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  • The Taliban and the USA - How Did That Happen?


    This latest observation on the situation in Afghanistan comes from an unexpected source and a writer of appropriate ethnicity - he seems to speak from the heart and lays out his own reasoning and conclusions in a very readable style.

    I have no comment to make on whether his conclusions are correct, but I do subscribe to the view that until we understand the motivations and traditions of the Afghans themselves, we will continue to reap failure from our efforts in that region, whether cultural, diplomatic, or military.

    Worth reading.

  • The Search for the Ground Zero of Climate Change


    Climate Discussion Nexus investigates - the Antarctic? the Arctic? Greenland? Bangladesh? Well, no - the troposphere. More precisely, the tropical troposphere. 

    What were the 2007 IPCC predictions predicting? and what happened according to the temperature data measurements?

    "... basic problem with models is that they are not based upon fundamental physics, they are based upon approximations of what happens in the atmosphere..."


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  • What Lies Behind the FDA Approval of the BioNTech Comirnaty Vaccine?


    Edited 2021-09-28

    In the public understanding, the BioNTech vaccine is the one for which Pfizer has an Emergency Use Authorisation. 

    In the legal understanding, is that actually the case? It appear that it may not be.

    In the real world is it physically the case? This may not be clear-cut either!

    Technocracy News digs up the drains beneath this FDA "approval" and explains their understanding of what is going on here, and why.

    I have to say it's one of the most complete analyses that I have seen. It's necessarily fairly complex but that comes with the territory.

    Peter Doshi also had some questions to ask in the BMJ.


  • Indian Bar Association Sues WHO Chief Scientist and Others


    Technocracy News publishes a report that seems to have eluded the mainstream western press.

    The Indian Bar Association has taken the bull by the horns, suing the WHO Chief Scientist Dr Soumya Swaminathan "accusing her ... of causing the deaths of Indian citizens by misleading them about Ivermectin".

    This is the first legal action that I am aware of that takes any authority to task for suppression of prophylactic treatments for Covid-19. 

    Perhaps it will be the first of many.

    Read the full

  • The Jabbatoirs are Coming for our Kids - Can I Hold Them Off?


    Many organisations are now set on mandating Covid jabs for employees, and the government seems set on requiring them for schoolchildren.

    In my opinion, the notion of jabbing children with these experimental inoculations which have only emergency authorisation amounts to a criminal act on many counts:

    1. These vaccinations have unknown long-term safety profiles

    2. There is no current emergency that justifies their use for this purpose under the existing EAUs

    3. Children are at no significant risk from Covid-19

    4. Vaccination may not prevent onward transmission of the virus by the vaccinated - indeed it may enable the vaccinated to harbour larger concentrations of the virus whilst remaining asymptomatic

    5. Children are at demonstrable risk from the vaccines, even if the MHRA
  • The Fulford View of Global Insanity In the Wake of the Biden Catastrophe


    Benjamin Fulford's world view is probably unlike anybody's (or anybody that you may have heard of).

    I flag it as "Conspiracy (theory)" because it is impossible for ordinary mortals to verify and cross-check much of it with independent sources, but to ignore it would be to deprive my readership of an unconventional view-point that is both entertaining and seems to fit a great deal of what has been afflicting our benighted world in recent years - so I encourage the adventurous to read on (even to purchase a subscription so you can read it all), but if you are still wedded to mainstream media then it's obviously not for you... 

    His two most recent are linked below (and fascinating reading they are too) but if you have a subscription you can read all his latest blog entries here.

    I make no claim as to his accuracy or truthfulness - those are for you to

  • The Destruction of Western Civilisation Proceeds


    Alex Story writes short piece for Brexit Watch which nails exactly what is going on in the western pseudo-democratic world.

    "In an interesting turn, they affirm that meteorology, one of the most complex areas of scientific endeavour known to man, is 'settled' whilst simultaneously asserting that sex, hitherto the most settled field of biology, is 'fluid' and, therefore unsettled"

    For "meteorology" we could equally well substitute "climate change".

