time to scramble awkwardly onto the very last coach?

    In the words of the song, "when will they ever learn?".

    Still, now that both our government and our Royal Family are fully owned by acolytes of the WEF, perhaps we can hope that they will arrest our decline and pull us back into the fast lane toward the future smart-utopia, and useless "democratic accountability" be damned!

  • Fulford on Friday 16 Sep 2022


    It's Friday and so it's the Fulford weekly video.

    Following the announcement of the Queen's passing, this is a report to which to pay attention.

    Small subscription required.


  • The Monetary and Financial War for World Domination


    A short history of the continuing economic war for world domination over the last 200 years. Or thereabouts.

    Whilst I'm not sure that this presentation is correct in all respects, it is certainly a revealing summary of how the financiers managed to corner the profits of industry world-wide, and why that has come to an end.

    One can readily see that the Great Game is financial economic and military.

    And we must not forget the plentiful use of deceit and propaganda.

    One can quibble with the definitions of words such as "neo-liberals" "socialism" and "progressive", but the gist of what has been going on is reasonably clear.

    (55 minutes)


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  • Amir Tsarfati Updates us on Iran, Ukraine, Europe & the UK, and 9/11


    These are his understandings, as seen from his viewpoint.

    Whilst he does seem to be well-informed in general, I have no reason to suppose that he is correct in all matters. 

    (23 minutes)


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  • Will the Euro Crash, Stumble on, or Soar?


    Better off in, or better off out?

    What does fate have in store for the Euro?

    Daniel Lacalle takes on Nigel Farage in this 30 minute debate:

    (33 minutes)


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  • The Collapse of our Old Way of Life


    There's nothing much new in this report but it does pull together the various threads that have combined to bring us to where we are today.

    Like all economic forecasts (these surely live up to the "dismal science" sobriquet) and like other predictions about the future, we should take them with a large pinch of salt, but it's still best to be aware of the possibilities.

    The globalists of the WEF want us to undergo a "great reset" where we will end up owning nothing and being "happy" (but utterly dependent upon the ruling elite), whilst the independent-minded amongst us want a greater reset where we will end up without that ruling elite and with all powers devolved back to the lowest practicable level.

    One way or the other, the reset is inevitable and indeed now imminent, and will remove power from those who run out of money (whoever

  • The Covid Pass is Dead - Long Live the Undead NHS Covid Pass!


    The Daily Sceptic has been reviewing the situation with regard to the possibility that despite multiple politicians (of limited tenure) professing that they have absolutely no intention of reintroducing any such thing, a Danish company has won the bid to develop and operate "the NHS Covid Pass App live service".

    Of course "the functionality will be toggled off until required", so that's OK then.

    The Daily Sceptic has the details.


  • Review of Events in the Middle East


    Amir Tsarfati (Israeli) reviews the ongoing disruptions in the Lebanon - Syria - Iraq - Iran crescent - also in Libya.

    (36 minutes)


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  • So Will the Vatican be Humble and Obedient, Or Will they Unleash a Last Throw?


    The Fulford Report today throws out a question that will be answered shortly, when the results of this past week-end's Vatican conclave of Cardinals become apparent.

    It may take a while, but it's in nobody's interests to spin this out.

    Now that the damage caused by the jabs is hitting insurance companies in the pocket, the corporate ranks are under increasing pressure to face the truth, and the media will have a hard time not following suit.

    An interesting report (modest subscription required).

    (NB: IOR: Institute for the Works of Religion, AKA the "Vatican Bank")

  • So What's Wrong with Red Meat?


    Well, I guess it depends on whom you ask.

    You might equally ask "What was wrong with local slaughterhouses?".

    (3 minutes (almost!))


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  • Quick Reminder to Prime us All for September


    It's all been said before (this video is from Dec 2020) but it bears repeating - the great one percent unelected elite are out to rule the world, and democracy is no part of their plans - they have already corrupted the democratic systems of the western world to be their obedient servants, and used Covid to demonstrate exactly that:

    (6 minutes)



  • Sex Education? Relax, the WHO Has it Covered (with a little help from its collaborators)


    Rest assured, the WHO is collaborating to ensure that there is a complete global public-private industry dedicated to providing your children with approved relevant sexuality education and development from birth to old age, as only they know how.

    UK Column have the story... in with the latest news on current affairs.

    (73 minutes)

    00:23 Energy prices

    09:09 US States Stand Up to Corporate Government

    18:14 Covid Gravy Train

    23:09 WHO's Sexualization of Infants 

    40:16 Big Tech Covid Collusion

    53:16 UNESCO's 'Think Before Sharing' Campaign

    64:24 Western State Approved Assassination List


  • Climate Change is Upon Us!


    Is the spate of droughts fires and floods "Climate Change" caused by excess CO2

    Or is it something else? There is no doubt that man-made jiggery-pokery has been and still is evident in the skies above us, and we have all heard of HAARP installations which are no doubt deployed without our knowledge.

    Dane Wigington makes a good case. Even if he does come across as alarmist, that doesn't necessarily make him wrong:

    "Time to change our course, or die"

    (47 minutes)


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    1200 "Scientists and Professionals" : "No Climate Emergency"


    The Climate issue has been rumbling along seemingly for ever - presidents and wars have come and gone, the protagonists have circled the wagons, and arguments have been flung to and fro with no attempt to find any common ground.

    As with so much that cannot be proven "beyond reasonable doubt" there seems little hope that the two sides will come together on any compromise. The entrenchment is complete, the battle lines are set in stone.

    And yet, there surely must be reasonable doubt? The known data are complex and far from conclusive, the unknown data orders of magnitude more voluminous. The unseen interactions of vulcanism, ocean currents, atmospheric phenomena, solar cycles and even cosmic plasma currents and electromagnetic radiation are a long way from being fully understood in relation to the climate.

    Science is only ever settled until a better science, more capable of explaining the observed phenomena, comes about. Then there is a period of argument

  • How Will the Policies of Governments Affect Our Food Supply?


    With the UK announcing its new farming support stance (support for nature, less so for food production) and EU governments in hot pursuit of the WEF-UN Agenda 2030 Climate Change narrative and provoking lively protests from their farming communities, now sounds like a good time for us to review the likely effects on our UK food supply and prices.

    Brexit Watch have opened this debate with a review of the way things are going...

    "... as the UK is presently facing a ‘cost-of-living-crisis’ which includes higher food prices, then surely it should be a good thing the UK will have ample supplies of food, if not fuel, from countries unaffected by the present supply-chain disruptions in Europe?"

    "... with fuel shortages, drought (yes, the EU has a water shortage as well), high fertiliser prices and

  • Another Documentary to Tell Us What is Going On


    No, it's not merely about the pandemic. It's about why the pandemic was created.

    "No-one is ever going to educate you on how to overthrow them"

    "... to turn self-contained healthy humans into poisoned, ignorant consumers completely dependent on the institutions for their survival"

    "... they steal openly through fees, licences, and taxes, and covertly through inflation, fractional reserve lending, bail-outs... "  

    "... you never buy anything with money, you buy it with the hours of your life you used to get that money... "

    "... the livestock population is getting too large and too wise to control effectively... "

    "... the media simply changed the topic of the global conversation... "

    "... you are more likely