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  • Sajid Makes a Promise


    On the face of it it's a step forward - but after the last two years of government politicians advisers civil servants and associated bodies turning resolutely deaf ears to all logic and science, we might be forgiven for examining the teeth of this gift horse with a microscope.

    I'm not going to bother, since a politician's promise is not normally worth the breath expended when making it, so I'll content myself with just reporting on it, with a caveat.

    Health Secretary Confirms Coronavirus Act Will Expire in March and Tells MPs He Does Not “Envisage” Ever Bringing it Back

    The Daily Sceptic's report is slightly vague in so far as it isn't clear whether it's just the "provisions" that will expire or whether it is the Act itself in toto - but I take

  • Police Whitewash of Crime Reference Number 6029679/21 Will Not Wash


    Crime reference number. 6029679/21

    "A complaint re ‘Misconduct in public office’ and ‘Gross negligent manslaughter’ was made at Hammersmith Police station on Monday the 20th of December 2021. A separate application is also lodged at the International Criminal Court"

    "On the 22nd February the UK Metropolitan Police dismissed the evidence that the legal team Philip Hyland and Lois Bayliss, alongside Mark Sexton, Dr Samuel White and the people of Britain, have been submitting under crime ref: 6029679/21

    This was a
  • The Inexorable Onward March to Inhumanity?


    "From the WEF 2018. This is the most frightening thing I've ever watched..."

    "In 2018, before COVID-19 mandates, vaccine passports, and government overreach, Yuval Noah Harari spoke about the power behind human data and how humanity being contained to its human form may soon be a thing of the past"

    "... once we have algorithms that can understand me better than I understand myself they could predict my desires manipulate my emotions & even take decisions on my behalf. & if we are not careful, the outcome might be, the rise of digital dictatorships

    "control of data might enable human elites to do something even more radical than just build digital dictatorships. By hacking organisms, elites may gain the power to re-engineer the future of life itself"

    Red Voice Media brings us a

  • If in Doubt - Reboot the World!


    Benjamin Fulford's Friday video is well worth your time...

    We are witnessing nothing less than the arrest and rounding up of the criminal elite that still pretend that they run the world (President Putin has thrown down the gauntlet by taking away their assets in the Ukraine and that process is expected to continue), followed by the reboot of the world's political systems.

    As always his subscription (required for this Friday session) is good value!


  • WHO Lines up a New Pandemic Power Grab?


    As always obsessed by "pandemic preparedness", the WHO and its many "partners" have agreed to bring out a new accord by 22nd August to consolidate the WHO's control over the pandemic response on a global basis.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on the many flaws in the global system to protect people from pandemics: the most vulnerable people going without vaccines; health workers without needed equipment to perform their life-saving work; and ‘me-first’ approaches that stymie the global solidarity needed to deal with a global threat

    No recognition at all that the vaccines do not even work according to their own limited terms, and are being rolled out to age groups that have need of neither the vaccines nor their "side-effects".

    This is the face of an insulated global elite that has no concept of the lives of ordinary people.

  • Stop the Gas Imports and Use Domestic Hydrocarbons - Net Common Sense


    Net Zero Watch takes advantage of the situation in Ukraine to emphasise it's thesis that it makes no sense to demonise domestic gas whilst we continue to import LNG from abroad - Russian gas being on the list.

    There is a case to be made that the UK has been supporting Russia's military modernisation and now its current adventures in the Ukraine.

    Regardless of Russia however, the primary point is that it makes zero sense to close down all possible domestic production whilst continuing to have to import significant quantities of LNG in order to keep the nation warm moving and fed when the wind doesn't blow.

    Our energy policy makes Net Zero Sense.

    Technocracy News &

  • Ukraine - an Unconventional Viewpoint


    It is our policy on this site to encourage everyone to think for themselves - but if one is perpetually immersed in a sea of one-sided commentary, that becomes very difficult.

    So today, at the risk of being accused of being traitor to our beloved country (not true at all) I present an alternative view of the current situation from LaRouchePAC, founded in memory of American senator Lyndon LaRouche who viewed the UK influence on American affairs as something akin to clandestine subversive post-colonial control in the interests of the City of London and others (I simplify for brevity).

    That doesn't mean that I accept or reject this viewpoint - it means that I consider it a sensible contribution to our understanding of current events, and one that is worthy of our attention.

    Mr Putin's opening remarks bear scrutiny:


  • Dr Bhakdi Assesses the Results of the Covid Vaccinations


    Dr Sucharit Bhakdi speaking at the Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium III (18 Feb) explains the consequences of the mRNA vaccines for Covid:

    "... all these vaccines are totally incapable of preventing anything ... "

    "... if there is any suspicion that they could be creating damage, they have to be stopped immediately ... "

    "... vessel damage and clots are bound to form in the whole body... "

    "... there are two components that both can kill you  - the nanoparticles themselves, the lipids, plus the mRNA... "


  • An Alternative View on the US Truckers Freedom Convoy


    Just another psy-op?

    (15 minutes)



  • Another Climate Theory Debunked (Yet Again)?


    Chris Morrison writing for the Daily Sceptic pulls the plug on the Climate Change hysteria with his latest piece about the "settled science".

    "Historically, the claim of consensus is the first refuge of the scoundrel; it is a way to avoid debate by claiming the matter is already settled"

    Of course the science is never settled.

    "There are more things in Heaven and Earth Horatio than are dreamt of in your philosophy" - Hamlet.

    Science is progressed by the mavericks that question (and take down and rebuild) "the science", not by the dullards who meekly concur with the "consensus" so beloved of their paymasters.

