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  • China Virus Pandemic Mk 2 in Gestation?


    Déjà Vu anybody?

    WHO to declare a new pandemic in early 2024, just like in 2020?

    Chinese children reportedly very poorly of "pneumonia", hospitals overwhelmed...  just like November 2019?

    Sounds somehow familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it...

    "People are coming down with high fever there is lung inflammation but there is no cough. This is no normal pneumonia you see"

    Ah yes, I remember, it's possibly pneumonitis, as I remarked back in 2020 when Covid was in full swing.

    Another View from Gaza


    This is another opinion from personal experience of the Hamas/Gaza/Israel problem.

    He strikes me as sincere, and his viewpoints are from his own very direct experience.And his experience is from both sides of the fence.

    Whether he draws the correct conclusions from his experience is something to ponder - the Deep State runs very deep and knows no national boundaries. We know that their modus operandi is to play both sides to achieve their ends, and to state that doesn't invalidate anything presented here.

    "Hamas without chaos cannot survive"

    (5 minutes)


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  • Debate the Emotions - WW3 Depends on Us


    I'm all for rational debate, but when the emotions overrule the preparedness to listen, rational debate becomes... difficult.

    The Israel vs Hamas debate has a high emotional content on both sides which doesn't actually facilitate the exchange of ideas and arguments in reasoned debate, because the protagonists are far more focused on making their own points than on listening to their opponents points and forming rational responses.

    Surely this is why we have rules of debate in parliaments and in the United Nations that focus on allowing each in turn to have their say, uninterrupted.

    When reporters take sides and become emotionally driven protagonists in the debate, journalism suffers. If their audience is to have a fair chance to calmly weigh the pros and cons presented by each side, then they need to conduct themselves to favour rational debate over and above the need to score points for "their team".


  • The State of Palestine Speaks at the UN


    (11 minutes)


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  • Scott Ritter - on Israel and Everything


    Two videos featuring Scott today...

    Scott on Israel (hold on to your hat!) This is going to be very unpopular in official circles.

    Scott on Israel plus everything else - Zionism, American exceptionalism, free speech, Elon Musk / X, Scott Ritter's safety, and much more besides.

    Scott is one of those people with whom one may not always agree, but one does recognise that he is usually very well informed and he exhibits exceptional clarity of thought and presentation - and yes, sometimes he unhappily does get a bit overheated. Nobody's perfect.

    There is over two hours worth of material here, so choose how much you want to watch.

    First up: Scott on Israel vs Hamas, where lies the moral high ground, how is the Middle East reacting, how is the world reacting. If you are easily disturbed by forcefully presented views on Israel, you may take offence at this, but

  • To Solve the Israel-Gaza Problem, First Understand It


    I claim no special insight into the workings of the Middle East, other than what has been abundantly clear for many years - that the Great Powers have been manipulating matters in the region ever since WW1.

    The American Lyndon LaRouche apparently had a long-standing position on the matter, and since his passing, the LaRouche Political Action Committee has maintained his work, and comments on the current crisis from a relatively detached perspective.

    Is it accurate? I don't know, but as far as I can see it does largely fit the overall facts as we know them.

    Worth reading.


  • If Your Dreams Don't Scare You ...


    ... they're Not Big Enough!

    Thus spake the narrator (not sure who!) of this video for the Awareness Foundation, introducing the Republic of England

    The said Republic I find difficult to understand, since they don't seem to have any short sharp videos or articles that I can feature, so this video, albeit 2 hours in length, will have to suffice.

    There are others from alternative channels to which I have also provided links (also over one hour long! butthis one is only 10 minutes - the other extreme really) , so you can take your pick.

    "Too simple!" I hear you cry...  but the best ideas are

  • What of Reality in the Middle East?


    With knee-jerk pronouncements from those who should know better coming thick and fast this Remembrance weekend, we can be sure that the headlines tell us nothing we can trust about the situation on the ground. Even the video footage can be faked, and reportage from those with axes to grind is unlikely to reflect any underlying truth in the round.

    Nuanced discussion of  complex situations is notable primarily in its absence, yet an accurate understanding doesn't come naturally from headlines and soundbites (especially given the interests controlling virtually all the western world's media companies).

    So we are grateful to Zerohedge for finding and publishing an almost impossibly difficult attempt to sort the narratives into some semblance of logical structure. I've no idea how close they come to the truth, except to say that I have found no better.

  • Report from Acapulco - "Devastation"


    This video is from 28 October, just aftera relatively benign tropical storm suddenly turned into a raging hurricane (hurricane Otis) which hit a quite unprepared Acapulco, before immediately fading away to not much at all.

    This report is from a resident in Mexico, north of Acapulco.

    "Most people in Acapulco had already gone to sleep and no idea there even was a hurricane... "

    "... no help in Acapulco for anyone, and in fact they're blocking help from coming in... "

    "... there was no rain with this hurricane... the storm surge was absolutely massive... "

    "... this has defied

  • Legitimate Hope for Peace in the Middle East?


    There are multiple viewpoints on the Israel-Hamas situation, mostly overwhelmingly in favour of one side or the other. My instincts tell me that such polarity of opinion is unhealthy, and indeed encouraged in order to stoke the "gullible masses" into fighting amongst themselves once more. 

    We must resist the temptation. There's enough fighting going on already, cooler heads should prevail.

    Thanks to the situation in the Ukraine, Scott Ritter is no stranger to our web pages, and it would appear that his analyses on that front have turned out to be more right than wrong. So it is with some level of confidence that I can present his latest video, this time featuring his quite comprehensive analysis of the situation in the Middle East.

