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Financial advisers and their newsletters are not normally regarded as founts of political truth, being not primarily concerned with politics, but with investment opportunities.

That seems to have changed, and I don''t apologise for featuring this piece today, since it is 99.9% about the current state of world politics (and you can pass over the 0.1% investment note without really noticing). 

Why so? The truth these days is that political overreach has far more sway over investment returns than the usual economic and commercial factors. In fact, almost everything you can think of has been politicised for better or for worse, including your sex at birth, your pronouns, "pandemic preparedness" and climate "science" (both transparently invented for control purposes) ...

Whilst it is true that one Nigel Farage is associated with this newsletter, it's not true (as far as I believe) that he actually wrote this article (although he may well agree with much of it) - that accolade goes to Nick Hubble, with whom I find myself in regular agreement as he doesn't hesitate to dig down to those vital first principles and underlying assumptions to draw the logical conclusions.

He doesn't exactly promise a smooth ride to peace and prosperity.