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  • London - Blueprint for the Technocracy to Come?



    "For better or worse, London has long been considered one of the world’s great cities. It has produced many of the world’s great artists, writers, and thinkers. Many of the world’s most renowned museums are here, housing priceless historical artefacts and works of art. London’s palaces, parks, gardens, and squares make it an architect’s playground.

    "Conversely, London is also known as a place where freedom and privacy are nearly extinct. It is one of the world’s most surveilled cities"


    The incumbent Mayor of London is of course fully on board with all such technocratic measures:

    Failed Gov’t Policies Plus Failed mRNA Shots Spell Disaster


    Robert W Malone MD MS is "Inventor of mRNA & DNA vaccines" so I presume that he may know about that of which he writes, especially when he writes about vaccines.

    It appears that an Indiana life insurance CEO has drawn his attention to an alarming rise in the death rate in people aged 18 to 64.

    I have been unable to follow the link due to "European Economic Community GDPR" requirements (being American, they do not comply), so I must refer to other sources, but it does neatly dovetail with anecdotal reports of young athletes (footballers et all) succumbing to seizures on pitches - make of that what you will.

    I'm on firmer ground in thinking that the global roll-outs that featured so highly in 2021 (and feature still in the 'booster' campaigns) are based on the shakiest of science (seeming based primarily on

  • Lord Monckton Spills the Beans on Climate Change , courtesy of Hearts of Oak


    A wide-ranging and highly revealing discussion that lays out the origins of the Climate Change agenda as set up by the communists within the bowels of the KGB...

    Have you ever wondered where Vladimir Putin stands on this?

    "This is the final assault of totalitarianism on the West..."

    Well worth our time, and very entertaining to boot. Enjoy!

    (87 minutes)



  • Law Generally Follows the Negative Externality Cost Reduction Principle


    The what?

    Caveat 1 - we are dealing with American law here, although as far as I understand it UK law should also largely conform to this principle, originally laid out by British economist (it's OK - not all economists are incomprehensible) Ronald Coase (the Clifton R. Musser Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago Law School).

    Caveat 2 - the principle was set out by an economist (although he did work for a Law School).

    "Generally, the party who can most cheaplyreduce the harm is the one legally and morally bound to do so in a free country"

    "Points 1 through 4 are not easily

  • The PCR Test Deception


    Regular readers will know that this site has maintained from late 2020 that the PCR test is flawed - and if that is flawed, then we must in all logic deduce that the pandemic is without foundation - since the Covid symptoms are common to many other conditions (even radiation poisoning!) so the test is essential to diagnosis. This video is not for you - it is for those who still need to realise what is going on.

    If the test falls, so does the pandemic. It really is that simple!

    Forward this link to those who need it.

    (40 minutes)

    Right from the time (around May/June 2020) when the emphasis segued seamlessly from the latest deaths statistics (then approaching negligible) to "cases" based solely on positive test results, it was clear that "something was

  • Enough to Dismantle the Entire Industry


    Dr Reiner Fuellmich and the Stiftung Corona Ausschuss - pay attention!

    (See also a previous report on this same topic, for the original data)

    (20 minutes)


    See also this Call for "immediate stop to the Covid-19 Experimental 'Vaccines' " by the World Council for Health.

  • Germany Rising!


    (19 minutes)


    (55 minutes)



  • We Need More CO2 - Not Less!


    Heresy! Arrest that man immediately!

    No, not me Guv - it was Daily Sceptic wot done it...

    Well actually, I must confess my sins - I did once stand before Extinction Rebellion and proclaim the virtues of CO2, so I may not have used the same words precisely but it wasn't much different. To be fair to my audience they heard me out politely enough, but it was noticeable that all the other speakers on the panel were decidedly "on-message", just not on my message.

    So it is with approval that I feature this recent article from Chris Morrison which threatens to stir up the Climate controversy just when we thought it safe to embark on 2022. At least it makes a change from the Covid narrative.

    Come to think of it, it's only really a change of complexion - they are both

  • New Year Message from the Bruges Group



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  • BMJ Editors Take Mark Zuckerberg to Task


    "We are writing to raise serious concerns about the “fact checking” being undertaken by third party providers on behalf of Facebook/Meta"

    "The BMJ commissioned an investigative reporter to write up the story for our journal. The article was published on 2 November, following legal review, external peer review and subject to The BMJ’s usual high level editorial oversight and review"

    "Those trying to post the article were informed by Facebook that people who repeatedly share “false information” might have their posts moved lower... "

    "We find the “fact check” performed by Lead Stories to be inaccurate, incompetent and irresponsible"

    Welcome to the club BMJ. Good to have you

  • Robert F Kennedy Jnr - Thoughts for 2022


    The two short and to the point videos below are very relevant to 2022:

    Why are they so determined to jab our children?



