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  • How an Entire Population Falls into Mass Psychosis



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  • The Highwire - A Sea of Lies?


    Del Bigtree of the Highwire reviews the state of the "pandemic": science, pseudo-science, political science.

    "the viable virus couldn't be isolated"

    "the Delta variant... has rendered any chance of attaining herd immunity 'impossible'"

    "it is disappointing that herd immunity has not been achieved through vaccination... only one other way is able to achieve herd immunity, to allow the virus to spread throughout the community"

    "the statistics don't bear that out. Parents have no need to be fearful of the Delta variant"

    I wish he could present in a rather more measured and calm manner, but the content is the important material:

  • Brexit, Immigration Trends, Population Change


    The latest paper from Migration Watch "Immigration and population change in the UK's towns and cities" contains a great deal of detail and paints a picture of immigration being encouraged in practice by our government even as its words pretend that they are determined to get it under control.

    There is plainly much to get one's head around but the message is unambiguous - most our present population explosion and the associated demand for housing is driven by immigration.

    I note that the UK (at around 280 heads per sq kilometre) is already one of the most densely populated countries in Europe - if we exclude the minor nations then England (407 heads/km2) carries the lion's share of that population, and of the main

  • The Political Price of Green "Net Zero"


    The GWPF (Global Warming Policy Forum) press release notes the oncoming political pressures on the Conservative Party if Boris continues with his stated plans to move the UK to "Net Zero".

    As most normal people know, the costs will be vast and will fall disproportionately on the ordinary citizenry.

    Even if the government ministers and their advisers haven't noticed, Tory MPs have and are making their views felt.

    Whilst this is good news, a loss to Labour at the next election doesn't seem likely to redress the situation in the eyes of the voters since the Left are perhaps even more determined to push ahead with "green" initiatives than the Right, so the calculation may be that the public has no choice and will get the green

  • Clif High - This is Information Warfare - Largest Naval/Military Protective Op Ongoing


    "What happens over the next two weeks is key"

    "This war is an information war... all other wars took place within this one"  

    "The self-organising collective... has been battling the globalists... if one had within that collective military intelligence... at some point it would be necessary... to provide a pathway for information to go to the populace... to start seeding the populace for the expected counter-insurgency operations..." 

    "... and on Oct 31 2017, it [the self-organising collective, now known as "Q"] announced itself"

    "... in order to support the information war,  we have pre-positioned our actual physical assets so that it will hopefully remain an information war, and that's where we are right now"

    "... this has been planned since the 1900s..."

    Dr. Dan Stock Tells us How Respiratory Viruses Work


    A very straightforward, easy to understand presentation on how a respiratory virus such as the coronavirus works, and which counter-measures are effective.

    "... people that have recovered from Covid-19 infection actually get no benefit from vaccination at all, no reduction in symptoms, no reduction in hospitalisation and suffer 2 to 4 times the rate of side-effects if they are subsequently vaccinated..."

    "... the policies that you are basing on are totally counterfactual..."

    (you may want to skip the advertisement that follows the doctor's presentation)


  • Fluoride - Health and Care Bill - Centralisation


    This Bill was granted Royal Assent on 28th April 2022.


    Health and Care Bill: water fluoridation

    A Policy Paper published on 19th July "explains how the government plans to transfer responsibility for water fluoridation from local authorities to the Secretary of State".

    "The World Health Organization recommends a maximum level of 1.5 milligrams of fluoride per litre of water (mg/l)"

    "The Water Industry Act will maintain the duty on the Secretary of State to monitor and report

  • IPCC Report Confirms that "Climate Policies have Failed"


    The Global Warming Policy Forum press release puts the case, and restates the reason:

    "despite yearly UN climate conferences it is now beyond doubt that renewable energy policies have failed to halt or slow the relentless rise in global CO2 emissions"

    "these policies have only destroyed industry in the West and exported production and their CO2 emissions to areas still using low cost fossil fuels, such as China. The conclusion is obvious. Climate policies are failing not because of a lack of political will, but because the technologies selected are extortionately expensive and ineffective"

    In fact, these policies were designed to fail, and fail they have in

  • What Comes Next?


    Our world has been spinning many improbabilities over recent years that some consider preposterous, some believe possible but unlikely, and some think really are happening - and some believe that matters are working up to an event that will shortly bust some of these improbabilities wide open, with consequences that no man may foresee.

    In this presentation Robert David Steele and his associates put two and two together - but it's up to us to decide whether they get 3, 4, or 5 as an answer!

    "... the only way to be anti-fragile is to be local... "

    "... the existing systems and institutions (Government etc) are not going to be able to sustain themselves... "

    "... schools and hospitals are going to go out of business in their present form, they will not survive the change..."

    "... we have an entire world that has to be recreated, rethought, regenerated

  • The "Angus Lapsley Scandal" Explored


    Few Brexit supporters who have monitored the seemingly ever-closer "defence" arrangements between the UK and the EU military post-Brexit (under both Mrs May and the Boris) will be surprised by this article on the Brexit Watch site - the only real surprise is how long it has taken to manifest.

    It has been a pretty safe assumption since the early days that the civil servants were in fact driving the agenda, pulling the various Defence Ministers (and others) along in their slip-stream, willingly or unwillingly.

