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If this site hasn't yet challenged your thinking sufficiently, then I think that this particular video may do the trick.

It's is a bit slow to get started, and it's not clear where the narrator is going, but eventually the proposition being put forward dawns upon the consciousness like a phantom thought-form emerging from the primordial gloom ... or may be I'm just slow on the uptake.

You may want to restart the video to pick up on the details that you missed first time through.

Preposterous? Aye, and then some.

But it's an idea which is not without mythological integrity, so where did that mythology originate?

And if we would take note of Michael Tellinger's assertion that the word "mythology" originally had a different meaning altogether, then suddenly the preposterousness takes a very noticeable jolt. Not fatal, but a jolt none-the-less.

Now that by itself is nowhere near enough to confirm the theory presented, and in truth so much else would need to be reevaluated that the mind quite readily gives up the will to take the idea any further; and yet, and yet ... 

Where on earth did he get his map from?!

And what if everything "they" told us really is a lie?

"The Pi grid is the 357 degree grid that lays out all the stone circles across this country - and world-wide"

See what you think:

(29 minutes)


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