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Since the Metropolitan Police decided that Mark Sexton's submission of evidence to the Hammersmith police did not provide evidence for a prosecution, we have all been waiting for an update on the private prosecution undertaken by Michael O'Bernicia.

It seems that his case has been subject to unforeseen delays in getting his barrister's legal opinion signed off for submission to the court, but the case before the assigned judge remains in progress.

As ever with cases of such complexity there were loose ends which prevented this legal opinion from being ready in time for consideration by the Met before they dismissed the Mark Sexton application, so I assume that any possibility of the two cases being muddled together may have been avoided.

Michael has provided a pretty comprehensive update on these cases, on the UK government's record on Covid and the Covid restrictions, on Big Pharma's possible liability for adverse effects, on the situation in the Ukraine and whose side he believes the President of the Russian Federation is sympathetic to. He offers us a YouTube video of that president's statements (which YouTube has determined is "not available in your country" - make of that what you will).

" ... it’s all over bar the civil litigation and criminal prosecution of the perpetrators"

Worth reading.