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  • UK Lawyer "Serves Notice of Criminal Liability" on Vaccinators


    Anna de Buisseret explains what she is up to:

    "they [ the mRNA injections ] cannot be legally defined either as a vaccine or as a human medicine, which is how they've been regulated under the human medicines regulations"

    "under the Public Health Control of Diseases Act 1984, section 45 b specifically says you cannot mandate prophylactic treatment etc"

    "it appears that the whole 'informed consent' thing is being pretty roundly ignored"

    "... when you read them [ the judgements of the Nuremberg Trials ], essentially everything that's happening now is cited in the Nuremberg Trials... "

  • Canadian Court Victory Proves Covid-19 Is A Hoax


    Court victory reported in Alberta Canada - defendant forces admission that there is no scientific proof that Co*id exists in the real world - the beginning of the end?

    Hot on the heels of this news comes this from the Pulse:

    Alberta Abandons Mask Mandates, Testing & Isolation Requirements

  • The Great Reset - Follow the Money


    (Video from 7 April 2021)

    "The video shows the modern global systems, and focusses on the situation in the Netherlands. We believe though, that people from all over the world will recognise this situation"

    Prepare to be surprised...   or amazed.  Or flabbergasted.


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  • ICAN Legal Update - FDA Oversight of Covid Vaccine Trials


    ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) has previously petitioned the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) to ensure that the Covid-19 vaccine trials should be placebo-controlled in order to assess their safety profiles.

    However, ICAN is concerned that the placebo control groups have now been offered the vaccine by the drug companies concerned, even though the safety assessments are not yet completed, thus compromising a scientifically reliable assessment of the long-term safety of these vaccines.

    Read ICAN's legal update noting hat they have demanded from the FDA that the FDA should not reward these drug companies by authorising any vaccines which have no long-term safety data. 


  • Compromising with the Devil



    "Look up the big words!"

    For your convenience I have pulled up a screenshot from this video so you can see the courtroom evidence concerning the PCR test - view here - worth reading carefully!

    Follow this link to an overview of the financial aspects as noted toward the end.

  • For Those Who Think It's All Over


    For those of us who fondly cling to the hope that the Covid "pandemic" may be ending any time soon:

    "the digital gulag on your cell phone"

    "With the WorldReach acquisition, Entrust can help these organizations reshape government and travel service experiences around secure digital identities"

    Do you want to know who may be pulling Boris Johnson's strings?

    Watch and digest.


  • Jab Hesitancy Explained


    Any article starting with the exhortation "Imagine you're a normal person" may not be being written from a shared viewpoint, but whatever your view of current and recent circumstances, perhaps we can agree that we are not living through times that we would, two years ago (yes, that long), have considered "normal".

    This megathread takes the trouble to look at recent turmoils from a historical perspective (don't worry - only five years or so) to identify the factors that may have caused our everyday presumptions to be shifted from their previous comfortable moorings.

    It makes for interesting reading.

    And speaking of "things that make you go Hmmm..."

    Another pops into my inbox only this morning.

    There was a time when bodies constituted

  • It's not Over Yet - The World Government will Regroup


    Whilst restrictions in the UK have been reduced recently, the story in other countries is less rosy. 

    Dave Cullen of Computing Forever tells it how he sees it, from the Irish / EU perspective.

    Whilst SAGE has been making back-peddling noises in recent weeks, elsewhere the Covid passports are being ramped up.

    "Now all you have to do is throw on a 'climate change' carbon score, mandatory 'vaccination', and a digital currency system, and you have the version of the 'social credit' score that is being built for the western world"

    "... I predict a much more serious lockdown this winter, which of course will be blamed on the unvaccinated... "

    Is Big Brother lurking around the corner?


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  • Signs of the Times in Europe


    Demonstrations around Europe - Germany outlaws demos - "The German judges said the protests should be banned because they would facilitate the spread of COVID-19".

    More protests in France Italy Switzerland and Malaysia.

