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  • Absolutely Covid-Shattering Essential Video



  • Out with Boris, In with the EU?



    Whilst many in politics and the civil service undoubtedly would welcome a return to the warm and cuddle enfolding arms of the EU, I suspect that the British public would have something to say about that.

    How it would unfold I don't know, but Joe Public has been well and truly stirred of late into considerable distrust of our politicians, and rejoining in the absence of another referendum must be a step too far.

    Of course they could maybe manipulate the vote...   but this is still the United Kingdom for all the efforts of the civil service, Tone Blair, the EU, the political parties, Nicola Mark and Sadiq. 

    The Salisbury Review raises the spectre.

    Bring it on!


    Memo to Cressida ...



  • Fate - or Free Will?


    There are two conflicting viewpoints about whether the future is pre-ordained or malleable.

    Those who think "it's too hard, whatever I do it won't make any difference", and those who take the view that "if we all act together, we can change the course of history".

    The huge demonstrations in London (I know, I was there) and elsewhere around the country and around the globe earlier this year are testament to what we can achieve when we all come out of our comfort-zones and come together to make a difference. At that first demo nobody knew how many would turn up, but we turned up anyway and gave ourselves (and the world!) a huge surprise.

    What does it take? Faith in our fellow men and women (and anyone else who feels excluded by those classifications - forgive me for not keeping up).

    The Brownstone Institute offers us much the same message this morning,

  • David Noakes Freed from Prison by French!


    Readers who have been following UK Column will have heard of the cases of Lyn Thyer and David Noakes, who were prosecuted by the MHRA in the UK for having the temerity to offer GcMAF as a potential cure for cancer, found guilty and served time for this heinous crime of curing people who preferred to take their chances with GcMAF rather than chemo.

    The French then got into the act by serving European Arrest Warrants on them and prosecuting them in France for the same offence, since when he has been languishing in a French gaol awaiting his fate. Lyn Thyer was released as she had already served half her sentence awaiting trial.

    The recent hearing about whether David should be released pending conclusion of his trial resulted in him being released, on condition that he will attend court to receive the final verdict on his case.

  • The Media, Stiftung Corona Ausschuss, and Sharyl Attkisson


    Astroturfing: "The disguising of an orchestrated campaign as a "grass-roots" event – i.e., a spontaneous upwelling of public opinion" - Wiktionary.

    Yes, I had to look it up - so I figured I would save you the bother.

    Effectively the creation of a fake grass-roots movement. It seems to me that there could be a great many candidates for this "accolade".

    "The art of it is to try to make it look as though there are ordinary people pulling the strings... the whole goal is to make you feel like you're an outlier on some topic when you're not ... feel as though you're the only one that thinks a certain thing which actually may be a majority feeling or opinion or conclusion... "

    "... we know... that this is a multi-billion dollar industry... "

    This is about the art of manipulation of public opinion, an art which has really come to

  • Energy Charter Treaty - Ungreen & Unwanted but Unfazed


    What Energy Charter treaty? Never heard of it

    Investigate Europe draws the veil aside...

    "After two years of dialogue, no deadline has emerged to reform and modernise this pact, which allows big emitters to sue states for enacting green reforms"

    To me, that sounds like a ball and chain around the ankle of the green agenda. 

    So it's no further surprise to know that many states are seeking to renegotiate the treaty to permit more "clean green" energy and less "unclean" energy, and still less of a surprise to learn that the "big emitters" are dragging their feet.

    "Just in Europe, the treaty protects

  • Trends in Polar Sea Ice Not Compliant with Predictions


    Another reminder that the great global warming narrative is cooling by the day arrives from the GWPF this morning. It seems that fears for the imminent drowning of polar bears due to lack of sea ice may have been overdone.

    Professor Bates (Adjunct Professor of Meteorology at University College Dublin) pours some cold water (so to speak) on modelling that predicted ever more reductions in sea ice around the poles.

