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Great Reset

  • CBDCs by Stealth?


    Iain Davis reminds us that the Central Banks want us all on a central controllable currency (CCC?) and that they are likely prepared to do it under layers of obfuscation that look just like the current system where no central control over our individual spending is feasible.

    In Part 1 The Synthetic Hegemonic Currency is described. It's the death of the dollar and how the dollar, the hegemonic currency of years past, can be replaced as a basis for international trade.

    In Part 2 A Synthetic Hegemonic Currency For a Multipolar Global Economy he updates us on how the Central Banks will likely try to foist a CCC on us in disguise by replication of current central and retail banking structures (albeit linked one-to-one beneath

  • Macgregor on Tucker


    Nothing much new here, but a wide-ranging review on a prestigious show.

    Forward as required.

    (52 minutes)

    Watch on X (formerly Twitter)


  • Russia on Covid Blame, Joe Biden on the New World Order


    We are deep into conspiracy land here, but Russia (despite sanctions!) is hardly an insignificant nation, and it has taken its case to the United Nations. 

    "Under the guise of monitoring disease, the US Deep State has proliferated the world with illegal biolaboratories engaged in inhumane research"

    One might, having regard to past form, write off the UN as a poodle of the western powers, but with a multitude of countries now queuing eagerly to join up with the BRICS, that seems certain to change.

    And with the old dollar-based financial system suffering more shocks every day, the writing does seem to be on the wall.

  • Romanian Rainwater


    Why would anybody want to analyse the rainwater in Romania?

    Well, if you are a die-hard conspiracy theorist and believe all the nonsense about "chemtrails" then I guess you probably would.

    Of course, although the said conspiracy theorists allege stuff like Graphene, Barium, Strontium, Aluminium, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Calcium, Nickel and Arsenic, to name but a few, you wouldn't actually find anything other than water would you?

    Oh wait...

  • New Climate Paper May Account for Unusual Patterns ...


    Well I'm not going to get involved in this one.

    Climate Science being the most convoluted and complex topic known to man, with so many supporting and conflicting variables both known and unknown, the only warming that we can be certain about is that caused by the outpourings of our politicians media pundits and pseudo-scientists as they pontificate over the latest intricacies and minutiae of their conflicting positions. Or possibly cooling if we account for the opportunity cost of them not talking about something else entirely.

    It is in fact as stated somewhere previously the perfect hoax - both too complex for conclusive analysis, and too long-term for accurate testing, thus susceptible to neither proof nor disproof. It's a genuine fools errand that cannot be conclusively gainsaid, and thus perfect for

  • An Economic Analysis of Global Boiling


    Fortune and Freedom is primarily an independent financial/economic collection of journalists of various associated subject-matter expertise. It has a long history, but (no doubt due to its independent streak) it has always looked to identify the issues below the surface that the mainstream media choose not to highlight - for such are the issues that the financially savvy may profit from.

    Of course, economics and politics are two facets of the same coin these days, since monetary management is pivotal to both; and now that government seems to have transitioned almost openly from democratic to corporate, this linkage is absolutely consequential.

    Personally, I myself have a great deal of respect for Nick Hubble, here interviewing Brandon Smith of Alt-Market, and discussing the current tendencies of corporate government to want to micromanage each one of us individually through technology rampant. Nick comes from a personal international background which gives him insights that stay-at-homes such as

  • Hawaii - Tip of the Weather Warfare Spear?


    In the absence of a proper unbiased investigation into the causes and circumstances of the Maui conflagration, we have to make do with whatever reporting and speculation we can muster, and then it's up to each of us to draw whatever conclusions we feel most likely.

    My own feeling is that whilst the survival of much greenery interspersed between the burnt out houses and cars would seem to indicate the use of DEWs (directed energy weapons) to pin-point accuracy, there may well more than one factor at work, and it does appear that there was planned concerted action to (a) maximise the death and destruction (b) prevent the use of mitigation measures. Could weather warfare also be involved?

