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The Daily Sceptic reports on why an NHS Clinical Scientist is leaving.

"A core principle in healthcare is to ensure that patients are given free access to all information, to enable them to make a proper and informed choice about any treatment. As a scientist, I have been and still am gravely concerned about the Government and NHS misrepresentation of these vaccines as ‘safe and effective’"

"I have been appalled by the NHS willingness to trample over the concept of personalised medicine in the promotion of products still in phase three trials"

"NHS contracts do not specify any requirement of taking part in human experimentation. In any case, human experimentation should be carried out under the safeguards of the Nuremberg Code, which has been sadly violated in all its points during the vaccination campaign"

"The last straw, however, has been the participation of our hospital in the Com-COV3 trial on healthy adolescents aged 12-16 years"

" ... there should be no doubt that we have entered the endemic phase, where vaccines and mandates are nonsensical"

" ... in the light of the observed increased mortality in children and young adults, this experimentation on healthy young people needs to be halted immediately and an investigation conducted"

Whilst there is perhaps little new here, it is encouraging to see it laid out with such clarity by an erstwhile NHS employee. 

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This additional report by the Daily Sceptic (How many Pregnant Women Have Actually Died of Covid?) is nothing to do with the above but everything to do with the NHS and how it has been run.

We don't know how many pregnant women have died of the vaccines because the MHRA seems incapable of doing anything other than repeating their "safe and effective" and "extremely rare" mantras, but it's worth noting that their Yellow Card system currently records 20 "fatalities" and 738 spontaneous abortions among the pregnant so its worth considering that the true extent is likely between 7380 and 73800 spontaneous abortions - pick your own multiplier.

In this connection I note that the graphic Key Information on Covid-19 in Pregnancy does not show any category which would include miscarriages prior to hospitalisation. 

Make of all this what you will.



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