    I think it sums up exactly how the subversion process is being slowly but assiduously rolled out across the western nations by their own institutions, backed up by the one hundredth of one percent who effectively own all the earth's money and resources.

    The primary battleground is for our schoolchildren - and not just for their mental and

  • EU Negotiations - Yes, Still Festering . . .


    It seems an aeon since we voted to leave the EU.

    It took three years of obfuscation that threatened the collapse of Parliament before we finally voted (for a least the third time) for us to leave, even on Boris' compromised Withdrawal Agreement that it seems nobody fully understood.

    As a result the EU has been leveraging that verbiage to keep Northern Ireland within the EU, no doubt with the support of the Irish government who would like to end up with a united Ireland under their control. I suspect that they should be careful what they wish for - a united Ireland might not be the panacea that brings an end to the "troubles".

    For a review of roughly where these negotiations now stand and whither they might be (still painfully slowly) moving, the Express published a piece by Jayne Adye of Get Britain Out.

  • Covid-19 - What do the Vaccinations Actually Achieve?


    This is a question whose answer seems very much to depend upon who is providing the answer.

    The AIER has crunched the numbers and come up with some simple scatter charts that illuminate just how much variability exists across the USA.

    "The correlations, however weak, are apparent from even a casual inspection of the plots"

    "An employer would have to have a workforce of at least 4,543 people to have an average expectation of preventing a single death from Covid-19 by forcing all employees to complete vaccination"

    "It is quite likely that significant complications from the vaccine may exceed the average expectation of deaths prevented"

    "No Institutional Review Board would approve a clinical study conducted in the same manner as these vaccine programs"

  • UN Experts - Who Pays the Piper?


    The ECLJ (the European Centre for Law and Justice) reports on the functioning and financing of the Special Procedures of the UN Human Rights Council:

    "How the UN experts are funded and influenced"

    "it reveals the insufficiency and opacity of their funding and exposes the methods implemented by some private funders to influence these experts"

    It's no surprise that it would appear that some UN officials are funded by vested interests - but it may be a surprise to the uninitiated that the ECLJ has remit to check out the UN, which is clearly not a European institution. No doubt this is justifiable in the context that the UN has a very large influence indeed on Europe, through its medical branch the WHO, its Human Rights support, and through the climate branch the IPCC.

    "The ECLJ has held special Consultative Status before the United Nations/ECOSOC since 2007"


  • Judge Files Covid Vax Complaint against Portuguese Government


    The Daily Sceptic reports today on a legal development in Portugal.

    Judge Files Complaint Against Portuguese Government For its ‘Criminal’ Mismanagement of the Covid Crisis

    If you can read Portuguese then you can visit the original article for the link to the original PDF file.

    If you can't read Portuguese then just for our readers, here is an English translation of that PDF file.

    Don't say I don't look after you cool.

    This is a

  • Fake Virus, Trojan Vaccine, The End is Nigh


    Whoever created this video has done a sterling job on assembling the evidence, although the depressing background "muzak" is a turn-off.

    Nevertheless it's a compelling compilation on a very serious theme that I have not seen so much elsewhere, let alone so well sequenced - although you may choose to mute the sound for much of it (but don't miss Yuri Bezmenov's clips at 25 minutes onward!).

    How much of it is true? It's certainly hard to fault, and I suspect that you will all find something here to challenge your current viewpoint. 

    As always, you must make up your own mind.

    I recommend watching right through to the end (48 mins):

  • UK Family Apply for New Inquest into Son's 9/11 Death


    The application for a new inquest is supported by evidence that was not heard at the original inquest.

    Briefly, it includes evidence that the twin towers were not brought down by the impact of aircraft and the subsequent fires, but by "the use of explosives and incendiaries".

    This is clearly a momentous claim that would have enormous political ramifications if proven.

    Incidentally, the 20 year anniversary of 9/11 arrives imminently, in September 2021.

    Read the full report at Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

    We await the result of this application with interest.