  • Neil Oliver - A New Start for 2022?


    (10 minutes)


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  • The ΔQ Morphism


    Happy New Year!

    To kick-start 2022 we have a little piece by telecoms expert Martin Geddes with which to (mildly) tax your little grey cells!

    Δ is the capital Greek letter delta, equivalent to roman alphabet D, and beloved of mathematicians and pseudo mathematicians alike who co-opt it to represent a difference of some sort. So the Δ of 5 and 8 would be 3! Why the code? Because writing Δ is a lot quicker and more succinct than writing "difference" all the time.

    No, don't turn off - you don't have to understand any mathematical complexity (or any mathematics at all!) to follow the argument presented in this article, just accept the maths as given. The author explains his reasoning with great clarity and in ordinary words that we can all understand.

    He makes a great point about the way that we have built the internet, and uses that to make a social inference about how we as members of society work in two

  • Whistleblowers Speak Out


    These are well-known names who should know what they are talking about.

    Bill Binney
    Dr James Giordano
    Jacob Appelbaum
    Barry Trower
    Edward Snowden
    Nick Begich

    "... the brain is, and will be, the 21st century battlefield... " 

    "... if you want to cause a specific psychiatric illness... "

    "... if you are targeted there is virtually nothing you can do... "

    "... for the last 40 yrs the... English government has been lying to the people... "

    "... they've been lying to protect industry, to protect their profits, to protect themselves from lawsuits ... "

    "... scientists at the end of the war were hanged for what scientists today are doing and getting away with...

  • 5G - A Reminder that EMFs can be Problematic for All Life Forms


    Perhaps the single most comprehensive look at the history of electricity and EMFs in our age is the book "The Invisible Rainbow" by Arthur Firstenberg. I'm sure that he connects a few dots that maybe shouldn't be connected, but overall this is a well researched, well constructed history lesson that should have us all scratching our heads and thinking  "maybe we have got a number of things well and truly wrong all this time?".

    The Pulse, quoting from the work of the EHT (Environmental Health Trust) provides us with a much shorter review of the effects of EMFs on various forms of life on our world, particularly bees, but also birds and insects. Of course, if insects are affected then so too are the birds that eat them! All of nature is

  • Nigel and Alp Review the Thorny Problem of Immigration


    Alp Mehmet, himself a child of an immigrant family, now chairman of Migration Watch UK, discusses the problematic UK immigration issue with Nigel Farage.

    An interesting conversation, especially as he rose to a senior government appointment within the Foreign Office, thus qualifying him to view the issue from the position of the establishment.

    So how did he come to chair Migration Watch and argue for "proper" immigration controls?

    (12 minutes)


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  • ICVT -The Right to Work, the Right to Rent, the Right to ..?


    Rights can be taken away.

    Who is the government to dish out or withhold our rights anyway?

    Why do we need them to do this for us? 

    Freedom is asserted, never requested, never begged for.

    Deadline April 2022.

    See also Stand Together - What are the UK Authorities Up To?


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    Latest Russian Proposals to NATO


    The CIB (Campaign for an Independent Britain) makes some pertinent comment on Russia's request for involvement in discussions regarding the situation in eastern Europe and the Ukraine.

    They set the proposal in its proper historical context:

    "Ambassador LEONIDAS CHRYSANTHOPOULOS, a distinguished member of his country’s diplomatic service who now campaigns for Greek independence from the EU, here lays out the assurances which the Western powers gave to Russia in 1990 when it withdrew from East Germany and the other Warsaw Pact countries which had been in alliance with the Soviet Union"

    "Ambassador Chrysanthopoulos makes a plea for NATO and the EU to halt their relentless Eastern expansion"

    "What the Russian Federation is actually proposing is what Moscow was promised by the West in 1990 in order to agree to the reunification of Germany"


  • US Vaccine Safety Data Withheld from the Public


    "V-safe is a smartphone app that allows vaccine recipients to 'tell CDC about any side effects after getting the COVID-19 vaccine.'  The purpose (download) of the app 'is to rapidly characterize the safety profile of COVID-19 vaccines when given outside a clinical trial setting' " - such as a vaccine roll-out.

    ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) has been campaigning for the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) to release safety data in its possession with regard to the Covid-19 vaccines.

    "The FDA and CDC have now made crystal clear that their promise of transparency with regard to COVID-19 vaccines was hogwash.  As everyone now knows,

  • Professor Sir John Bell - the pandemic’s first winter will likely not be repeated in the UK


    Is the "pandemic" now over?

    Mahyar Tousi (almost) says "yes", quoting Professor John Bell of Oxford University.

    The Independent reports slightly differently, that the professor believes that we won't see the levels of death and NHS overload that we saw last year repeated - but as always he leaves the door slightly open to unforeseen circumstances.

    So who is right?

    (4 minutes)


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