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  • WW3 According to Benjamin Fulford


    Fulford on Friday - WW3 is coming to a head, the golden rouble will end the central baking system.

    Worth watching (modest subscription required)

    The façade is cracking up - hold the line.

    You can't terminate a millenium-old cult without unleashing a certain amount of mayhem, but the end is nigh.

    According to Fulford cool.


  • WHO Do They Think They Are?


    First a disclaimer - despite the date, this is not an April Fool's article. If only it were!

    We have mentioned this impending bid for world domination by medical fiat before, but this Epoch Times article does a good all-round job of providing the details such as are available, so it's a worthy inclusion. 

    Highly recommended.

    "the WHO wants to make its pandemic leadership permanent, and to extend it into the health care systems of every nation"

    "The pandemic treaty is a direct threat to a nation’s sovereignty to make decisions for itself and its citizens, and would erode democracy

  • CNN, New York Post Break the Biden Lap-Top Story into the Open


    One more "conspiracy theory" segues seamlessly into "conspiracy fact".

    Mainstream media (CNN et al) pick up the story.

    Restricted Republic lays it out for us:

    (25 minutes)


    Just to underline the point, more information in this video:

    (9 minutes)


    Can the Great Pretender Joe Biden survive the opening of Pandora's box? 


  • UK Column Reviews the Geopolitics Surrounding the Ukraine Situation


    UK Column bring out their big guns to survey the background to the conflict in the Ukraine and the implications for the ongoing geopolitical Great Game.

    They follow this up with an excursion around the UK Deep State, which pulls the global strings of soft power, via the usual network of word salad charities think tanks and "arms length" bodies, operating behind the usual techniques of secrecy obfuscation and ambiguity that normal people find off-putting and irrelevant to their own lives.

    Oh, and there's the usual opaque educational schemes that bring forward "selected" candidates into scholarship / leadership schemes that may or may not have anything to do with the candidates' merit / abilities.

    Followed by a clip from an NHS "board meeting", complete with a contribution from June Raine of the MHRA "enabling organisation", in case we thought that our NHS crisis is over. 

    Dr Tedros has called a World Health

  • Ukraine - Post WW2 Outpost of the CIA?


    "A nine minute segment from Part 2 of Doug Valentine's The CIA As Organized Crime. For 70 years the CIA has been working to undermine and occupy Ukraine to bring down Russia"

    "The United States Occupies the Ukraine"

    I'm not sure that's an entirely appropriate sentiment, but to suggest that the CIA runs the Ukraine might be nearer the truth.

    This could explain a great deal...

    (9 minutes)


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  • Germany Upholds Vaccine Mandates for Medical Workers


    This reminds us that logic failure at multiple levels is a feature of many governing classes:

    The vaccines are not approved, they have only an emergency use authorisation.

    If people are not dying from the disease (but there is evidence that they are dying from the vaccines) then where is the emergency?

    If the vaccines don't protect you from catching the disease and most of those now allegedly dying from the disease are vaccinated, then where is the efficacy?

    And if the tests don't work then what is the programme based on?

    All these questions have been rehearsed elsewhere.

    However, as the vaccines are a medical intervention then what of our freedom to refuse medical intervention? Unimpaired according to the Court, since you can find a different career in another field.


  • The Ukraine we Don't Read About


    Former Ukrainian Prime Minister (2004, 2005, and 2010) Mykola Azarov:

    "To prevent World War III and an attack on Russia with nuclear weapons, the Russian government decided to neutralize the threat and restore order in Ukraine"

    This report by Amy Mek writing for RAIR Foundation USA tells the story of Ukraine from a different perspective, that of the DonBass residents.

    "... the Ukrainian army also planned to launch a military operation in Donbass and wipe out the Russian-speaking population"

    Far-fetched? To us peaceful English, definitely.

    But this is the Ukraine, where

  • Do the Vatican's Astronomers Hold The Key?


    Whether you are a Christian of some denomination or none, or not, this presentation is pretty interesting given the chequered and controversial history of the various schisms of the religion of peace and love.

    From Dr. Chuck Missler's 2013 Strategic Perspectives Conference, see Dr. Tom Horn's presentation on the Prophecy of the Popes, his trip to Mt. Graham to meet the Vatican's astronomers, and (as they say) "much more"!

    Given in 2013, perhaps this entertaining presentation offers quite a bit that may be of relevance in our current troubled times?

    Do the Biblical books of ancient times and ancient beliefs of the Apache indigenous people hold keys to unfolding events?

    "... at the highest levels of Vatican governance and geopolitics they know what is approaching the Earth, and that it will be of the utmost importance in coming years"

    "... what will

  • Russia Deals a Financial Blow?


    This slightly breathless report from the Hal Turner Radio Show notes that Russia is reported to have linked the rouble to gold at a rate that will have financial whizz-kids selling out of other currencies and buying into the rouble until the value of those currencies expressed as the purchasing power of gold matches the purchasing power of the rouble.

    As they point out, this move may be unwelcome in western financial circles.

    There will be a run on dollar/euro denominated assets such as bonds in favour of real assets such as property and gold-backed currencies. Unless governments move in to control foreign exchange transactions of course.

    The bond market is huge.

    "the last guy on this planet who tried to back a currency with Gold, was Muammar Quadaffi of Libya"

    Whether the same fate can be bestowed upon Putin as was visited upon Gadaffi is debatable, but no doubt some form of retribution is

  • Fulford on Monday - The End is Nigh?


    Fake News at its finest?

    Who's to know?

