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  • Stealth Network from Amazon?


    Hardly a day goes by without news of some technical innovation or other, but we are used to that - so much so that we scarcely take the time to register the fact, never mind stop to think about whether or not we ought to worry about it.

    So it is with this one - Skynet went live on 8th June . . .

    So what? No doubt it's some new satellite group to be used for some good purpose or other.

    Which does not actually preclude its use for purposes which we might consider to be not so good - should we be worried?


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  • Dr McCullough et al Openly Talk Bio-Terrorism with Dr Fuellmich


    Dr Peter McCullough introduces himself (eventually!) and describes how he has been trying to counter the official Covid narrative and provide early intervention to Covid sufferers, with the objective of obviating the need for them to be taken into hospital.

    "My quick analysis is that we are under the application of a form of bio-terrorism, that's world-wide, that appears to have been many years in the planning, and the first wave of the bio-terrorism is a respiratory virus that spread across the world and affected... about 1% of many populations, but generated great fear"

    "... every single thing that was done in the public health response to the pandemic made it worse"

    "... what we have discovered is that the suppression of early treatment was tightly linked to the development of a vaccine... and the entire programme... was really all about keeping the

  • A Conversation with Corona


    Jon Rappaport isn't necessarily known as a surrealist, but that may be about to change.

    Salvador Dali with his surreal paintings may set the tone of visual surprise but once such a painting has been seen it loses its impact. Salvador has done all the hard work in bending reality in his mind and putting brush to canvas in order for us to see it, but somehow I for one feel that surrealism expressed in words is much more engrossing, involving as it must the use of our own personal powers of imagination in order to build and explore an alternate surreality from the perfectly normal black and white printed words before us.

    This medium is I suspect ideal for Jon, whose avowed intent is to encourage us all to be more creative individuals - as an exercise in bending our normal three-dimensional consciousness to permit a conversation with an articulate pathogen, he pushes us beyond our normal confines and helps us to play for a while "outside the box".

    Isn't that

  • Vaxxidents, the Biden Pretendency, the Financial Reset, and Transition into the New Age


    What is the situation if we have taken one or two shots?

    Nobody knows, but here is one fellow who may know as much as anybody.

    As a bonus, he offers his thoughts on the financial reset currently in process, bitcoin, the block-chain-mining war, gold, silver, the on-rushing collapse of the Biden Pretendency, and the transition between the ages . . .

    He may be in controversial territory but he seems to be independent and to have something useful between his ears. What do you think?

    Greg Hunter interviews Clif High:


  • Clapton on Covid


    Eric Clapton tells his story.



  • Save Lives, Stop Living


    Boris is widely trailed in today's media as about to confirm that restoration of our freedoms will be put back by "4 weeks", just to be sure.

    Lockdown Sceptics is having none of it.

    "The Prime Minister is correct in saying that hospitalisations have risen in the last few weeks. He must have forgotten to mention how that relates to the overall context – in that the rise is negligible in practical terms"

    "Continuing to measure ‘Covid cases’ in the community makes about as much sense as testing for the common cold – also frequently caused by a coronavirus, by the way"

    "Generally speaking, I’m an adherent to the ‘cock-up’ school of disaster rationalisation – but the last few months have changed my mind"


  • WHO Bid for World (Medical?) Domination


    Give us the money and all the authority we could (and will) ask for, then we can save the world! What could possibly go wrong?

    " ... you will not find one mention of any aspect of a political system in Brave New World - not one! There was no government, there was just 'scientific' management - this is the mind-set of these people - you don't need government, you don't need representation of people, you don't need a constitution... "

    Is this not exactly the mindset of those 'scientists' that are currently working our politicians strings?

    We have mentioned this proposal before but this video covers more ground:


    More from the Resurrection Tour, this time in Cheyenne (15 minutes):


    Read more about the Tour.

  • Another Story the Mainstream Don't Want to Touch?


    "Analysis by the Herald on Sunday of public contracts show more than 160 were awarded by the NHS, Scottish Government, local authorities, and others directly to suppliers without any competitive process"

    And here we were thinking that it was just the Matt and Michael show that featured this sort of entertainment.

    Mahyar Tousi breaks the story:


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  • Sidney Powell Reviews the US Election with Doug Billings


    It's now a (relatively) safe distance from November 2020, things have, at least on the surface, settled down a bit, so now perhaps is a good time to take a (relatively) dispassionate review of the whole sorry affair.

    As we might expect, given the magnitude of the stakes, it's still not realistic to find an impartial team to speak about it (and it wouldn't be half as interesting), so we have Doug Billings talking to lawyer Sidney Powell.

    I find this a revealing interview, and I think you will too:


     Watch on Bitchute.

  • Ofcom - Defender of (the Ministry of) Truth?



