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  • Geopolitical Update


    With world events moving quite fast we have to try to keep up, so i make no apology for yet again featuring a UK Column report from Wednesday.

    Don't get too hung up on the start of the programme where they take a (probably deserved) pop at a BBC reporter in the Ukraine - the subsequent section where Vanessa Beeley explains the way that the world's war-mongers are shaping up is quite masterly.

    It is quite clear that without propaganda, very few wars would ever have been possible.

    Oh, and Tony Blair is rumoured to be receiving a Knighthood from Her Majesty at Windsor on 13th June. Be there or be square.

    And more on matters medical and monkey p*x (or should that be b****x?). Is anything what it seems any more?

    And will there be an ambulance available when we need one? Worth watching.

    (90 minutes)


  • The Ukraine Pot Still Simmering Unpredictably


    UK Column (Monday) brings us up to date with the unfolding Ukraine conflict, and a sorry tale of confusion is evident.

    As ever, nothing may be quite as it seems.

    Boris still wants to supply ever more powerful artillery, but will such be effective against the new hypersonic missiles currently being demonstrated by Russia's navy?

    Plus the shootings in America and other items.

    (82 minutes)



  • Brexit Britain "Projects Power in the EU"


    This piece from the Campaign for an Independent Britain and based on research by Brexit Facts 4 EU I present without comment, as I am not qualified to comment (not that that would stop me, but on this occasion I think it best to leave you to form your own judgements).

    I find it interesting, but without any comparative information about what say France, Germany or Spain (to mention three at random) are doing, I think it isn't possible to conclude very much.

    See what you think.

    Still, there are some interesting nuggets on the

  • Inconvenient Truths About the Ukraine


    As the media (and many others) have been pulling out all the stops to "support the Ukraine", it has become pretty hard to find anyone who is prepared to take an even-handed viewpoint - you are either with them or against them - whoever "they" may be.

    The problem I have with that is that being "with them" these days is automatically to be put into the "we must send them more arms" warmongering bucket, and being against them is to be put in the "supporter of evil Putin" bucket.

    Apparently there isn't a "please stop the fighting and negotiate" bucket, and there now won't be until at least one side has been fought a standstill. Which side will that be?

    Judging by the surrender at the steelworks (what steelworks requires a labyrinth of underground tunnels?), it doesn't seem likely it will be the Russians.

    But just

  • A Military Veteran's View of the War in the Ukraine


    UK Column interviews Col. Richard Black who "served for 31 years in the US Marines and US Army JAG Corps, before entering politics".

    (55 minutes)



  • Nuclear Ultimatum


    Fulford this Monday pulls no punches:

    Destroy KM or face nuclear war Russia and China tell Pentagon

    "There was a noisy meeting in the Security Council at the request of Russia regarding the development of American biological weapons on its borders inside Ukraine"

    Has the show-down at the Kiev Corral finally arrived?

    Warning, some of the videos show harrowing scenes. 


  • Ukraine - The Point of Conflict


    This article posted by Terry Boardman is an in-depth tour of the history of the global power-struggle between the elites of the UK, Europe, Russia, the far East, and (latterly) the US.

    LaRouchePAC have been fulminating about the perceived influence of the imperialist UK over the USA for some time, and it is becoming obvious that an unelected elite under the umbrella of the "New Word Order" (as currently fronted by Klaus Schwab but embodied by the western world's all-powerful corporate interests and their financiers) is intent on taking control of the UN by means of medical and legal dictatorship.


    Is Ukraine the tinderbox that will ignite WW3?

    The world does seem to be at a dangerous

  • "Proportionate Response" Headed for Britain?


    We noted a while ago that our government's obsession with stoking war rather than encouraging a negotiated peace in the Ukraine is perverse.

    UK Column reports in much the same tone.

    Ben Chapman of GB News reports (unsurprisingly) that Russia has a similar viewpoint:

    "Russian state TV appears to have urged the Kremlin to blow "boorish Britain" to smithereens over the country's support for Ukraine"

    Whilst the Satan-2 might be overkill, who can doubt that Russia would be entitled to take proportionate measures?

    "Russia has already issued

  • Ukraine - Monkeywerx View - 27 April 2022!


    The goings-on surrounding Ukraine have been covered by UK Column, now we hear about the airspace situation from the man who monitors it day by day.

    He doesn't believe the press reports either.

    (21 minutes)


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  • The Undeclared NATO/UK War on Russia - How Will this End?


    The UK Column now explicitly draws the obvious conclusions:

    (86 minutes)



  • Whither the Ukraine War?


    We have noted before how our government prefers to ship more armaments and weapons of destruction into this imbroglio, rather than encourage the protagonists to negotiate a lasting peace in good faith.

