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This is a somewhat "far-out" contribution to the goings-on in Crimea and the Ukraine (not to omit South Africa, and many other places across the world).

If you haven't yet perused my "Down the Rabbit Hole" articles 1 - 4, I would suggest that you do so before going any further.

I shouldn't think that this would appeal to more than a small percentage of people, but some of the notions presented relate to myths and legends (such as vampires) that are probably both as old as the hills and yet have support from independent researchers of present times such as Linda Moulton Howe.

This just seems to be an independent guy who is trying to put two and two together. Given the subject-matter, that may be all we are likely to find.

Do I give him any credence? I neither accept it nor discount it. We live in unprecedented times and I like to be aware of what might just come out of the woodwork and bite me!

It has to be said that what is being reported about the activities in the Ukraine cannot be assumed to be truthful - the first casualty of war is the truth.

It's quite short, slightly plodding, and you might even treat it as entertainment; so if you are still with us - so on with the show!

(15 minutes)