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Conspiracy Corner

  • Regrettably, This Is About Covid - and Not!


    Regular readers will have noticed that I don't publish too much about Covid any more. It's not that it isn't important, but there's a lot else besides that needs saying these days.

    Still, Mike Yeadon has published an important summary (nothing new there, in either sense!) that serves as a very useful reminder that Covid was precisely conceived as a psy-op.

    Both he and I noticed quite quickly that Covid as a pandemic was seemingly exceptional in not creating any surge of excess deaths if we ignored reported cause of death. So either the cause of death was misreported, or there was no pandemic, or Covid itself somehow suppressed other normal causes of death.

    It turned out that as Covid arrived, flu flew away, just like that!

    Call me old-fashioned (thank you!) but Mike Yeadon explains it much better than

  • Lies, Damned Lies, And Green Cost Assertions


    It's pretty obvious that the assertions of cheap renewable power are somewhat adrift from reality when such assertions coincide with ever rising fuel bills, despite ever more "renewable" power installations, not to mention opaque subsidy schemes.

    Either some middle-man is making a killing between power generation and delivery, or some cherry-picking of the definition of "costs" is involved, or total incompetence, outright fraud, or maybe all four...

    The continuing need for subsidies to make it all compatible with gas-powered generation (itself not exactly becoming any cheaper since the machinations around the Ukraine war), and the somewhat opaque government power pricing scheme that could have been designed to confuse the uninitiated, and one begins to see the scale of the deception.

    David Turner (Daily Sceptic) puts it all into the realm of facts and figures for us.

    It seems that most of the subsidies go to

  • The Great Reset is Taking Shape ...


    It was either going to be the New World Top-Down Order of the Blair - Cameron - May - Boris - Bush - Obama - Clintons - Kissinger - Schwab - Rockefellers - Rothschilds brigade of Khazarian Zionists and Eugenicists, or it would be the opposite, an expertly crafted and skilfully engineered demolition, on behalf of the freedom of the people, of the centralized power structures of those self-appointed global elites who thought that they would rule the world - AKA the global corporate oligarchs (Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, World Economic Forum (now "in partnership" with the United Nations) the list goes on... ).

    How were these centralized power structures built in a world of democratic governments? By ancient secret societies and modern secret services of the world who, whilst nominally under

  • Where We're Going, How We Stop It


    Ivor Cummins introduces Eddie Hobbes.

    Everything you didn't want to know about the WHO's plans for the future.

    OK, but the UK government has said that it isn't going to pass the changes in current form, and they're politicians, so we can trust them, right?

    (74 minutes)


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  • More from Clif High


    These are audio only, so you can kick back and watch the ceiling whilst you attempt to keep up.

    They are rather like brain dumps, so pay attention.

    Transition from "complicated" to "complex" 

    (21 minutes)


    Medbeds, Chemtrails, Nesara/Gesara, Space Aliens Worship Cult, We are running the media now, Drone Attack - Glorious 12th incoming, impact of fiat currencies on Baby Booms / Busts, and the Shift of the Ages (not to mention the Vatican)

    (21 minutes)



  • Clif High Speaks to Dr Naomi Wolf About the Universe


    Clif is the only man I know who has (a) been able and (b) dared... to explain the mysteries of the universe, our place within it, and how 3D life death and time work to school us to ever greater perfection and power over the ages, all without resort to religious dogma. A dangerous man indeed, especially if you are of a dogmatic persuasion.

    All presented in the most matter of fact manner and based on his own experiences, rational thought, evidence, and logic. He bridges the gaps between "sciences" "religions" and "spirituality" (demolishing some long-held popular notions in the process) - whether we think he's onto something is up to each of us, but for my money (OK, his work is free of charge) he's one of the best revolutionary philosophers out there.

    As a bonus he runs through his current projects and keys us up for the incoming events that his work leads him to expect. Don't dismiss out of hand, he was right about last October...

    It's a bit of a

  • Fulford Report - Monday 13 May 2024


    "The white hat victory in the battle for the planet Earth is now becoming obvious in multiple ways"

    "There are many other signs of KM defeat we will discuss below. The implications of this are far bigger than most people realize"

    So, will the ancien regime go out with a bang or a whimper?