    The Minsk agreement of 2015 should have provided the basis for that negotiation, and still could.

    It seems that good faith is lacking in many quarters, and not just in the Ukraine.

    As this conflict drags on, should we in the UK still be stoking an impossible situation?

    Do we really suppose that Vladimir Putin is going to give up and go home any time soon?

    That simply isn't going to happen.


  • Ukraine's Army is in Russia's Garbage Can?


    Mopping up is allegedly all that is left for the Russians to complete.

    The Daily Exposé hosts Larry C Johnson, who makes a compelling case.

    "When a 24 mile (or 40 mile, depends on the news source) was positioned north of Kiev for more than a week, it was clear that Ukraine’s ability to launch significant military operations had been eliminated. If their artillery was intact, then that column was easy pickings for massive destruction"

    "The Ukrainians did not even mount a significant infantry ambush of the column with their newly supplied U.S. Javelins"

    Can't really argue with that analysis.

    "Not only is Russia striking and destroying bases used by NATO regularly since 2015, but there was no air raid

  • Is EU Defence Fit for Purpose?


    I have always advocated that the UK should leave the EU, and a major factor in that stance concerned our ability to defend ourselves without needing to rely on others whose strategic imperatives might not coincide with ours.

    Add in the lack of transparency in matters of EU governance and the inherently bureaucratic nature of the decision-making, and I was clear in my own mind that the smallest competent group of British officers (including military, political, and expert) should be in the driving seat of our defence.

    In passing I note that both UK and EU pronouncements on the Ukraine situation seem to be very long on stoking the inflammatory rhetoric and very short on trying to calm the situation with a view to promoting a negotiated settlement, so one does wonder whether our establishment really has withdrawn from EU defence thinking. In this critical area I do not subscribe to the view that our stance is in line with the thinking of the population.


  • Ukraine - According to Varoufakis


    Unherd's interview with Yanis Varoufakis, scourge of the EU, Greek and liberal left patriot and consummate economist and politician, who unlike most of that ilk, reliably speaks a great deal of sense.

    We need his good sense now.

    Read the article, watch the video:

    (38 minutes)


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  • Arming the EU


    Much has in the past been written about PESCO and the labyrinthine network of treaties and agreements that underpin the EU's defence posture. The UK was famously equivocal about what parts of it we did or did not support, amongst much controversy over how we could be both leaving the EU and staying within its defence agreements.

    I'm not entirely sure whether or not these arguments were ever really resolved, but today we have an article from Investigate Europe that has a look at the how the EU military is composed and who benefits.

    "These huge arms producers are very much intertwined with governments and even competitors. They are also partly owned by the same American funds that control important parts of their -American competitors’ shares"

    Ukraine - Military Matters


    Who knows what is going on in the Ukraine?

    I don't know, but this is another viewpoint (a few days old now) from a "top Pentagon advisor" that probably deserves consideration:

    (2 hrs 15)


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  • Update Following the UN Security Council Mtg of 11th March


    At the UN meeting of 11th March the Russian Federation protested that the US had been running bio-labs in the Ukraine.

    UN Security Council Debates Threats to International Peace and Security

    One week on and Russia has documented further details:

    "Over the past week, we have discovered new details indicating that components of biological weapons were being developed in Ukraine"

    "I suggest that you should study it carefully. It confirms that Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) directly funded and supervised military biological projects in Ukraine"

    "Representatives of the US Department of State still get confused when asked about it and assure that the United States allegedly takes

  • Ukraine - Betrayed by Elites?


    Dr Lee Jone, "Professor of Political Economy and International Relations at Queen Mary University of London", writing in Unherd has produced one of the most thoughtful and (hopefully) informed contributions to the Ukraine situation that I have seen. 

    Examining the situation from the different viewpoints is not very fashionable given that war has broken out and the first casualty is truth, but without such an analysis, peace is unlikely to be either concluded or successful.

    Worth reading.


  • Defence Hypocrisy or Genius?


    Brexit Watch reminds us (well, those that may need reminding) of some basic defence truths that have been relevant for thousands of years, yet which our government has been disrespecting for decades.

    On the other hand the "Art of War" by Sun Tzu reminds us that to win we should appear weak when we are strong and strong when we are weak...   so perhaps our government have some secret defence strengths that they are not publicising?

    "... winning the war with as little unnecessary combat as possible is the key to true victory"

    Show of hands please - those who believe that our current apparent defence weakness conceals unexpected strength?


  • Ukraine - Tuesday 22 February 2022


    A short selection of articles covering the main points:

    Russia recognises the independence of Donetsk and Lugansk  Peoples Republics

    Washington sounds the alarm whilst its allies withdraw

    Russia breathes down middle eastern necks over Ukraine