    Read the Epoch Times story.

  • Soliloquy to Freedom!


    This man says it so simply, I am superfluous:


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  • Recruiting Now to Work in the Jabbatoirs for Our Kids


    Fancy a career in the "health" industry?

    Lots of advertisements for "School Immunisation Health Professionals" all over the country, so there's sure to be one near you.

    "We are looking for motivated, enthusiastic Health Professionals to deliver the school aged immunisation programme... "

    Good salary!

    Don''t delay, apply today!

  • Migration Watch Press Release - 90% of Population Growth Driven by Immigration


    Migration was a key issue of the Brexit debate, and now that Brexit is, if not finalized, at least acknowledged by the world's governments, our government is now responsible for the control of immigration.

    As the increasing flow of would-be immigrants in inflatable boats crossing the Channel, kindly shepherded by the French Navy and British Border Force, attests, they don't seem to be making a very good job of it.

    Of course the cross-channel flow of illegal immigrants is simply the most visible manifestation of the problem and many suspect that government incompetence may not be the only factor at work here.

    Migration Watch has made it their business to crunch the numbers and come to some conclusions.


  • Matt Ehret talks the Roots of the Great Reset Agenda with Reiner Fuellmich


    Matt Ehret is somebody we have featured before, as is Dr Fuellmich - so here we have two very accomplished and articulate people - the historian in conversation with the lawyer.

    "100 years to flatten the curve"


  • Dr Fuellmich's Speech in Trafalgar Square - 24 July


    The sound isn't perfect but this is perfectly comprehensible.

    "This is humanity vs. inhumanity"

    Watch on Odysee.

  • The Simple Techniques that Change History


    The big secrets - the little secrets - your secrets. It's up to you.



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  • Why Isn’t It “All Over Bar the Shouting”? Why Aren’t We Back to Normal Yet?


    The Daily Sceptic gives voice to the many who now want to know what our government is still waiting for before declaring the pandemic closed.

    As they remark, 

    "But why isn’t it over? Now that we have developed our vaccines and delivered them to the vulnerable, reducing (we hope) their risk of death, what more are we waiting for? What now is to be gained from perpetuating the state of emergency? That the Deputy CMO thinks it “quite possible” the winter will be “bumpy” is no reason at all to continue doing anything that we didn’t do in 2019. What winter isn’t bumpy?"

    Below are the hospital admissions for Public Health England rates per 100K up to week 29, taken from their Week 30 Report:

  • A Mum's View from North of the Border


    What  turned this "middle class Mum" into an "anarchist"?

    I suppose we might quibble with the word "anarchist". It implies accepting a level of violence and chaos in order to overthrow the status quo, but that seems not to fairly represent where she is now. Of course, nobody can predict the future.

    This is a well-turned piece by a well-reasoned lady, and she struck me as very peaceful and level-headed and not at all anarchic.

    I suspect she speaks for a multitude.

    See what you think.

  • Ask not for Whom the Bell Pings - It Pings for Thee, Pandemic!


    Today's excursion around the news outlets, so valiantly undertaken in Independence Daily by the indefatigable Viv Evans, pulls relentlessly at the various loose threads that threaten to unravel the whole casedemic.

    Carefully crafted by SAGE and their accomplices in the medical establishments, the whole house of cards is in serious trouble.

    Not to be outdone, The Daily Sceptic highlights the failure of the SAGE models ever to come anywhere near to the reality that they so assuredly predict.

    "Yet the modellers don’t

  • Sir Graham Brady Tells his Truth about Masks!


    Reality seems to be leaking slowly into the Parliamentary psyche . . . 

    Sir Graham Brady has written a piece for the Daily Mail:

    "I believe the real purpose of masks is social control - it's time to turn down the fear dial"

    "When I asked a Health Minister in the Commons how she could justify banning healthy activities such as golf, tennis or bowls, she actually replied that while those activities were indeed safe, if we ‘let people do those things, they might think they can do other things too’"