    Will we even need to notice?

    Modest Subscription Required...

  • Down the Rabbit Hole ... to the Greatest Reset Ever Told


    (Readers are strongly advised to read my other 'Down the RabbitHole' titles (use top left Search box), in particular Down the RabbitHole 1, before continuing)

    Pascale Najadi plunges into the murky waters of the deepest darkest most ancient conspiracy theories - and the most... unpleasant... beyond doubt.  

    Pascale is a little difficult to follow in some places, and many, perhaps the majority, will take time to come to terms with all this. To say that it  is "the greatest story ever told" is probably an understatement.

    It's also the first time I've ever seen Riccado Bosi permit himself to be upstaged!

    It is rather long; and many will say "utter nonsense", but maybe,

    How Dangerous is Nuclear?


    Given that the green transition seems to be in deep trouble for lack of resources (amongst much else), why the reluctance to develop nuclear?

    Because it's dangerous.

    But given that so much of what we have been taught (climate change, pandemics, quaxxines) isnow being challenged and indeed found wanting by many, should we not be reviewing the supposed dangers of nuclear radiation from nuclear plants seriously? Is this danger really as great as we suppose?

    Well, I don't know, but it does seem that governments around the world are taking different views on this, given the panicked rush to renewables isn't working out too well, and that France seems to have made an adequate job of running its electricity supply on nuclear, to the point where it can export this power to other countries.

    And alongside

  • Skynet 2024 Now Live?


    Skynet may be a misnomer... it uses Mesh networks on Bluetooth at "street level".

    But isn't Bluetooth short-range only? Well, not any more...

    So is every Bluetooth device now a spying-capable device? 

    Well, it's technical, but the short answer seems to be... yes, very likely.  And don't think that turning your "Bluetooth" off (or even turning your phone off) will defeat it.

    But Isn't there another Skynet based on satellites

    Quite so - and maybe they could be linked up via ground stations...  I have no information, but would you bet against it?

    "This will... translate to a complete loss of privacy for most people"


  • Another Year, Another Global Hoax Revealed?


    Another hoax?

    Covid and Climate Change not enough? 

    Actually, this one is way way old...  as old as the nuclear industry.

    Is what he says really true? 

    I don't know, but nothing these days would surprise me... make of it what you will.

    Video of Mr Galen Windsor, of the Manhattan Project and various civilian/governmental nuclear facilities since the end of WW2. One can see how old the film is as it has obviously been digitised from an original photographic master... 

    (91 minutes)


    Fulford Report - Monday 29 April 2024


    "His resignation triggered 'a wholesale tsunami or clear out at Director General of Military Intelligence around the world… they are all gone' "

    Will the ICC issue arrest warrants for Mr Netanyahu and others? 

    That would put UK government and the Biden regime squarely on the spot. 

    As ever, it's not over until the "fat lady sings"; meanwhile the remaining KM are still finding money down the backs of other people's sofas, so the sooner somebody turns up a fat lady who can sing, the better for all concerned.

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  • The Other Biggest Fraud in the World ...


    Climate Change, together with its ugly offspring Transition, are certainly pretty big phantasms, right up there with Big Pharma's products and their carefully cultivated but mostly undeserved (and, purists might quibble, wholly ambiguous) reputation as "safe and effective". 

    Safe for whom? Effective at what? Governments certainly made them safe for Big Pharma by preventing them from being sued for harms caused, and equally certainly made them effective for Big Pharma's bottom line by making the buying decision on behalf of their populations entirely without asking those populations whether they actually wanted those products on the terms offered.

    Step forward Jacob Nordangård PhD to unravel the plethora of commissions, politicians, councillors, dubious corporate personalities with "non-profit" foundations, and other institutions not excluding the US

  • The Quest to Reveal the Global Criminals


    I have tended to avoid featuring Ole Dammegard for no other reason than that his presentations tend to be on the rather long side, and I try to keep matters short (believe it or not!) as I am well aware that not everybody has the time to sit through long videos.