    Now the "Brexit Watch Team" has published their investigation into the role of one Angus Lapsley in these post-Brexit shenanigans, and interesting reading it makes:

    "...there is no such thing as a single error in the loss of secret intelligence, because many

  • A Brief History of British Law


    The Bernician has helpfully summarised his view of the history of British Law from 1103 BC to the present day!

    It is necessarily somewhat truncated but nevertheless makes for interesting reading. I cannot however vouch for its accuracy, although he does link to his sources.

    According to The Bernician, Britain was founded by the Trojans (who knew?). 

    There is plenty of interest here for the budding historian to get his/her teeth into, and I commend the article to you.

  • Magna Carta - Britain's Gift to The World?


    It has been said that the UK has no written constitution, but there are those that beg to differ, and many of those that differ refer back to our Magna Carta - the Great Charter - that has had a somewhat chequered history since first it was signed by King John.

    Whether any version of this historical document still forms the foundation of our current legal system seems open to discussion, but there are many who feel that it's principles should once more be elevated to supreme position in our legal texts, if only, but crucially, because it puts our rulers in their place, not as inviolable dictators whose rules and judgements are unchallengeable, but as leaders whose rules and judgements may be overthrown by a jury in a court of common law.

    So we are reminded by the

  • Protesters Rebel against Covid Macron - Vive La France!


    Last month the Guardian reported on the Pass Sanitaire introduced by Macron to control Covid, alongside compulsory inoculations for the usual categories of healthcare workers.

    You’ve understood – vaccination is not immediately obligatory for everyone, but we’re going to extend the health pass to the maximum, in order to push a maximum of you to go and get vaccinated

    Today the Telegraph reports on the public response to these measures (paywalled):

    "The presence of the gilets jaunes, or “yellow vests”, among the latest turbulence will be a concern for a president facing a fight with Marine Le Pen to stay

  • The Shape of Things to Come?


    If you are feeling adventurous, and maybe prepared to suspend your disbelief for a while...   this tarot reading for the world over the course of the next year may pique your fancy! 

    Will it be good news or bad? Will the prophets of doom be proven right (despite their somewhat mixed track record in 2021)?

    Will we sink back gratefully into the old normal, or will we stride confidently into a new normal, and if so, what kind of new?

    In these uncertain times, you need to know! So -  live dangerously - take the plunge...

  • Covid Conversation with a Lawyer


    "The truth will set us all free"

    "We the People have to stand up"

    This is an American viewpoint but it applies every bit as much in the UK.

    These are hard truths that many may feel extremely uncomfortable even listening to - but the downside risk if we get this wrong may be higher than we have seen in all our post-war generations.

    Watching and facing up these unpalatable allegations, there is much to consider - but one thing stands out - this is no longer merely politics-as-usual, nor can it be dismissed as "conspiracy theory" when many lawyers are actively working on its several aspects internationally.

    "... if you're an elected official... if you're a governor you've got an entire state health department, and the only way that you're not aware that ... you're killing people with this vaccine is if you

  • $500 Trillion Lawsuit against the Global Crony Capitalists!


    Ambition is not lacking in this lawsuit.

    Scott Workman, founder of the Friends of the Original Constitution:

    "We are suing the Federal Government, and over 140 Monopolists, for $500 Trillion, to take back what they have stolen from us, and additionally for bribery, treason, fraud, murder, corruption, collusion, conspiracy, paedophilia, sex trafficking, slavery and kidnapping; for conspiring with the American Medical Association, CDC, and Big Pharma, in extortion, exploitation, and disease racketeering schemes"

    "They've destroyed our health, our freedoms, our liberty, and have stolen our constitutional government"

    "Today, we are exposing the federal government as a fraudulent government that supplanted our constitutional government with a foreign

  • Update on the Durham Investigation


    John Durham was appointed by the Trump administration to look into the origins of the FBI's investigation into allegations of collusion between Russia and Trump, following the collapse of the Mueller investigation.

    It has been largely silent since.

    The Epoch Times reminds us of the background and brings us up to date with what little we know about progress to date.

  • Daily Expose - "Murder in the Care Home"


    We are all familiar with the first spike of the pandemic in March / April 2020, when many people in care institutions died, supposedly because they were infected by Covid as people were discharged from the NHS to release beds.

    Now it is reported that this may not have been the full story.

    "In 2016 the NHS drew up plans to withdraw hospital care for nursing home residents in the event of a pandemic"

    "The confidential NHS documents clearly show that the elderly and vulnerable were to be denied treatment and put on the end of life pathway in response to a pandemic, and the evidence clearly shows this was put into practice"

    "Having a learning difficulty and being in care doesn’t mean you are more likely to die of Covid-19. What it means is that you are much more likely to have a DNR

  • Bild Apologizes for "Covid Deception"


    I am not a German citizen and cannot vouch for the authenticity of this video -  nevertheless it has been widely reported:

  • Simon Parkes talks to Sheriff Mack


    Subject? Liberty!

    This may be about the USA but it's also about the UK and the rest of the world.

    Mark well - there are plenty of home truths here to contemplate.