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The Daily Sceptic reports today on the plight of Kiribati, Covid-free until two weeks ago but now suffering its first outbreak after a flight arrived from Fiji.

Salient points:

Passengers on the flight of doom were:

  • quarantined for two weeks prior to flying
  • fully vaccinated (we can discount this as we know that vaccines do not prevent transmission)
  • masked (we can discount this as there is no convincing evidence of effectiveness)
  • tested negative thrice prior to flying
  • quarantined on arrival

yet 36 of the 54 tested positive "after arrival", and are assumed to have caused an outbreak of 460 "infections" (but "no deaths") after a couple of weeks.

Where to start?!

Let's ask some important but very basic questions:

  1. How many of those "infected" are actually ill?
  2. How many of those infected are actually adding to the normal numbers in hospital?
  3. Did anybody (but anybody?) actually stoop so low as to consider that the tests might (just might) be faulty?

Even to the most credulous mind that cannot conceive of any "conspiracy theory", it surely cannot be considered unthinkable that someone may have broken open a rogue batch of tests that might produce false positives?

If something looks very wrong, it probably is. Were the basic checks done?

Or is this just another panic-stricken reaction to nothing at all?

Did the Daily Sceptic (the title should be telling us something) cover these points of due journalistic diligence?

As this site has noted before, if the tests fail, the pandemic fails. Yet how many ask the most basic of questions?