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Those of us struggling to make sense of the current world goings-on realise that many of these don't make sense when considered against a traditional world view-point.

Why did more or less the whole world in concert abandon all their prepared pandemic response plans in favour of previously deprecated measures like lockdowns and masks as soon as Covid-19 appeared?

Why did the world's panic continue when the government's own skewed statistics showed that Covid is more or less as survivable as influenza (and much better than that for children)?

Why did all medical regulatory bodies ignore and even deny the use of well established safe and inexpensive prophylactic treatments, in favour of pushing vastly expensive novel "vaccines" of untested technology upon the world population, including kids who are at no significant danger from the disease?

Why did the W.H.O. redefine the term "vaccine" so that these novel "vaccines" could qualify as such? Why not just call them what they are - novel mRNA gene treatments?

Why did Donald Trump initially favour the cheap safe and inexpensive prophylactic hydroxychloroquine, and then start encouraging everybody to "take the vaccine"?

Why don't the vaccines work? Most previous vaccines conferred a degree of immunity for life - these confer temporary immunity for a few months at best. They may even be compromising our natural immune systems. They are a failure on many levels.

Given that the disease is typically just as survivable as the flu, why now bankrupt national coffers around the world by pouring vast sums into pharmaceutical companies for yet more shots of ineffective "vaccines"?

There are many more questions but you get my drift.

Before going any further, if you have not yet read "Down the Rabbit Hole - 1" then I recommend you do so before continuing, as it provides some context.

Ready? Here is a topical tour de force from Wil Paranormal - I predict you will either reject it out of hand or watch it aghast - you have been warned.

What you choose to believe is your decision, but the implications are too profound for me not to offer you the opportunity:

(67 minutes)



(17 minutes)


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