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  • Defence Hypocrisy or Genius?


    Brexit Watch reminds us (well, those that may need reminding) of some basic defence truths that have been relevant for thousands of years, yet which our government has been disrespecting for decades.

    On the other hand the "Art of War" by Sun Tzu reminds us that to win we should appear weak when we are strong and strong when we are weak...   so perhaps our government have some secret defence strengths that they are not publicising?

    "... winning the war with as little unnecessary combat as possible is the key to true victory"

    Show of hands please - those who believe that our current apparent defence weakness conceals unexpected strength?


  • Don't Let Your Bank Manager See This, Show It to Your Lawyer


    Masterly interrogation of an unfortunate bank employee . . .

    No doubt it's totally different in the UK (?)

    (17 minutes)



  • Review of Ukraine, NATO, the EU, Putin and the WEF-UN


    Catherine Austin Fitts and Karel van Wolferen Discuss NWO, Ukraine, NATO, EU and Putin’s Shock Chess Moves on Davos

    CAF and KW knit together the goings on in Ukraine, the EU, NATO, and the UN, which wants an international treaty to subject us all to UN control in the event of another "pandemic".

    "When Fitts and van Wolferen speak, their emotions are subjugated to their knowledge, not vice versa"

    You won't find this in the mainstream then.

  • Stop the World - We Need a Reboot!


    The Fulford on Friday video is a real challenge this week.

    I don't want to steal his thunder but I will say that he is certainly thinking outside the box!

    Watch if you dare!  (subscription required)


  • A Q-urious Great Awakening


    We have featured the work of Martin Geddes before. I first heard about him from the late(?) great Robert David Steele who liked his work on the Q phenomenon, which was possibly the first and maybe only serious attempt to analyse the topic and draw a conclusion about its usefulness.

    I would be lying if I didn't claim an affinity with Martin's approach to life - we both grew up in IT (but no I was never a "serious" highly-paid highly-regarded IT professional, just a dedicated IT practitioner in an unforgiving industry). We both look at the

  • UK Pressing Ahead with On-Line "Safety" Bill


    Big Brother Watch reminds us that the same Government that is denying reality by continuing to roll-out an experimental gene-editing therapy to our children (despite strong evidence suggestive of a link between the roll-out and increased deaths in that age group) is still obsessed by the need to make the internet safe from "legal but harmful" content.

    It will do this by passing an On-line Safety Bill putting the onus on social media companies to censor the internet.

    So the social media corporations who have already been deplatforming anybody who says things they don't like have now persuaded the government to force them to legally do much the same thing to all content they (or the

  • Update - Legal Challenge to Covid-19 Vax for Children


    The Covid-19 Assembly's legal challenge to the temporary (ie: emergency) authorisation of Covid-19 vaccines for children has been blessed with an update:

    "Delay in this update has been the desire to give a date for the next hearing (of the renewed application for permission to go to a full trial of the claim)"

    Well I never - a legal case being subject to delay?

    Nevertheless an important admission has been forthcoming in court:

    "The ONS accepted through their barrister that the increase in deaths in young males age 15 to 19 between May and December 2021, coinciding with the injectable being rolled out to the wider youth population, was statistically significant"

    So the government immediately stopped the vaccination roll-out for this age group as a prudent precaution to safeguard our youth (whose benefit from the injectable is

  • We Will Make This World How We Want It!


    Much has been written about the effect that consciousness may have on reality - indeed some think that reality only has any reality within the perception of those who are conscious!

    So if we follow that train of thought, it follows that the world that we know may be a manifestation created by those who live upon it.

    Thus if we permit others to drive our thought processes, through suggestion or intimidation or distraction (AKA brainwashing) we will live in a world created by those others...   but if we drive our own thought processes and our own intention, we will (acting in conjunction with our neighbours) create our own version of reality.

    OK - I've skipped over a whole sea of assumptions here but you perhaps catch my drift.

    The Pulse in its article 

  • Make of this What You Will


    (12 minutes)


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  • Is WW3 About to Go Nuclear? Don't Panic!


    Restricted Republic brings us the glad tidings (which we mentioned in our newsletter on Wednesday) that "Russia has made claims on Alaska, backed by nuclear threats":

    (13 minutes)


    I note however that these demands did not come from Putin but from a member of the Russian parliament, the Duma - not exactly "official Kremlin demands" ...

    It may have been enough to trigger George Soros however. Here it is, straight from the horse's mouth.

    Maybe Soros overplayed his hand by flouting the Minsk agreement and shelling Donbass these last 8 yrs. Now Putin has called his bluff and Soros stands to lose the Ukraine and all

  • Who Rules the World? WW3 will Decide the Issue


    This is definitely an article to put up under the "Conspiracy" tag - nobody would have believed a word of it just a few short years ago, perhaps many will never believe it.

