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Many believe that the US election of Nov 2020 were stolen, even as the establishment and mainstream media insist otherwise.

So what does Russell-Jay:Gould have to say about it? Quite a lot as it turns out.

If you have not yet assessed Quantum Grammar - Incomprehension with Consequences? I recommend that you first do so. 

" ... the United States Post Office lapsed its authorisation to authorise the US Military, FEMA, or the civil servants around the former United States in 1999 when the US Post Office violated its own constitution in the presidential election of 2000, which means the charter and the shareholders and stakeholders for the federal contractors ended, which means that they are actually working in derelict without papers"      


"This is not open-source technology, so because of that, don't trust other people writing for you"

"Know that a massive effort for the last 25 years has been put in place to function as a buoy, through the law of the contract of the flag, to now open up a paradigm to give you the necessary security for you to control and make choices for your own life"

(25 minutes)


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