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Covid (a "pandemic" which only killed the elderly but was hyped to the skies?), unnecessary vaccines which aren't (unless you accept the WHO's redefinition) but which our governments seem determined to inflict on all age groups down to babes in arms who all parties agree are at no significant risk; on-going suspicious jet trails in the sky which don't evaporate like real condensation trails but disperse to deflect sunlight and possibly to fall as rain or otherwise all around us; not to mention the 5G roll-out in the absence (like the Covid jabs) of any real safety testing - what is going on?

Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering Watch has been onto this problem for years, and now we have another contribution from Mike Adams of the Oblivion Agenda.

Never in my wildest dreams (prior to Covid) did I ever entertain the idea that we would all be faced with extinction in my lifetime, but after the events of the past couple of years I am sure that some sort of nefarious global agenda is afoot, and I can't rule it out.

Also we have the "true story of Phil Schneider" who has reportedly been down to what the ancients used to call Hades ...  make of it what you will, but there are many similar tales around:

(80 minutes)


There's a lot of material here but if you have time (I confess I haven't listened to them all) these videos provide a fascinating excursion around some very unpalatable "conspiracy theories" - the only problem appears to be that many are based on facts.

What to make of it all? That's the problem.