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  • Riccardo Bosi Addresses Canberra - & the Governor General


    (19 minutes)

    Let's clean up Australia!


    ... and when he's sorted Australia, can we in the UK borrow him please?

    (3 minutes) 



  • Sadiq and Priti Square Up


    (8 minutes)


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  • Durham - Lawyers Paid Tech Company to 'Infiltrate Trump White House'


    Durham Court filing:

    "... they had to have had help from inside the US government... "

    (3 minutes)



  • US Corporation to Implode?


    "If all goes well ...the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Corporation will go bankrupt and implode this week"

    "The US Corporation missed an external payments deadline on January 31st. They were given until this week to come up with the money"

    Friday 18th.

    "The biggest signals are coming from the financial markets where insiders are rushing for the exits"

    So far that "rush for the exits" doesn't seem to have translated into much of a correction, but increased short selling is a measure of the expectations of "sophisticated" traders. 

    Various world and pharma leaders are reportedly being dealt with... and the Russians aren't complying with the "war" narrative - why would they? They want to discredit western leadership, not fight a war.


  • Five Eyes - or Nine Eyes? or Fourteen Eyes?! or ...


    This video is from 2015! Be aware that things will have moved on since then...

    Eric King (Privacy International) explained what he knew about the global intelligence network.

    Think "Edward Snowden".

    NB:  "SigInt" = Signals Intelligence. Some might call this electronic communications.

    If you have ever wondered how the spooks collect information from all citizens everywhere, watch this video.

    Prepare to become cynical.

    (32 minutes)


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  • The Money Pit - How Deep Does it Go?


    We all "know" that the money-printing has been cranked up in recent years, and inflation is now rather belatedly responding.

    Greg Hunter (USA Watchdog) has been checking out the problem with Rob Kirby of Toronto (kirbyanalytics.com).

    They start off by reviewing the truckers situation in Canada, but the discussion quickly expands to cover the world-wide situation. No, it's not pretty, but it is centred in the USA.

    "the Fed’s balance sheet is another huge fraud, and instead of nearly $9 trillion in debt, it’s probably more like “$100 trillion in unacknowledged money.”  Kirby says, If you add $100 trillion to the Fed’s $8.8 trillion balance sheet, you have a different picture than what is being presented to humanity"

    "... the Fed is not subject to any audit..."

    Ukraine - 3 Viewpoints


    Ukraine is much in the news recently, and for all the wrong reasons.

    Will Russia invade?

    Will the be a False Flag event (and if so, who will be the culprit?).

    These are imponderable questions and will only be answered after the event (if at all), being dependent not on cultural matters but on the motivation of those world leaders who are actually pulling the strings. These are motivations into which I have no insight other than the (possibly informed) speculation of others.

    Nevertheless there is value in understanding some of the history and attitudes of the situation on the ground, since these matters provide the context within which any incoming action must take place.

    TCW (The Conservative Woman) obliges us with three articles which explore this

  • WHO Demands More Dosh for More Jabs


    It seems that some of the world's elite just can't get enough of our money.

    No, this isn't a stale article from 2021 - I checked. It's almost bang up to date (9th Feb).

    Are they still playing at pandemics? It seems that they are.

    "The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) on Wednesday demanded “wealthy countries” pay them $16 billion in cash up front to drive coronavirus schemes in developing countries, including mass vaccination rollouts"

    Given that the "vaccines" are acknowledged to be of dubious efficacy (ask the UKHSA) it seems perverse in the extreme to continue pushing them on countries that can't afford them.

    No doubt the developing countries have not been enthusiastic

  • Climate Change is Upon Us!


    "A Bill to place a duty on the Government to declare a climate emergency; to amend the Climate Change Act 2008 to bring forward the date by which the United Kingdom is required to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions; to place a duty on the Government to create and implement a strategy to achieve objectives related to climate change, including for the creation of environmentally-friendly jobs; to require the Secretary of State to report to Parliament on proposals for increased taxation of large companies to generate revenue to be spent to further those objectives; and for connected purposes. "

    Seems to have passed its second reading in the Commons, and is now poised to progress to the Lords.

    Keep Calm and Carry On.

    Speaking of which - Bring back the Carry On team - Sid James would make an excellent PM, with Kenneth Williams in nbr 11 and Charles

  • Ottawa 2!


    (See our main Ottawa story here. It's updated daily until this ends!)

    I wasn't going to put this up, because there is so much "out there" and I have to be selective, but really, isn't this what it's all about?

    (9 minutes)


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  • Fulford on Friday - Military Option


    The days fly by and it's Friday again - so Mr Fulford's Friday video report is available.

    A modest subscription is required.

    This week he is advising the military (and us) how to stage a military coup in favour of the people.

    He also concludes with an interesting Q&A session.