    Dane Wigington can present as a bit of a repetitive broken record, but he is probably one of the most knowledgeable on the possibilities, as he has been following the climate engineering stuff for years.

    With fires breaking out seemingly all over the western world, we

  • Part 28 - Climate Change - a Review of the Evidence


    Climate Catastrophe! 

    Lock up your daughters! There's too many humans on the planet already!

    We've all heard it for decades, so they've got it right, right?

    Well, only if you ignore the primary evidence - evidence of climate cycles (up and down), the CO2 relationship with planetary temperature change (not what you might think), not to mention the absolute need for CO2 to support vegetation without which all life on this planet would... die.

    Net Zero anybody?

    And of course the secondary evidence... that the IPCC's climate research is primarily funded by politicians and foundations that are all pushing the climate scare. Might that have something to do with it?

    Tellingly, they don't base their arguments on evidence - they base them on "models" - and we all know how good Neil Ferguson's Covid

  • So You Think You Know Your AI?


    AI has become a bit of a bogeyman, used to scare us all into thinking that we will soon be thrown on the scrap-heap of history when our jobs are taken by automation/artificial intelligence.

    Is there any truth to this suggestion?

    Or is it all a wild over-hyping that will fizzle out in the cold light of reality?

    What is "intelligence" anyway?

    Does it differ from wisdom?

    What will we do if/when the mundane is covered by automation and we don't need "the daily round, the common task" in order to survive? The answer will depend upon who garners the fruits of its labours - will they be reserved for the elite of the WEF-UN partnership

  • The Covid Gateway to the 4th Industrial Revolution


    Frontline Doctors is another grouping of medics who actually practise medicine and who have been countering the mainstream narrative on Covid - uncovering some unimaginable facts which even diehard "conspiracy theorists" hadn't thought to dream up.

    "The CIA is absolutely behind the advancement of these genetic vaccines... We’ve had a depopulation agenda in the US since the 1970’s – The whole storyline about depopulation is real"

    "We need criminal investigations in every state where the vaccines were advanced and that includes every state in the United States" (Funny that - I was saying the very

  • A Short History of the Deep State in the USA


    Oklahoma bombing, JFK, CIA, FBI, LBJ, 9/11, "and much more"...

    Ted Gunderson, law enforcement officer, private investigator, righteous sleuth, spills the beans... 

    ... and there's a LOT of beans.

    "... my dog likes you, I like you... "

    "... this is a spiritual war... "

    This is a repost of an original video. Watch it all.

    (55 minutes)



  • IPCC Report AR6 Taken to Task


    CLINTEL (Climate Intelligence - an independent foundation in the fields of climate change and climate policy to generate understanding of the causes / effects of climate change and the effects of climate policy) bring us their studious assessment of the recent AR6 report from the IPCC.

    They have written (download) to Professor Dr. Hoesung Lee, Chair of the IPCC, to express their specific criticisms, concluding:

    "We regrettably conclude that the IPCC has failed to follow this advice and the AR6 exhibits the same flaws as before, namely biased selection of evidence, failure to reflect genuine controversies and failure to give due consideration to properly documented alternative views"

    Strong stuff.


  • Down the Rabbit Hole - into a Deep Fake World


    (New readers may like to check out the other articles in our "Down the Rabbit Hole" series, where we look at out-of-the-usual issues that many dismiss as absurd, but which seem remarkably resilient and are not easily disproved - forewarned is forearmed!)

    This starts off talking about cloning... but it's not just about clones, it's about all aspects of the deep fakery that may or may not be infiltrating our senses in these days of revelation of uncomfortable truths.

    We don't have to believe it all - but it would seem to be wise to at least recognise the possibilities...

    Viewers are warned that this is not all easy viewing. Either move on elsewhere, or...

    ... keep calm and carry on.