    Still, Ole is an old hand at investigations (especially of false flag operations), and a source that I greatly respect, so his latest contribution is very welcome; indeed I suspect timely, as the wheels of revelation do seem to be gaining both traction and speed now. His story serves to provide an overview that perhaps brings together a number of historical events into a coherent narrative. 

    "It feels to me like they're almost following the Book of Revelation... as a manual..."

    But then again, perhaps he's just a dyed-in-the-wool conspiracy theorist. But still, he's a very logical and precisely thought out conspiracy theorist. Recommended. Actually, highly

  • The Local War on the Global Controllers?


    Catherine Austin Fitts, interviewed by Greg Hunter, explains the plan to control the world through control of the food supply - or should I say "food" supply, since most of us wouldn't class insects as genuine food. Insects are almost certainly just the extreme version of "food" - we are already subject to engineered food - highly processed food - artificial "food" - fake meat etc made from fungi or "grown" in a lab from synthetic ingredients...  it's just thatwe can still find real natural nutritious food if we look for it, even if it is contaminated with "acceptable" levels of poisonous chemicals masquerading as fungicide, pesticide, herbicides, vaccines, etc.

    And once they control the food supply and the spending of fake money CBDCs in place of cash, then the control matrix is snapped shut around us.

    An interesting argument complete with a spirited altercation over Trump's responsibility for provision of the fake quaxxines under "warp speed". Oh

  • Down the Rabbit Hole with Michael O'Bernicia


    Love him or hate him, or merely unsure about him, Michael has an extraordinary story to tell.

    It's so far-fetched as to be dismissable as unbelievable, yet... could it be true?

    It's a bit slow to start, but if you want another slant on who controls the world and how they do it, you could do worse than start here.

    If you want to understand what has motivated and enabled the global power pyramid throughout history, you might start here. 

    Amazingly, it's also true that if you want to know how he is setting about remodelling the world as it should look, once our current corrupt power structure has been dealt with by whatever means (yes, he has ideas on that too), you should also start here.

    "Jurisdiction is key"

    "We're only doing what they should have been doing all along... "


  • Fulford Report - Death by a Thousand Cuts Continues - Monday 22 April 2024


    "... the Russian, Chinese, UK and US navies etc. are all cooperating against a common enemy... "

    Meanwhile the money-laundering in Washington DC continues, but as with all ponzi schemes it buys less and less time...

    For the details and some startling world statistics, don't miss this report (modest subscription required).


  • "Millions Will Die!"


    Personally I'm getting very bored with this dialogue of the deaf, where one camp shouts at the other and the other shouts back, heedless of the requirement to acknowledge the doubts and difficulties and yes, even the evidence and the logical arguments.

    This site sets a good deal of store by evidence and logic (I can't help it, it's a working life-time of training), so shouting interminably across the fence isn't my cup of tea.

    "Climate change" is a wonderful propaganda weapon in so far as the workings of the climate is probably the most complex topic known to man, so unfounded assertions based upon dubious modelling are notoriously difficult to prove or disprove in the absolute. So the onus falls upon the deniers to disprove the assertions of remote global authorities, whereas the onus of proof should be falling on those who would demonise the past decades of advancement of healthy civilisation and consign our future prospects of health and global sufficiency to the scrap-heap.


  • Lies, "Treaties", and Whistleblowers


    Fraud vitiates everything.

    Dr Mike Yeadon reviews the evidence for fraud in connection with the Covid "Pandemic" and the WHO power-grab.

    Not much new here but "lest we forget".

    And in a world in which fraud at all levels will likely soon become apparent to even the most somnolent of citizens, we would probably do well to remember this legal maxim, especially if we are called upon to exercise our right to self-defence against fraudulent "authority".

    Fraud on a global scale against the global population by a global mafia masquerading as authorities of all kinds requires a global and legal response in self-defence.

  • Systematic Corruption?


    Richard Vobes investigates... the worst type of corruption.

    This needs to be investigated and heard in open court so that justice can be seen to be done. It is intolerable in a civilised society that such accusations can be left to fester unaddressed.

    (57 minutes)


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