    Maybe we should pay attention...

    Perhaps this guy has been listening.

    (7 minutes)


  • 9/11 - An Inside Story


    I remember 9/11.

    I was at work in Andover, Hampshire in the IT department when my attention was attracted to a group of colleagues clustered around a personal computer, apparently watching a film on the monitor, and I wondered why they were watching such a thing during working hours. So I went over to have a look.

    We watched as the World Trade Centre towers collapsed.

    It was half a world away but clearly of high import as a major disaster, but it wasn't until years later and after reading a book on the topic that I began to realise the likely true import - it was probably an inside job, and the "war on terror" that it kicked off was the deliberate objective.

    It was my introduction to the idea that false flag attacks were (probably) major tools of policy direction, used by somebody, somewhere, probably located in America.

    And that that somebody would stop at

  • Prince Charles tests positive for COVID-19


    We wish His Royal Highness a speedy recovery, and note that this reportdoesn't necessarily imply that he is ill.

    It is likely merely a positive test result, as we have explained so often previously.

    The BBC reports that he met with Her Majesty two days earlier.

    Nevertheless we will probably see some unfounded and unnecessary speculation in the press about the succession shortly.


  • Reminder of the Benefits of Brexit - Boris Take Note


    Brexit Facts 4 EU 

    "It was refreshing on the second anniversary of our official departure from the EU to see the UK Government finally getting round to putting out some communications material going beyond the glib statements we are all used to"

    "To help readers see what more there is we thought today we would field our first eleven of additional entries to the list of Brexit benefits – and we’ll keep publishing more when we feel the achievements are in danger of being forgotten"

    The list of EU financials for which we would have been liable is not trivial, but also not normally to the forefront of everybody's mind. None the less they would have constituted a significant drain on our resources, already hugely over-stretched by the Covid response.

    Which reminds me - the UK was one of the first to access Covid vaccines (not everybody thinks that these were a good idea, but we got them done with

  • A Tour Around the Coronavirus Pandemic


    This is a bit of an odd-ball presentation - Drs Fuellmich Fischer and Wodarg of the Corona Investigative Committee in conversation with Shuaib Al-Muwaizri - and it explains why the "pandemic" was actually a case-demic, and most importantly, demonstrates the damage inflicted by the so-called vaccines.

    It's a bit long at a little over two hours but it's authoritative, lucid, thorough, and covers all the bases.

    If you want to know the real truth from the legal beagles, take the time to watch this.

    "... dangerous viruses are self-limiting... "

    "... a respiratory virus as a bio-weapon doesn't work... "

    "... PCR test takes some letters off a big big book with words... "

    "... the real bio-weapon is... the vaccines, because if you inject... directly into the body that's .. when it becomes really dangerous... where it

  • Killing Shale Gas for Good?


    "Net Zero Watch has called on ministers to overrule the fracking regulator which is trying to terminate any prospect of shale gas developments in the UK"

    "Ruling to press ahead with closure described as ‘utter madness’ by Tory MPs who support controversial drilling"

    "Net Zero Watch is warning that the government’s approach to the energy crisis remains dangerously incoherent. On the one hand, the Prime Minister is openly calling for increased domestic gas extraction and has brought forward approvals for North Sea developments, while at the same time regulators are preventing lower-cost onshore fields from ever being exploited"

    Incoherence from our government? Who would have thought it.

    JFK to 9/11 and Beyond: Who Really Rules the World?


    JFK's assassination was always suspicious to me - if only because such a mammoth crime obviously demands meticulous planning and considerable organisation - not a job for a 'lone gunman'. 

    Cui bono? Who benefitted?

    Likewise very credible books have been written about 9/11 and the collapse of the twin towers.

    This documentary film has a regrettably lurid opening screenplay but don't let that put you off. It's also been produced to an extremely high standard - background music which is never obtrusive, and so on.

    It is a history lesson like no other. 

    Oil barons. Robber barons. Press barons. Bankers.

  • Javid's New NHS Deal


    Unherd assesses Sajid Javid's latest NHS materplan... 

    "In his speech, Javid began by emphasising the need for more doctors and nurses while conveniently ignoring the impact of his recent proposal to force mandatory vaccination on NHS staff"

    "And it’s not just the lack of staff either. The NHS has a dismal record on employment rights, discrimination, and abuse of its staff... "

    "Let’s hope that Javid does not turn out to be yet another in a long line of a health secretaries with a fundamental lack of understanding of how the NHS functions"

    Maybe we should be thinking in terms of what is wrong with the system that produces such a long

  • What's the Catch?


    Kyoto protocol.

    Paris climate accord.

    Nothing to see here...

    (7 minutes)


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  • Ottawa!


    (14 minutes)


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    (14 minutes)


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    (35 minutes)


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