    "These comments are sickening to read and show that much of the public has been deeply programmed by the fear propaganda and psychological manipulation that we, the press, perpetuate on behalf of our government"

    If we think that censorship of the mainstream media does not (yet) happen, then UK Column have some news for us. An anonymous whistleblower lays out his personal statement in plain English for all to see. His primary concern is for the Covid scare-mongering, but if it can happen for one topic it can happen for any. Being polite he attributes much to ignorance and group-think, but how can these be considered valid excuses for any competent journalist?

    Facts4EU.org is also dipping its toe into the censorship debate.

    What has this got to do

  • A Nurse Resigns


    This anonymous piece was published in Conservative Woman (31st May).

    I assume that they have verified the author's identity, and on that basis I am happy to bring attention to it here.

    "... I am utterly dismayed and disheartened by my profession and with you as our governing body..."

    "... the reality and truth of this alleged crisis are readily available for anyone to find and investigate for themselves, not least you, a body that should have been doing just this..."

    This is a comprehensive demolition job on her professional institution, the Nursing and Midwifery Council. I am certain that they are not the only professional institution to merit similar criticism.

    She is no less critical of her erstwhile employer:

    "... for me to speak out about these injustices and to be a true advocate for

  • High Court Rules: "Gove Broke the Law"


    The Good Law Project has been pursuing the government for judicial review of the way in which Covid-related contracts were placed in apparent contravention of the legal requirement to award contracts without bias towards specific suppliers.

    This is the second victory for the Good Law Project, who earlier won a not dissimilar case against Matt Hancock.

    "The Court found that the decision to award the £560,000 contract to Public First was tainted by 'apparent bias' and was unlawful'"

    Eugenics, 4th Industrial Revolution - the History


    "These people have formed a technocratic infrastructure with a reach and a wrongheadedness that boggles the mind, and when the implications of their policies are realized, terrorizes the heart"

    Matt Ehret is a Canadian who ranks as one of the top historians when it comes to 20th Century politics as effected, as opposed to as reported.

    Eugenics - the idea that it is desirable and possible to "improve" humans by allowing only some people to produce children

    Transhumanism - the theory that science and technology can help human beings "develop beyond what is physically and mentally possible at the present time" (or do they mean that they can be monitored, even controlled by central AI systems to perform as required by the elite?)

    Some may think that transhumanism is just a logical

  • Climate Models Tested


    The GWPF report on a new study which claims to verify the accuracy of climate models used to predict the climate in the North Atlantic.

    "The basic questions for climate models is whether they realistically simulate observations, and to what extent can future climate change be predicted? It’s an important concept as political and environmental action is predicated upon it"

    Scientific modelling has had a bit of a bad press in the Coronavirus pandemic scenario, so how do these climate models fare when put to the test?

    The GWPF has the story.

  • The 'True Story' Behind Flight MH370 - Boyd Anderson


    Buckle Up!

    This is a two hour deep dive into the story of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 (and much more besides), and how it fits into the global situation since unfolding, according to Boyd Anderson.

    There is (or was?!) a shorter version of this story here (only one hour).

    He is, I note, trying to sell his book - I don't doubt it's a good read, but - there's no way I am going to vouch for the truth or accuracy of any of this!

    So, in the absence (to my knowledge anyway) of any other explanation of these mysteries, and strictly for your

  • Dutch Politician Drops Covid Red-Pills on Parliament


    Fear not - it's subtitled!

    Succinct and sparing no philanthropists . . .  if only we had an MP capable of doing the same in our house of compliants!


  • Nuremberg on the Isle of Man? Really?


    "In exactly three months time, we intend on the Isle of Man, to hold a new 'Nuremberg' trial, such is the scale of evil that has gone on with the Covid con"

    "... these are public courts, they are ours to ensure that justice is done, and because in summary we are looking at crimes that are off the scale across the world we have to have eight words that really condense this down... "

    "... a new 'Nuremberg' trial, not a military trial, not a legaller solicitor trial, not a distraction trial, but one where we assemble a jury... " [I may have misheard 'legaller']

    "... commencing 11:11am on 1st September 2021"

    "... the last two words are "no jurisdiction" because the courts today are private, they are commercial, they are maritime... they only try pieces of paper... "

    And the eight

  • Mike Lindell Comes Out Fighting to Overturn the Election


    Mike Lindell launches a lawsuit based on hard evidence that all five swing states elections were hacked. Period.

    The interview with Mike starts at 5 minutes, but you might want to start at 26 minutes where he does a straight explanation to camera of what the evidence is, how it was captured, and why it is incontrovertible.

    My reading is that the first lawsuit will be his own personal lawsuit against Dominion machines starting "tomorrow", the objective seems to be to get the information about the evidence in the public domain prior to taking it all to the Supreme Court in July to get the election overturned.

    Things seem to be finally moving . . .