    Why? It's just so enormous a proposition that most well-balanced people would say "Where's the evidence?", and in truth the evidence has not previously been at all obvious.

    Although some real journalists of yesteryear did turn up some disquieting facts, and managed to get them published - if anybody wanted to read about them. Nobody in government, reportedly.

    Not surprising really - if you are trying to dominate a world whose population isn't keen on being dominated, then you take great care to hide your intentions behind multiple distractions. The Romans famously had their "bread and circuses", but they were probably not the first to use the

  • "We the People" Serve Notice of Termination on the Biden Pretendency


    Full marks for initiative!

    "abolishing of the government, citizens arrest, petitioning the military, NESARA/GESARA and more"

    (9 minutes)


  • Dr John Campbell Checks out the Pfizer Trial Documents Release


    If you are still doubtful about the role of Pfizer in 2020/21, this is the video to view.

    (23 minutes)



    Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency

    Pfizer's Documents


  • Scott Ritter on Russian Activity in Ukraine, President Putin, and the West's Attitude to Russia


    "Putin is in the process of cleansing Russia from the taint of western interference"

    And we thought he was just cleaning up in the Ukraine.

    "Russia is doing this to set an example

    Scott sounds like a well balanced and experienced observer of many years standing.

    As always, use discretion, come to your own judgement.

    (15 minutes)



  • WWIII According to LaRouchePAC


    Unless I'm much mistaken, today is the Ides of March, so I guess we should be expecting some back-stabbing.

    Our enemies in the establishment like to work not with daggers (too overt) but with inversions of the truth, so if one were cynical one would simply invert everything we are being told in the media to make a pretty accurate guess at the truth.

    Dreadful pandemic? Common cold (coronavirus).

    Thousands dying? Excess deaths from all causes stable.

    Vaccinations saved millions? Vaccinations terminated pregnancies, killed newborns, and depressed our immune systems.

    War to conquer the Ukraine? Military op to protect eastern provinces from previous shelling, and remove bio-weapons labs and Azov battalions loyal only to US/Khazarian mafiosi.

    Hospital bombing killing innocent defenceless mothers and children in

  • Fulford on Monday 14th March


    Is this the end-game?

    "a huge campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and expand into the universe is about to begin".

    Worth reading.


  • Neil Oliver & Russell Brand Put the Ukraine into Context


    "We are being manipulated as never before in history"

    (10 minutes)


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     And now for something completely different...

    Russel Brand gives us an arm-waving rant on the Ukraine. Or actually on the state of the West's relations with Russian nationals. He would be easy to dismiss if he didn't seem to be on the right track...

    (15 minutes)


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  • William Hurt - Reflections on 9/11


    Received today from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth:


    RIP, William Hurt. Thank you for speaking the truth about 9/11.


    We at Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of William Hurt earlier today.

    In addition to his extraordinary body of work as an actor, William was a producer of AE911Truth’s most recent documentary film, The Unspeakable, and a passionate supporter of 9/11 Truth.

    Last November, in what may have been his final public expression, William penned a hauntingly moving article about his coming to terms with what he

  • 5D or 5G? Scientific or Spiritual?


    I've tagged this as "lucky dip" rather than "conspiracy" because it doesn't really fit the category of "conspiracy" - some might think it "delusion" but I don't have a category for that as it's too broad a description - so "lucky dip" it is.

    5G has been a topic that many have associated with an alternative cause of Covid-like symptoms - not in all realism too difficult as the Covid symptoms are pretty generic, and some of the reports from New York in the early days were quite suggestive of radiation poisoning (pneumonitis rather than pneumonia). I'm comfortable discussing such matters because I'm working within a "scientific" or "engineering" paradigm based upon facts logic and measurement and (relatively) clear definitions. 

    5D (fifth dimension or 5th density) has often puzzled me (as an engineer) primarily because the engineering attributes of dimension (a

  • Sanctions Bite in Reverse - by Design?


    The City of London’s Murderous Sanctions Policy: Targeting the American People!

    LaRouchePAC draw some reasonable conclusions from the sanctions regime being imposed on Russia.

    "The Biden collective’s insane sanctions policy against Russia ...is not hitting Russia—they figured out long ago how to survive a maximum sanctions regime"

    Follow the money...

    "Did you know that the prices now put on raw materials needed for human survival have almost nothing to do with physical value, but with pure speculation on spot markets controlled by the globalist modern British Empire?"

    "In one day this week, Tuesday, March 8th, the price of nickel on the London Metals