  • Former Pfizer Employee - “Checkmate, Game Over, We Win”


    Stew Peters interviews a "whistleblower" who spills the alleged beans about the Pfizer shot - are the 'Covid-19 breakthrough' cases we currently hear so much about really vaccine adverse events?

    The 9/11 attacks caused 2977 victims, "that day will never be forgotten",

    "the 1900 Galveston hurricane... killed anywhere between six and twelve thousand people and is recorded as being the most deadly event in the United States - until now"

    "this so-called 'FDA approved vaccine' has recorded more deaths than any of these horrific tragedies, and it's not even talked about"

    "these serious adverse events... in October 2020 the FDA... said: ' look, here is about two dozen serious adverse events we need to look for from these injections' - and they happen to match up with what the Mayo Clinic is calling 'Covid-19 breakthrough'"


  • Oliver, Oliver, Wherefore Art Thou, Oliver?


    Would the world turned upside down not see the Aussies on top? Sadly although they have had their world flattened (if not turned upside down) they are not currently on top.

    Sitting here in relatively relaxed Blighty it's easy to forget that the rest of the world is far from being relaxed - various states in the US are trying to emulate Australia whilst many others are as relaxed as we are; Canada is also on track to emulate the Aussies and as for New Zealand - well, words do not suffice. Europe is little better with many protesting the "Macronovirus" and with Pass Sanitaire in the ascendant.

    The Daily Sceptic reminds us of the situation down under by publishing a piece by Australian writer Steve Waterson, who

  • What is Going on with the Mass Psychology of the Corona Crisis?


    Yet another interesting exploration of the Corona Crisis with Dr Reiner Fuellmich. One might have thought that all the aspects have been explored by now but not so - Professor Mattias Desmet lifts the lid on the mass psychosis that in many respects has enabled the crisis to unfold over 2020/21 without effective let or hindrance, despite the serious doubts about the veracity of the pandemic narrative that have been raised by many eminent and well-qualified specialists in their field.


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  • So What is Really Going on in Afghanistan?


    This is the question of the day and I don't know the answer, but this piece by Viv Evans in Independence Daily introduces an interesting new angle and seems, shall we say, pertinent.

    Judge for yourself.

  • FDA "Approval" for Pfizer Jab Encounters a Storm


    Dr Jane Ruby on the Stew Peters Show identifies "at least 20 crimes in the package insert" for this "FDA approved" vaccine:

    "they disclose nothing of what they are legally obligated to do"

    "available data... administered to pregnant women are insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks in pregnancy" and "it's not known if it is excreted in human milk"

    RedPil78 claims to have read the whole letter from the FDA to Pfizer, and claims that the "new" approval amounts to nothing more than a long-winded restatement of the existing emergency use approval:


    Vladimir Vladimirovich Closes the Door to Afghan Refugees


    In contrast to probably the whole of western Europe and the USA, President Putin has reportedly stated his intention to deny entry to Afghan refugees as he prefers not to admit possible militants. Perhaps he learned from Russia's previous adventures in that benighted country, but whatever the reasoning, he is clearly placing the needs of his own country first and foremost.

    In contrast (as noted elsewhere) other European countries seem to be falling over themselves to admit such would-be refugees, for reasons that may or may not be entirely transparent.

    One may perhaps be

  • FDA Grants Full Approval To Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine


    The BBC reports that the FDA has granted full approval to the Pfizer Covid-19 "vaccine" for use in the United States for those aged 16 and over.

    "The vaccine, which will now be marketed as Comirnaty, was found to be 91% effective in preventing Covid disease"

    How that squares with the multiple conflicting reports that the vaccine may not protect from infection is a nuance that may evade many.

    ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) notes that

    "The emergency use authorizations [download] for the COVID-19 vaccines require that providers of the vaccines report all COVID-19 cases in vaccinated individuals who get COVID-19 and are hospitalized or die. Healthcare professionals have reported to ICAN, stating in no uncertain terms, that