    However, cool it isn't. Actually I suspect that his analysis is cool, but his presentation is certainly animated. Don't blink or you'll miss something. This is an analysis from all aspects and all sides, military, political,

  • LaRouchePAC Explain the Historical Basis Undepinning the Israel-Gaza War


    "The British created the Muslim Brotherhood, the fatherhood of subsequent Muslim terrorist operations of both Sunni and Shia varieties. They also created Messianic Zionism, the cult of the settlers in Israel. Netanyahu and others have used both to prevent the emergence of a Palestinian state.

    The globalist neo-cons would like us to hold Iran responsible for this and attack them, and Russia and China, as a new axis of evil. They are insane and will kill us all if we don't stop them"

    (46 minutes)



  • Migration Situation UK - Like the Curate's Egg, Good in Parts


    Alp Mehmet of Migration Watch UK brings us up to date with the latest situation. Is improvement down to our government, or are there other factors in play?

    Perhaps Rwanda is now hosting some of those who came to our shores illegally? Or maybe some have found that the hotels in which they have been accommodated are no longer to their liking and have gone home? Or perhaps "our" government has stopped ferrying inflatables half-way across the Channel to our shores, and instead ferried them back closer to France?

    No prizes for guessing that the above measures are not responsible for the "good" parts of this egg.

    "... what the deal... shows is that when those coming illegally from a safe country know they will not be allowed to stay, they will stop coming"

    Migration Watch

  • A View from an Independent Israeli Journalist


    This video needs no comment from me.

    (103 minutes)


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    An alternative perspective from Scott Ritter

    From my perspective, I have no idea who has the best handle on the truth, but I am acutely aware that in times of war, truth is invariably the first casualty. 

    Perhaps in time, the truth, or something close to it, will eventually come

  • How You Will Come to Own Nothing - and Will You be Happy?


    Prepare to revise your world-view.

    All the legal ownership in the world is up for grabs - when the system fails, it all goes - to somebody else...  the rest of us are all unsecured creditors.

    "Derivatives are financial contracts on everything imaginable and even unimaginable... they may be modelled on real things but are not real things themselves. They are untethered from physical reality... but can be used to take real things as collateral. This is the subterfuge, the endgame of it all."

    The only way out of this is a global revolution...

    (69 minutes)


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  • The Smart Cities We've All Been Clamouring For


    The government has announced the roll-out in trial areas of investment in "local infrastructure" that will enhance our connectivity.

    Bustops, lamposts, traffic lights, street furniture in general are all to be blessed with new investment, to the unalloyed delight of the local people.

    No doubt there will be naysayers that complain that the money would be better spent on relaying our subsided roads and improving both the motorists' experience and road safety, and others may cavil about whether there have been any safety trials at all on what seems certain to be a new millimetre wave technology that may well deleteriously affect human, animal, fowl, plant and insect health, creating ecological destruction, but hey, that's just the price of progress that our masters at the WEF consider necessary in their onward march toward the NWO utopia where we will all be scanned spied on and kept in line at every turn.

    UK Column reports:


  • 9/11 In Context


    It might be also called a short history of the 20th century.

    Or a brief introduction to the development of the war machine.

    The machine that brought us to where we are today.

    And that has, ultimately, exposed the existence of the "Deep State".

    (1 hr 34 mins)



  • Syria!


    We have become accustomed to sporadic reports from Syria, some alleging chemical attacks, some alleging incursions by terrorists, and more. Vanessa Beeley has featured on UK Column for some time, reporting on these events, whilst mainstream media has reported a different version of events.

    Of late, Syria seems to have been stabilised to some extent through by support from Russia.

    Yet the troubles continue.

    Perhaps this video will shed some light on what has been going on. 

    I present it as is without verification. It's your judgement that counts.

    (88 minutes)



  • "We Are Past the Time When Reform Was Possible"


    Neil Oliver is outspoken and indeed speaks for many - but are we really past the time for reform?

    Dominic Cummings makes a case for limited reform - it's an extensive case, but perhaps it qualifies as a limited hangout - a last-ditch attempt to persuade us that reform is coming - but without mentioning that it perpetuatesstillthe underlying problem.

    Many believe it now very obvious that those who control the Parties control Parliament, by controlling the selection of candidates for election, and by whipping MPs to vote as directed by the Party. Elections provide the veneer of competition and a largely fake responsibility to constituents. Until this changes, MPs are the Party's MPs, and the Parties are

  • The Wars of the Bankers?


    Once again Ivor Cummins brings us a lucid and compelling theory - this time not by himself, but introduced by himself - behind the wars of the past centuries, and the theme underlying them all.

    It's as short and succinct as can be expected, but a bit of a roller-coaster given the extent of the timescale covered. Don't blink, or you'll miss one .

    (46 minutes)


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  • The Shape of Wars to Come?


    This site has remarked upon this topic before, but it hasn't really gained much mainstream coverage. Still, we now have some reporting that work by "German, Swedish, Finnish and UK Defence specialists" is being used by the UK military and the German Bundeswehr working together to "to understand how human augmentation emerging technologies could affect the future of society, security and Defence".

    Given the state of the war in Ukraine, how likely do we think it is that that benighted country is going to be used, or is already being used, as a testing-ground for such technology?

    If they are, however hesitantly, now floating the idea across the general public, then it's a reasonable bet that this is already happening, "for our safety" of course.

    And if the trials in theatre prove successful, then roll-out will commence in earnest.

    Should we be worried? Forces personnel have no choice when medical preventative measures are required of