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Sorry guys, this is (in parts) deep conspiracy theory. 

But too many conspiracy theories have turned out to be conspiracy facts in the past years.

For example, that the world governments are being run by a secretive Cabal.

Now we have video of Klaus Schwab confirming that his "young global leaders" of yesterday are now prime ministers and other ministers of world governments. So a mechanism is there and Klaus is on record writing a book on how he would change the world. One need not be a genius to put two and two together, it's just not a secret any more.

I am not a committed conspiracy theorist. But the satanic opening ceremony of the Gotthard Tunnel was a reality. What to make of it?

There is plenty of factual basis to the subjects covered in the videos below.

Covid was clearly based substantially (perhaps entirely) on perversions of the truth that I have covered elsewhere on this site for the last eighteen months.

Dr Reiner Fuellmich agrees.

Once we have established that we have been seriously and systematically lied to by governments regulators pharmaceutical companies and media world-wide, we really do have to ask "what else are they lying about?".

Perhaps if we check out the list of "young global leaders" we might find out.

In fact, we should worry that the list of "what they are telling the truth about" might be rather shorter.

There is much here that I cannot corroborate, but I think we should pay attention.

Part 1 (36 minutes)


 Part 2 (33 minutes)


Maajid Nawaz on the Great Reset, Vaccine Passports, Digital Ids, Social Credit ...

(2 minutes)


Neil Oliver discusses the Pfizer Documents Release - now in progress until ... August?

(21 minutes)