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  • They Wouldn't Do That Would They?



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    See the BBC report here.

    "by their fruits shall you know them"

    If there is a case for any government policy, why not make it honestly, in public?


  • Energy Emergency Means Economic Disaster


    "... energy bills could double or... treble next year"

    "The government should suspend costly Net Zero plans as a matter of urgency and put energy costs and security of supply at the centre of national security"

    "natural gas prices in the UK are nearly ten times higher ($35/MMBtu) than they are in the US"

    The solution?

    "If the shale gas moratorium was lifted tomorrow, it would take at least 12 months to get the gas flowing. But the Government needs to take strong steps now, in order to send out a clear signal to investors. Otherwise the energy and cost of living crises will become permanent... "

    Net Zero Watch makes the case.

    The Antidote to Technocracy, Politics, Religion, and Everything Else?


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    Will it ever catch on?!

  • The Twelve Days of Technocracy


    Patrick Wood is the pre-eminent expert on Technocracy, what it is, where it originated, by whom it is promoted, how it is merged into populist movements; and, perhaps, how it's onward march may be contained or stymied.

    Of course, to really put it back into its box we would need to foster an alternative vision, but currently we don't yet have any clearly defined alternative, since the old models of democracy based on political parties, or even on religions, have been shown to be both corruptible and corrupted.

    In this technological world, perhaps we need a vision that would harness technocracy in the interests of the people rather than in the interests or fantasies of the self-appointed elite. A tall order? Perhaps, perhaps not, but we need to get to work on it.

    So leaving the alternative vision aside for the moment, what we do have is a series of 12 articles by Patrick Wood, that review the history and modus operandi of the would-be technocrats, and which

  • Kondratieff Waves meet the World of Woo


    The self-organising-collective meets the communist academic's financial system melt-down.

    Not for the first time, Clif High gives us a masterclass, this time in how he sees the approaching economic and financial chaos and the subsequent resolution.

    He is his own man and makes some pertinent points about how the system may fail and how "the Donald" may be seeking to guide our expectations. 

    As always, it's your judgement, I am not going to take sides in how this situation is going to develop.

    Buckle up - this "q uack-up" is getting nearer by the day... and in terms of time-frame I note that both he and Ben Fulford are postulating not dissimilar expectations.

    (1 hour)



  • Organs of the Vaccinated Dead Prove Lethal Auto-immune Response


    "... all gene-based vaccines... produce the same result in the vaccinee... post-mortems were performed because the relatives insisted on it... the organs appeared normal... in 90% he found clear evidence for auto-immune... attack by killer lymphocytes on the tissues... the heart, the lung, and after that other tissues... "

    "... these data are so damning that you don't have to start looking for other data to know that these vaccines are killing the young and the old, and they are killing our children... "

    "... why... do killer lymphocytes invade the organs... these organs are producing the targets that are seen by the killer lymphocytes, and that target is the viral protein... this is how immunology has worked since the beginning of mankind... "

    He makes more very pertinent (if alarming) points.

    The long and the short of this is that the vaccines destroy our immune

  • Fall of the Cabal - Full Set Access


    We have featured the work of Janet Ossebaard previously, but since that time she has released parts 11 to 20 of the Sequel (and I don't think she's stopping there!).

    So this article is simply to bring you up to date with the latest releases (including parts 18 to 20 on Covid and its ramifications).



  • Was the Covid "Pandemic" Really Necessary?


    "What if we could simply have advised everyone last March to supplement with vitamin D... ?"

    "According to a new German study, the difference between a level of 18 and one over 50 is the difference between life and death"

    "Not only did the German researchers find a linear relationship between vitamin D levels and mortality from COVID, they found essentially zero morbidity for those with a D level above 50 ng/mL"

    Daniel Horowitz writing for Blaze News: "Studies show an aggressive vitamin D campaign could have prevented nearly all COVID deaths"


  • Court Filings for Genocide and Mass Murder


    Gates, Fauci, and Daszak charged with Genocide in Court Filing.

    Not on the BBC?

    But perhaps the BBC is beginning to dip its toes into the water - in Nigeria.

    No doubt they will acclimatise both themselves and us before tackling such serious issues closer to home.

    Meanwhile we take our news where we can find it.

    Note also the earlier filing with the ICC in the same vein.


  • Midazolam Murders | PUB Lay Charges In Magistrates Court


    "PUB laid the first set of charges in our Private Criminal Prosecution against the perpetrators of the Midazolam Murders, who are collectively responsible for the deaths of a conservatively estimated 160,000 people, since April 2020 alone"

    "... the hard copies of PUB’s submission and the evidence in support of the most serious crimes imaginable have been sent to the court by special delivery"

    "... we have applied for warrants to search the locations where the murders took place and for the arrest of the first eight of the myriad of defendants the prosecution intends to name in these proceedings"

    "... the senior barrister who has agreed to take the case described it as 'the most significant case in legal history' "

    Read the full

  • Stand Together - What are the UK Authorities Up To?


    The UK Dictatorship has been under construction for many years, and the Covid "pandemic" may be merely the start of the final phase that will establish total control from the centre.

    Alongside the much forecast financial collapse, lockdowns have shown us how we can be impoverished by eliminating independent businesses through bankruptcy, leaving the field clear for the big global corporations to supply the market unimpeded by competition.

