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  • The FOI Request that Nobody is Talking About


    "Please supply how many people have died from Covid-19 alone, with no underlying health issues, from November 19 to December 2021"

    Well, some of us have been talking about this kind of thing for a long time, but it's always good to see a new face taking up the cudgels.


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  • The Small Potatoes of the NI Protocol


    "The seemingly innocuous matter of seed potatoes"

    Brexit Facts4EU highlight one of the many seemingly interminable issues that absolutely defy logical resolution - the thwarted export of seed potatoes from Scotland to Northern Ireland(and indeed to the Irish Republic and the EU).

    I will spare you the details (read the article for these) but we all know that if reason and logic were the only factors of importance we would never have agreed to the NI Protocol in the first place. It was always there to nag away at our terrible democratic decision to leave the warm bureaucratic embrace of the EU, with a view to ultimately confusing us into believing that we should in due course return to the fold. Or to force Northern Ireland into the EU alongside Southern

  • Clive Palmer - United Australia Party


    Clive Palmer of the United Australia Party tells the Aussies how it is.

    Elections coming up!


  • Planet Lockdown - Documentary - Released 20/Jan/2022


    (1 hr 50 minutes)

    "Planet Lockdown is a documentary on the situation the world finds itself in. We spoke to some of the brightest and bravest minds in the world including epidemiologists, scientists, doctors, lawyers, protesters a statesman and a prince. These brave souls had the courage to speak truth against all odds and inspire us to do the same. We must have the courage to overcome our fears. Once we do, it gets easier every time"

    Listen carefully - you will learn the origin of the phrase "hate speech". It's the little things that give the plot away...



  • The Not-so-Obvious Establishment


    De-brainwashing may be a technique that may not be immediately familiar to most of us.

    Dr Shiva isn't everybody's cup of tea but he does have a well-thought-out logical approach (one of the reasons why I respect him as an analyst and teacher).

    This presentation won't be news to many of us but there are certainly plenty of us who do need to take this message on board.

    If "we the people" want to control our government then we need to learn how to do that.

    What do we have at the moment? Effectively, the same old same old:

        "Bread and circuses"   -   the Roman empire

        “all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances … ”     -    the Bard


  • Dark to Light - The Great Awakening in 8 Minutes


    This is a surreal / subliminal / fast-paced race through the concepts of the Great Awakening.

    If you are susceptible to flashing images you may prefer not to watch this video!

    When is the GA?

    It has been building for some time, and many think it may reach a crescendo very shortly. No dates, no pack drill!

    Many may consider this unsuitable for children.

    Otherwise just sit back for 8 minutes and let it wash over you . . .



  • They Do Things Differently Over There


    The Stew Peters Show is always interesting if you want to get an American perspective on current US and world events.

    This 56 minutes from Jan 11 covers a number stories and I suspect that most will find something to interest them, even the to-our-ears strange and unconvincing advertisements!

    This issue qualifies for the "conspiracy" tag because it features assertions that the mainstream will deny. I neither assert nor deny - I keep my mind open. Sometimes very open, often uncomfortably open.

    Warning - some of this show is distressing, and its view of the future may strike you as scary. Personally, I remain serene in the knowledge that the forces of darkness are not triumphant, indeed in many places they are in retreat (esp. in the UK currently) and are opposed daily by ever more awakening citizens of our benighted world.

    There is everything to play for - so hold the line and keep the

  • Hammersmith Police Mount Major Criminal Covid Investigation


    This follows on from our earlier article:

    PUB Supports Met Police to Investigate "Midazolam Murders"

    The original complaint was lodged at Hammersmith by retired policeman Mark Sexton, and it was subsequently decided that Hammersmith would play the lead role in the investigations.

    Unity News Network reported:

    "Metropolitan Police Crime Number:  6029679/21.  International Criminal Court (The Hague) Case number: OTP‐CR‐473/21"

    "The world’s

  • Smart Oceans - 5G Under Water?


    Well, we now have 5G in many cities, and 5G in space courtesy of Elon Musk, so where else is there to put it? (and don't say underground!).

    "without any publicity, governments, research laboratories, and commercial and military interests were collaborating on plans to create “Smart Oceans” and the 'Internet of Underwater Things' (IoUT)"

    "They did not consult the fishes, whales, dolphins, octopuses, and other inhabitants of those depths"

    Well, I guess they don't speak the language, so how could they?

    "The goal was to enable broadband wireless communication from any point on or in the oceans to anywhere else on the planet or in space"

    I suppose that this amounts to a marriage (not for the first time) of extreme cleverness to utmost stupidity. I wonder how long it would be before a pod of orcas would take a dislike to such equipment and

  • Rogue AI Mounts Virtual Davos 2022!


    The final (we must hope) cards are now being played for the souls of humanity.

    Those of nervous disposition should look away now...

    Still with me? Good.


    Mr Fulford's report this week is startling but not depressing. He confirms something that it would appear nobody really knew before - and what we didn't know we couldn't deal with.

    Now we know, so we can deal with it. 

    Read the report.

    (As always, a modest subscription is required for full access)


  • Verdict - International Common Law Court of Justice - Big Pharma, China, Vatican, convicted of Genocide and Criminal Conspiracy


    Global Crimes against Humanity demand special courts, outside of the bribery and corruption that may be endemic in the courts of any individual country.