    Albert Einstein seems to agree - "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created

  • Ukraine - Tuesday 22 February 2022


    A short selection of articles covering the main points:

    Russia recognises the independence of Donetsk and Lugansk  Peoples Republics

    Washington sounds the alarm whilst its allies withdraw

    Russia breathes down middle eastern necks over Ukraine

  • A Vaccine so Safe that Nobody will Insure You?


    I've seen various reports on this and it's past time to pull one of them out of the hat.

    Did Big Pharma not bother to get the Big Insurers on-side? Or were they cynical enough to realise that they didn't need to, since claims of this type against insurers were bound to fail?

    I wonder if anyone with health insurance in the UK is similarly not covered?

    "The hitch is that on all levels, including legal, the shots are experimental. The insurance company stated the policy clearly states that deaths from experimental medicine are the same as suicide, and it doesn’t need to pay out"

    Now we in the UK have our NHS but they don't pay out on your death, and may not recognise your illness as being vaccine-related (since such problems are always described as

  • Technocrat Covid Network Exposed


    Dr Mercola, writing for Technocracy News and Trends, draws our attention to the German Club of Clear Words video in which the links between the various parties primarily pushing the dubious Covid messaging world-wide are explained.

    "A very small group of criminal collaborators are at the top of the Great Panic of 2020. Using disciplined network analysis, the players and patterns emerge"

    There are no prizes for guessing some of these names but it comes as no surprise to learn that many of them are associated with the WEF's Great Reset:

    "Every conceivable aspect of life and society is scheduled to be “reset” according to their plan. Ultimately, that’s where this criminal COVID enterprise is trying to take us"

    The video is in German but you can use the settings control to subtitle it in (auto-translated) English:

  • Smart Cities - Another Windfall for the "Private Sector"?


    The Biden Infrastructure Bill (or the "Build Back Better" Bill) looks like another bill that the people will have to meet, either through increased taxes or inflation.

    And of course this will mean government contracts to big business - the bigger the better in order to keep the thing manageable - and to ensure that taxpayer's money goes to the correct recipients.

    " 'This is going to be huge' Andres Carvallo, CEO and co-founder of smart-grids and smart-cities consulting firm CMG Consulting"

    Will all this be in the public interest? You bet - although the answer may depend upon whom you ask. As always, the journalists will ask the right people the right questions.

    So is this yet another transfer of wealth (not to mention control) from the people to the oligarchs who run the "private sector" (a sector so private that nobody seems to be quite sure who the ultimate owners are)? Unless you have an occasional

  • New Zealand Lifts the Lid?


    The Daily Sceptic brings us the good news - the good folk of New Zealand have been making life difficult for their prime minister Jacinda Ardern:

    "Inspired by truckers’ demonstrations in Canada, thousands of protesters have blocked streets near the parliament in the capital Wellington for two weeks with trucks, cars and motorcycles, piling pressure on the Government to scrap vaccine mandates"

    Jacinda has promised to lift restrictions "after the omicron peak has passed" ... but not because she has been swayed by anything so vulgar as popular opinion:

    “ 'But when that happens, it will be because easing restrictions won’t compromise the lives of thousands of people – not because you demanded it' she said, addressing protesters"

    Perhaps she didn't get the memo that omicron isn't any worse than a mild flu / bad cold, but then it may have been mislaid in the ongoing imperative to turn

  • German Government data suggests the Fully Vaccinated will develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome


    I has been obvious for some time to those that study the data that the vaccinated are more susceptible to Covid than the unvaccinated.

    No government is going out of its way to admit this of course but the facts are speaking for themselves, in this case with a little help from the Daily Exposé.

    The condition has even been accorded a name - VAIDS - vaccine acquired immuno-deficiency syndrome.

    Could the figures be wrong? Well, we are all human but the Robert Koch Institute is about as prestigious as it gets in Germany, and the Germans are renowned for their thoroughness...

    To ram home the point, the Exposé helpfully provides some bar charts - the effect cannot be dismissed as trivial. It's stupendous.

    (Note that the table for "cases per % of population" should be interpreted as "cases per % of unvaxxed population" or "... % of vaxxed population" as appropriate -

  • Post-Ottawa Message to Canada


    (9 minutes)


    This comment by David Sacks is pertinent, even if a little academic since the timelines of the solutions don't match those of the persecuted:

    It feels like being banished from the medieval village left to die

  • Fulford on Monday - the End-Game Approaches?


    This is my usual reminder to check out Benjamin Fulford this Monday - I don't think you will be disappointed this week.

    A modest subscription is required to view the full article, but these's enough of interest even for non-subscribers.


  • From the Truckers to the Courts? Lawful and/or Legal?


    Truckers in Ottawa now in retreat before the real threat of violence, but truckers elsewhere both in Canada and around the world are mobilising...

    Where to from here?

    "3 Important Questions:

    1) Do you claim "i" as property?
    2) Produce the contract to show that "i" have relinquished my God given rights and that you have jurisdiction over me.
    3) Produce the contract "i" have with the service corporation (Canada, Ontario, etc.) that you represent."

    Christopher James tells the law as he sees it.

    (12 minutes)



  • Clif High - 20 Feb Bumper Edition!


    Many will have noticed that things are moving fast now, and CliF High has been moving fast these last few days - so fast he's not apparently had opportunity to present his latest Woo video!

    So here, all posted within the last 22 hrs are his latest interviews:

    Clif with Juan O Savin

    (30 minutes) 


    Clif with Rex Bear - The World is About to Change - 5G

    (25 minutes)


    Clif High with Rex Bear - Hybridization & Quantum Computer Mandela