    UK Column in their article The UK New Normal Dictatorship takes us through the restructurings of power that have occurred over the years, unnoticed by those of us with lives to lead.

    Largely these changes took place whilst our attention was distracted elsewhere, by the "big issues" such as devolution that didn't really

  • Stand Together - The Authorities Have no Power!


    "the average person does not believe that a crime of this magnitude is possible in the modern age"

    "they fail to realise that by accepting incremental violations of the Nuremberg Code, they are creating the precise conditions that gave rise to that Tribunal"

    "and in much the same way, their participation makes them complicit"

    "judges and lawyers were brought to account, in the same way that media professionals were, bankers were - it wasn't just the soldiers who were held accountable  - anybody in society who had a position in which they could have exercised their power and their duty to stop ... what was happening was held accountable"

    "anybody in any profession who knows what's going on and is staying silent - unfortunately, military tribunals' international case lore goes against them"

    This video takes us through the

  • UKMFA Open Letter to Scottish Health Minister


    Alert readers will know that we reported last month on the excess deaths that have been occurring in Scotland (not that they are alone in this) following the vaccination drive early this year.

     It seems that the UK Medical Freedom Alliance also joined the fray, to little effect if the lack of response is anything to go by. 

    Today they publish their follow-up letter, in an attempt to ensure that the authorities are paying attention to the mortality data and investigating the untoward variation from expectation.

    "we have written again to the Scottish Government to highlight our grave concerns about the continuing and rising significant excess all-cause mortality"

  • Gas in Europe Costs 14 Times the Cost in America?


    It's always tricky to do price comparisons across different countries - there are so many confounding factors to consider. Still, the recent samizdat from Net Zero Watch assembles a case from many different press articles which all point in the same direction - governmental policy based on pursuing the phantasmagorical "net zero" destination is both doomed to fail and costing us all a great deal of prosperity in the process.

    "lack of wind leaves EU on the brink in energy crisis"

    Worry yourself silly here.

    Those of nervous disposition should probably wait until after the holiday / lockdown, whichever materialises.

  • Winter Solstice in UK - Summer Solstice Down Under - Happy Christmas?


    OK - I'm a day ahead of myself, but the Solstice will be upon us by the time most of you read this.

    Once again it's Monday and Benjamin Fulford has filed his report.

    And what a report!

    The first section is free to read, the second is paywalled - his modest subscription is worthwhile in my view, if only because he doesn't take prisoners.

    "This is some of the evidence that will hang them!"

    There, that should pique your interest!

  • All You Never Wanted to Know about Gain of Function Bat Virus Research


    I was in two minds about this because it's quite technical, very long at 2 hrs, covers ground available elsewhere and may not be everybody's cup of tea, but it's presented very well and brings out the cloak&dagger nature of the whole dodgy enterprise to perfection.

    Anybody who seriously thinks "they couldn't do anything so awful" may find this disturbing.

    For my own part I think it horrifying that this blatantly irresponsible activity was deliberately conducted at the highest levels of government administration without any interest shown by professional journalists.

    Whether it is even possible to produce a highly infectious virus capable of decimating the world population is I believe yet to be proven. In the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic, nobody managed to transfer the disease from person to person via bodily fluids (book: the Invisible Rainbow

  • Remember, Remember, 21st December - The Vaxx Connections


    Following on from our article Remember Remember 21st December, and in recognition of the imminence of that solstice date, we can highlight more information provided by the Bernician concerning the links between the defendants to his legal action and the world vaccine industry, plus associated philanthropic organisations.

    The Defendants & their Gates Connections - 1

    The Defendants & their Gates Connections - 2


  • End of Hostilities in Korea - Conditional Peace Agreement!


    We have waited nearly 50 years since the Korean Armistice Agreement that brought the fighting to a close was signed in 1953, so this should have been big news.

    It's conditional on the US ending its "hostile attitude" - but Trump already did that in 2019, before the 2020 November elections that led to the Joe Biden inauguration in January 2021. 

    Given the parlous state of US politics one might be forgiven for thinking that this condition may not in practice be long in the fulfilment, although you wouldn't notice from the press reports and the BBC article.

    My guess though is that if Kim Jong Un

  • BMJ Ponders the End of the Pandemic


    David Robertson and Peter Doshi discuss how we will know that the pandemic has ended.

    Should we wait for the WHO to declare it gone?

    Will it be once the Omega variant has been defeated?

    Or will it eventually fade away unnoticed and unlamented (except perhaps by the vaccine manufacturers, should any survive the exposure of their lamentable business ethics)?

    This is a vexing question, for which we may all postulate our own answers.

    My own viewpoint is that is will disappear as soon as we stop testing the asymptomatic population for it. The

  • The Pfizer Covid Trial and Safety - Deconstructed


    The Canadian Covid Care Alliance has published an analysis of the original Pfizer vaccine trial in a format that we mere mortals can actually understand (and download).

    They also cover the Pfizer analysis of the first 6 months of the vaccination roll-out. Shockingly it demonstrates a significant increase in illness and death (adverse events) in the inoculated group.

    They pick apart all the many errors in the Pfizer trial and analyses, and finish up with their own analysis of how things are playing out in the real world.

    Pfizer's own post-marketing pharmacovigilance reports also come in for criticism, as they reveal  levels of significant adverse events that in previous years for any other vaccine would have caused the