    (2 hours 39

  • The Door to Global Control


    The United Nations isn't known for underestimating either its omniscience or its incredible management abilities to deliver whatever it deems necessary for the unfortunate peoples of the world - peoples that its sponsors seem to consider supernumerary - a gigantic overload on the capabilities of mother Earth to support them all.

    So its latest proposals to set up an "Emergency Platform" for taking world control by the scruff whenever any "Complex Global Shock" is deemed incoming is only the logical and sensible action to take, and no doubt grateful national leaders all around the world will happily endorse this proposal (a) because it's the easy thing to do and (b) because they prefer to listen to the charlatans at the UN than to their own populations.

    I note the weasel word "complex" snugly ensconced within the incoming verbiage.

    Meaning of "complex":

    "don't you worry your simple

  • Covid - the Undead Pandemic that Refuses to Die (in the Minds of "Regulators")


    Words fail.

    A new Covid "booster" jab - for children? 

    Children who by every known metric were never (even at the height of the "pandemic") at any serious risk from Covid are being invited - nay, "bribed" even - to take part in a trial for a new Covid "booster" that will certainly come with associated and probably serious "side effects". Only for the "unlucky few" of course.

    A "booster" that is only required because the original jab didn't provide the promised protection.

    Would you go back to eat in the same restaurant that served you a bad meal the first time?

    The White Rose takes this suggestion apart.

    Meanwhile Conservative MP

  • Debanking Supplants Debunking?


    Perhaps the debunking was becoming too hard, too ineffective?

    "... nearly one million accounts have been closed over the past four years...  this figure may be underestimating the true scale of account closures, given that it only reflects accounts closed over concerns of financial crimes, and therefore would not include cases... [where] bankers determined that he did “not align” with the bank’s values... "

    Read the Story.

    Watch the video:

    (4 minutes)


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  • A Load of Hot Air?


    What's up with the wind farms?

    Why does our power now cost an unaffordable arm and leg?

    Our modern industrial civilisation depends absolutely on a ready supply of affordable energy.

    Ah, but "climate change"! We must "save the planet"! We must build wind farms and solar panels instead of burning "fossil" fuels!

    Well, we've been building wind farms and installing solar panels seemingly for decades and to what net result?

    Why do all these wind farms not provide enough power? Have they made any impact upon the need for fossil fuels?

    With all these economical windmills working heroically night and day (when the wind blows), why have our power bills gone through the roof?

    Did those dreadful Russians take them all out?

    Or could it

  • Boris as You May Once Have Voted for Him


    There is a theory that Boris was a bit of a maverick.

    A man who declined to conform to the political norms of the day, who may even have had the interests of his electors at heart.

    Whether any of that is true is impossible to know, but some kind souls have put together a reconstruction of the Boris that perhaps we thought we knew - until the Covid scare destroyed all reason and rational argument on a global scale - speaking in the belly of the Beast.

    His warnings on 5G, Smart Cities (and Smart everything else) were indeed relevant.

    Quite interesting to review what might have been...

    (With thanks to the Light Paper &

    Cell Phone Radiation Defiance


    The FCC's radiation safety guidelines are, some feel, well out of date and have failed to keep up with modern technology.

    The FCC's past chairman Tom Wheeler had this to say about the need for safety testing some years ago, and it seems that little if anything has changed since.

    The Defender (Children's Health Defence) reports on the latest prevarication / delay / failure to comply with a Court Order.

    We have reported on a

  • When is mRNA not mRNA?


    I suppose I naïvely thought that all the possible permutations and combinations of Covid possibilities had been explored by now, but it turns out I may be wrong.

    Only logic, based on evidence and sound assumptions, will expose the truth eventually. Yes, we are finding that all assumptions, both explicit and implicit, must be identified and tested.

    In this case, the assumptions about "lipid nano-particles" "mRNA" and the "spike protein".

    Don't get too alarmed by this content - after all, if you are still upright, still functioning, and still curious,  this strongly suggests that your immune system is taking care of you, whatever the truth of the assertions herein presented.

    (76 minutes)