    Could it be that climate models are no more accurate than Covid models? 

    Now it is true that the professor is a meteorologist as opposed to a climatologist, so he may not know what he is talking about, but I'll leave the reader to decide how much importance that factor should be accorded.

    The GWPF has the story.


  • Another Crony, another Legal Challenge


    In Tony Blair's day they would have been called Tony's Cronies, today perhaps we might christen them Boris' Buddies, but whatever you call them the Good Law Project is on their tail.

    "Our application represents a challenge to the UK Government’s appointment of senior public officials without due process, neither equitable, transparent, nor competitive – a proclivity that has meant top jobs repeatedly going to friends and associates of the governing elite"

    "it is high time that this practice ends and the best qualified people are appointed to the highest functional offices in the land"

    Quite so.

    But will the High Court agree?

    We wish this case

  • New Complaint to ICC re: UK Crimes Against Humanity


    A previous request to the International Criminal Court in the Hague as far as I know has not been progressed, although they were sent a reminder.

    Now we hear of another approach "alleging crimes committed by UK government officials and international world leaders of various violations of the Nuremberg Code, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression perpetrated against the peoples of the UK".

    I would expect that these separate requests would be rolled together prior to being heard, but what do I know?

    The point is that the

  • Christine Lagarde - Klaus Schwab - to Lead World Economic Reform?


    Well, the Monday report from Benjamin Fulford is a corker!

    Miss Lagarde and Herr Schwab turned?

    MSM about to turn?

    What is the world coming to? There is more...

    Today's free-of-charge Fulford Report spills some beans but to get the whole hill of beans you will need a modest subscription to his service - recommended, especially these days.

    Please remember that none of this information is corroborated as far as I know - although he does provide links to various sites, the major revelations allegedly from security service informants are not verified.

    As always, proof of the pudding is in the eating - but perhaps this year's Christmas pudding will be an improvement on last year 

  • Ten Countries Simulate Major Cyber Attack on Global Financial System


    No sooner was Event 201 over than we got to enjoy the Covid-19 "pandemic".

    Now Israel has just hosted a "10 country simulation of a major cyber attack on global financial system" - should we be worried?

    Well it was a 10-day affair attended by veritable who's who of global elites, so my guess (only a guess mind) is yes.

    To be fair we have been expecting a financial melt-down seemingly for ever, but it hasn't instantiated. So is this the sign that will trigger the system collapse? Hang on to your wallets!

    The Pulse has given in to temptation to speculate about what went on around Event 201 and what might be going on around - well, what shall we call it? Event 21¥? We need something more catchy than "10 country simulation... system" so I shall name it Event 21¥.

    "The unique and groundbreaking exercise held today showed the importance of

  • The Lancet: Stop Falsely Claiming that the Unvaccinated are a threat to the Vaccinated


    There is increasing evidence that vaccinated individuals continue to have a relevant role in transmission

     “It is wrong and dangerous to speak of a pandemic of the unvaccinated..."

    It warns that “historically, both the USA and Germany have engendered negative experiences by stigmatising parts of the population for their skin color or religion"

    Ending with an urgent plea, “... to stop the inappropriate stigmatisation of unvaccinated people, who include our patients, colleagues, and other fellow citizens, and to put extra effort into bringing society together"

    Quite so.

    And another thing - how might this affect the supposed efficacy of vaccine passports?


  • Omicron Round-up - Mask, Tests, Vax Fatalities, Passports


    Mahyar Tousi is a "right wing" commentator who is closer to mainstream than many, but here he is pointing up some of life's current absurdities:

    (4 minutes)


    Like / Dislike this video here.

    And the Daily Sceptic reports on the severity of this dreadful new scariant...

    But what about the Covid Tests? Does a positive test = an infection? 

    To hear the official sources (including the media) the positive test is synonymous with the infection

  • Plan B is Upon Us! Run or Hide?