    If Benjamin Fulford is correct then the war in the Ukraine is fake (at least fake wars are better than real ones) and our mainstream media are just propaganda outlets that don't tell the truth about anything.

    Of course the Edmonton Fire Department personnel may well have been volunteered to Lviv to sort any fires, but surely the newspapers would have been full of our Canadian brave boys doing their bit to support the Ukraine? Or maybe they just sent some out-of-service clothing to relieve shortages?

    Still, it makes you wonder.

    Depending on which tale you choose to believe, it's hard to (a) keep a straight face or (b) think of the awful suffering in the

  • Arming the EU


    Much has in the past been written about PESCO and the labyrinthine network of treaties and agreements that underpin the EU's defence posture. The UK was famously equivocal about what parts of it we did or did not support, amongst much controversy over how we could be both leaving the EU and staying within its defence agreements.

    I'm not entirely sure whether or not these arguments were ever really resolved, but today we have an article from Investigate Europe that has a look at the how the EU military is composed and who benefits.

    "These huge arms producers are very much intertwined with governments and even competitors. They are also partly owned by the same American funds that control important parts of their -American competitors’ shares"

    Down the Rabbit Hole 5 - Are We More Complex Than We Thought?


    If you haven't yet perused our "Down the Rabbit Hole" 1 thru 4 articles, please do so before continuing.

    Please leave your disbelief beside the door...

    Are you sitting comfortably?

    Perhaps some of us have roots that might surprise us, including some that we in the UK may be already familiar with.

    Disclaimer - I present this not because I believe it (I have no clue), but because it's out there and it seems to me that if there is truth in it, we should not ignore it. We might be glad we paid attention.

    (86 minutes)



  • Digital Control - Closer than we Think?


    The Chinese have notoriously been keen to subject their citizenry to control by mobile phone app. Don't ignore your "social credit" score or your freedoms will be closed down by decrements according to how bad you have been.

    Now the Ukrainians are signing up for the treatment - no doubt the benefits will precede the restrictions.

    Strange Sounds (no, nor me) has the story.


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  • The European Council Prepares for Global Pandemic Preparedness


    It's a good job that EU leaders are still looking to our health needs despite the dominating imperative of dealing with the war in the Ukraine, otherwise we might forget to demand that they negotiate a new international treaty to make us all obey the diktats of the WHO, and we would risk obliteration by the next pandemic.

    The European Council (ie: the pinnacle of the EU power pyramid, and not to be confused with the Council of Europe) has set out its vision of how it intends to place the EU nations under the control of the UN by international treaty so that they can all be protected from the next pandemic under the wise guidance - no wait, that was the last pandemic - under the orders of the UN's WHO (ably assisted of course by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation et al).

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Now I've been on this earth for well over half a

  • Net Zero Watch Spells it Out


    It's close to crunch time for our energy supplies.

    Fortunately spring has sprung and the weather will (bar the usual last hurrah of winter that normally arrives in March/April) now hopefully become warmer. That gives us a six-month break to put together something a bit more robust by way of energy policy.

    Net Zero Watch highlights the options, such as remain.

    Given the current global geopolitical situation and our government's lamentable lack of competence, I'm not holding my breath.


  • Newer World Order - Red in Tooth and Claw?


    Russia and China square up to Klaus Schwab and NATO - will NATO blink?

    With Biden at the helm, all bets are off.

    Restricted Republic bring together the salient developments.

    (23 minutes)



    The Joint Statement of the Russian Federation and the PRC:

    "Today, the world is going through momentous changes, and humanity is entering a new era of rapid development and profound transformation. It sees the development of such processes and phenomena as multipolarity, economic globalization, the advent of information society, cultural diversity, transformation of the global governance architecture and world order"

    "...the international

  • The Legal Case of the Century?


    What took him so long?

    The 45th President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Donald J. Trump files a case in the United States District Court Southern District of Florida demanding damages and a criminal trial by jury of the defendants, namely Hillary R. Clinton and many other associates businesses and individuals, who were involved in fabrication of the "Trump-Russia" narrative before and after the 2016 election.

    Will the Court hear the case?

    How many years of litigation may we expect?

    View/Download the 108 page document here.

    The Mail has the

  • Have Childhood Vaccines Ever Been Properly Regulated?


    Have Childhood Vaccines Ever Been Properly Regulated?

    This update received today from ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) would strongly suggest that they have not.

    "When Merck’s M-M-R II was licensed in 1978, a proper clinical trial of its safety was never conducted. From a prior ICAN demand to the FDA, we know that the safety was only assessed in 834 children for a period of 42 days in trials that had no placebo control. Further, within the first 42 days following administration of the vaccine, in one of the largest trials for this vaccine, 63% of the children experienced gastrointestinal illness and 42% had upper respiratory illness" 

    "Yet the FDA approved

  • Conflicting Signals on the Ukraine front?


    A shift was announced by Russia's Defence Ministry on Friday:

    "... it has completed the first phase of its “special military operation” in Ukraine and will now focus on the eastern Donbas region"

    The combat potential of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been considerably reduced, which, I emphasize once again, makes it possible to focus on the main efforts to achieve the main goal … [the] liberation of Donbas

    Whilst I can believe that the first sentence is likely true, there's lots of speculation in the press in general about the reasons for this new focus but nothing strikes me as definitive.

    The Epoch Times

  • Cult Of The Medics (Chapter Seven)


    "Is this the first time they have lied to us?"

    Despite the bludgeoning opening music, this is a thoughtful and informative film.

    (56 minutes)