    The International Common Law Court of Justice cut its first teeth on the deliberate genocide of indigenous children in Canada by the Vatican, the Crown of England and other parties.

    The latest case to be concluded against Big Pharma, Government, and Church Leaders is about the Covid genocide.

    "Convicted individuals include Alber Bourla and Emma Walmsley, the CEOs of Pfizer

  • EU Parliamentarians Review Covid Status in Italy & EU



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  • Cover up, Deception, Covid Origins


    TCW (formerly The Conservative Woman) reports on the latest email revelations brought about by legal action in the USA.

    Some of our government's primary scientific advisers are mentioned.

    "If it had been known that research by US and Chinese scientists gave rise to the pandemic, would governments worldwide have put their trust in the lockdown and mass vaccination policies that have proved so damaging? Especially when promoted by scientists such as Fauci who were among those funding the research"

    Hard to answer - the author may be assuming that they did not know, but there are other hypotheses.

    Whatever the truth of that, at least some resignations, and possibly criminal

  • Fauci Concedes - Tests Do Not Detect Virus


    "The only way to determine whether someone could be the carrier of the virus is to detect living viruses. The tests are not suitable for this"

    Many extremely well-qualified medical experts have been pointing up this awkward fact for ever (well, since 2020 anyway) but there are none so deaf as government ministers and their "advisers".

    That the good Doctor Fauci from his exalted podium as sole authorised disburser of pandemic wisdom to the world has confirmed that if the PCR / antigen test is taken at the time a person is infected it may be accurate, but if taken later on it is useless, since the infection may have passed but still be detected:

    "And so we made the decision that people who tested positive would go into isolation for 5 days, and if they continue to be asymptomatic then they can just go straight back provided they are wearing a mask.... and that when you go back you don't have to do an antigen test"


  • More EU Nationals Being Refused Entry to UK


    Brexit Facts4EU reports on something our government may be getting more right...  the numbers of EU nationals being stopped, questioned, and even refused entry on arrival (excluding channel dinghy crossings obviously) is trending upwards.

    Whilst I have no idea whether the figures being reported are any higher or lower than they should be, we can at least see that something has changed since we left the EU.

    "The Home Office is believed to be applying a more thorough approach in questioning arrivals from the EU regarding the true intentions for their visit, including looking for visitors who are actually seeking work without the correct documentation or the right to do so"

    "The Home Office and the Home Secretary, Priti

  • Government Falls Foul of the High Court over PPE Contracts


    The Good Law Project wins another case.

    "The High Court has ruled that the Government’s operation of a fast-track VIP lane for awarding lucrative PPE contracts to those with political connections was unlawful"

    "the Claimants have established that operation of the High Priority Lane was in breach of the obligation of equal treatment… the illegality is marked by this judgment"

    "The Court noted that the overwhelming majority by value of the product supplied by Pestfix and Ayanda could not be used in the NHS"

    "Good Law Project believes that the Government misled the Court... "

    One could be forgiven for beginning to entertain the preposterous notion

  • Defending NHS Staff against Mandatory Jabs for Jobs


    The Bruges Group (of all people) highlight the only union that will defend employees against this imposition.

    "Sadly, the large trade unions and professional associations have failed to protect their members from the threat of dismissal. In fact, Unison and the Royal College of Nursing support vaccination in the belief that it protects patients and staff. This is despite mounting evidence that infections occur as frequently in the vaccinated as in the unvaccinated"

    "Only one trade union fought for care home workers. The Workers of England Union, led by Stephen Morris and Robin Tilbrook, with a small band of assertive representatives, took managers to task for harassing workers who exercised their bodily autonomy"

  • Why Do We Need a Ruling Class?


    Why do we need a government?

    Not quite the same question, but when we notice that it doesn't matter whom we elect, we still get the same set of policies (with one or two obvious tweeks to make them look different), it becomes obvious:-

    A government is required so that the ruling class can continue to govern whilst maintaining the illusion that it's our elected government and if we don't like what it does, well it's our fault for electing them.

    "Humanity wasn't supposed to be a domesticated species, owned by a ruling class... "

    Now that's fighting talk...

    (16 minutes)


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  • Guidance to GPs on Vaccine Safety Ignores Pfizer Trial Data?


    The Pfizer trial data is proving contentious.

    Frankly I would like to feature fewer Covid stories, but some strike me as important. This is one such, as it perfectly illustrates the apparent dishonesty underlying the vaccines drive being so assiduously pushed by our authorities.

    This is not data that has arisen post vaccination roll-out - this is data from the original Pfizer safety and efficacy trials. It should have been identified and investigated before the vaccine roll-out ever started.

    It joins a long list of problems with the Covid pandemic story (the test that doesn't work, the alternative treatments that were suppressed, the unproven "asymptomatic infection" narrative, the bare-faced lie so beloved of our "journalists" that a

  • World Offensive Against the Forces of Darkness


    If you want to read some positive reporting instead of the interminable nonsense about fake pandemics, then Benjamin Fulford is suggested for you.

    A Canadian journalist and resident of Japan, he claims contacts in security services the world over and produces material unavailable elsewhere.

    Whether it is accurate or not... perhaps we will eventually discover. I suspect it is as accurate a picture as is probably available to you and I, but perhaps some of the detail may be slightly adrift, but no matter.

    He does require a modest subscription but it's a sub I am happy to suggest is worthwhile :)

    This is today's report.

    Don't miss it!