    I try not to get into the weeds on the merits of this or that squirm or turn, thinking that most of our readers prefer matters of more significance, but today we have a couple of contributions from Daily Sceptic that propose explanation/motivation behind the abysmal action.

    First up Toby Young trying to tell us that there is nothing more behind it than buffoonery - but if that were so there must be a great many buffoons infesting the halls of government, possibly to the exclusion of all others.

    "My conspiracy-minded friend thinks it’s all part of a worldwide plan. He believes that since March of last year the government has been doing the bidding of a small cabal of powerful billionaires who want to control the world’s population via vaccine passports and other bio-security measures"


  • Dr Reiner Fuellmich Gives us the Good News and Bad News


    Vaccine Impact report on Dr Fuellmich's recent remarks in Poland:

    "It has been called 'Nuremberg 2.0' by many, as expectations have been that there would be some kind of trial in an international court of law where these criminals would be prosecuted"

    "... he made clear ... that the judicial system is owned and controlled by the Globalists, and justice will not be found in today’s courts, whether it is Germany or the U.S., or any other country"

    "That doesn’t mean that they are not going to proceed with a trial that will be similar to the original Nuremberg trials. He states that there will be a real judge, real lawyers, and real witnesses, but the jury

  • What Abigail Told the Students of Princeton


     "Show some self-respect and reclaim your freedom"

    Abigail Shrier (no, nor had I heard of her) delivers an object lesson in why we should undertake education, why family and others put themselves out to support us in that endeavour, and what we should do with our lives once we have graduated.

    Yes it's about hard work, yes it's about attitude, yes it's about resilience and persistence, yes its about developing skills and contacts, but most of all it's about...

    Well, I'm not going to give you the punch-line, you'll just have to read it yourself, but trust me, it's worth it!

    Especially if you are a student.


  • How Have the Globalists Forsaken Their Modus Operandi?


    Today's offerings from the Daily Sceptic reach well down into the box of tricks that the globalists  use to gain their advantage without anybody noticing, and ask a pertinent question - why they have so lost their touch?

    They have spent the last 70 years (some say much longer... ) nudging us toward their favoured behaviour patterns by persuading us that what they want is so obviously for our own good that nobody could object, even as our rights and privileges as citizens were slowly whittled away and the role of the state became ever more intrusive. We lived with courts run by judges in place of grand juries, then secret courts to preserve "national security", then secret family courts (in the name of protecting the privacy of those involved) sitting without juries in open defiance of Magna Carta, and few made any noises of disapproval because too few were initially affected. 

    Even though taking children away from parents is possibly the most draconian action that the State can take against its own

  • The Eurozone's Ever Expanding Financial Black Holes


    Bob Lyddon writing for Brexit Watch lifts the lid on some of the EU's financial aspects that many would prefer to keep under wraps. The problem is that such aspects have a tendency to burst through their wraps at times of stress, and it's clear that current times do indeed involve more stress than usual - indeed, so much stress that most people prefer not to notice it any more, because there is little that they can individually do about it.

    Still, the stresses are not yet abating, and we would be wise to think about these issues - the UK is still on the hook for some not insignificant liabilities, courtesy of Theresa's Withdrawal Agreement, even as subsequently amended by Boris, so yes, this involves us.

    Mind you, I'm not sure that supervision by any "global financial regulator" is the answer - would they not be just as likely to try to bury the offending issues under yet more layers of impenetrable financial-speak

  • Call to Arms from The Freedom Cycle


    This call to arms from the Freedom Cycle reports on the latest intention of the Bernician to launch a legal prosecution of the alleged British criminals behind the Covid crimes against the British people.

    This has been a long time in gestation - understandably so since the prosecution envisaged will if successful up-end our Parliament, Civil Service, NHS, UKHSA, MHRA, and likely much more.

    It is probably no exaggeration to suggest that it will ultimately lead to a new constitution reconfirming Common Law as the primary legal