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The Unelected

  • Is the Fed Still on Firm Ground?


    The Federal Reserve of the USA is traditionally regarded as the most influential national central bank in the world.

    Due to its latest decision to raise interest rates, and to the huge volumes of financial securities it purchased under QE in earlier times of lower interest rates, the book value of those securities has taken a significant hit. They don't pay as much, so they would sell for less, giving the Fed a loss should it either decide or need to sell them. Technically it could decide not to sell them until interest rates drop again, thus avoiding realisation of any loss, but a forced sale before then would realise the loss.

    So will the Fed now run at a loss? Would it matter?

    Might it even become insolvent? What would that mean?

    These are a few of the most important questions of our time, and the AIER thoughtfully publishes an exploration of the implications. 

    Mark Steyn Interviews for Post at the BBC?


    Well, I'll let you come to your own decision about that suggestion .

    (55 minutes)

    Mark follows on from the news report.


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  • The Agro-Industrial Empire Strikes Back


    Agro-chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides are big, big business, dominated by big companies.

    Of course, big business supported by big government is an almost unstoppable force where money speaks louder than votes and the transparency over the flows of money is less than obvious.

    And the bigger (and thus more remote) the government, the more easily obfuscated the transparency becomes.

    Whilst the big players seek to distract us with lurid (and some would say absurd) claims of CO2 trashing our climate, the damage being done to our farmland flora and fauna by industrial pesticides, and to the very soil itself by overuse of artificial fertilisers, goes unheeded - until the shelves in the shops are emptied.

    The EU is an object-lesson in how to construct a government that reflects the priorities of big businesses (with regulated access to lobbying the Commission directly) rather than the priorities of the

  • Breaking News - Istanbul and Tehran


    Apparently, according to Amir, the Mossad have been busy embarrassing the Iranians...

    I note his remarks on Mohammed bin Salman's relationship with president Erdoğan.

    (15 minutes)


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  • UK Trafficking


    I'm not able to verify any of the assertions in this video (dated 15 June), but she seems genuine and if there is substance to her assertions and if you have any information, then you have someone to report it to, and if you don't then no harm done.

    (30 minutes)

    "UK Government Child Trafficking"


  • Africa Blocks the WHO


    "The people are calling for the W.H.O. to be defunded"

    "The W.H.O. has not brought us health"

    "You may have also heard about a new pandemic treaty (now called "accord") that is being deliberated by the W.H.O.'s international negotiating body without a public participation process, or should I rather say a proper robust and transparent public participation process"

    This is inevitably a bit long at 5hrs 42 mins but its worth watching at least the introduction - a very assured performance (if you ignore the AI subtitles).

    The world will not allow this globalist

  • Monkeypox - the Power-Play?


    The USA may be approaching the end-game.

    Will the people allow the WHO to take the reins of power?

    Can they break the stranglehold of the Media, the Medical Cartel, the Authorities, the Globalists, and the others directing the events from behind the scenes?

    And what lessons does America hold for the UK and Europe?

    I'm not sure that this video brings very much new information to the fore, but it does provide a useful review of how the situation may be forming up.

    (32 minutes) 


  • GeoEngineering - Deep Dive


    We've all seen the jet trails in the sky that somehow spread into a haze across huge areas.

    They are not condensation trails - those quickly evaporate in most conditions.

    Our government has denied (2020) that they are are involved:

    "The government is not deploying SRM, and has no plans to do so"

    - but that rather begs the question: "who is doing it, and why?" and maybe "why are you so unconcerned?"

    (4 hrs 28)



  • What We Are Up Against


    Dr Mercola has been beating the drum for real scientific medicine for many years, and Patrick Wood is the expert on the transhumanist agendas adopted by the WEF-UN partnership and presented in coded inoffensive terms with which at first sight nobody could disagree. Who would not want the world to be fed, to be healthy, and to be empowered? If only the envisaged actions would support such noble objectives!

    "The COVID pandemic was a coup d’état by the technocratic cabal that is behind the global takeover agenda, referred to as The Great Reset"

    "The Great Reset ... agenda is to implement a global type of totalitarianism based on technocratic and transhumanist ideologies"

    "Technocracy... requires social engineering to work ... Controlling the populace is crucial"

    The Culling of Humanity?


    You know it makes sense... or does it?

    (31 minutes)


  • So What's All This About MonkeyPox?


    Once again we turn to the indefatigable Amazing Polly for the low down on the latest medical scare currently being inflated out of all proportion by the global medical authorities.

    Do we still believe that they have our best interests at heart?

    We had somewhere around 1000 cases globally (reportedly) a few days ago, and already they are sowing the mental seeds that this is a terrible disease on a par with "leprosy and plague" not to mention malaria. Ooooh Err!

    So what's the truth?

    We won't know for a while, but their track record in "gain of function" so far doesn't suggest that this will be the BIG ONE. More probably another damp squib one. Time will tell.

    (35 minutes)


  • How we Came to Stop Worrying and Love Klaus Schwab?


    Many of us are unaware of how Klaus came to claim power over the UN, and thus potentially over the world, but Johnny Vedmore in an extraordinary article charts his rise and rise along with Henry Kissinger, J.K. Galbraith, and Herman Kahn, from the ashes of WW2 to become a principal partner of the United Nations.

    Purists might complain (and do - see the comments!) that he has left this and that and whoever out of the picture, but in the end you have to draw the line somewhere.

    I'm no historian and cannot vouch for his accuracy, but this has got to be the right article at the right time. It raises all sorts of questions and gets us thinking about the central notion that the world is a complicated place (true) that requires extremely clever and complicated people to guide and govern it by all and any means necessary; we currently seem to be suffering the extremely nasty effects of the latter proposition and will have to find the way to ensure that it is undone with as little further consequential damage

  • "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome"


    Medical Newspeak is working overtime, and there are no prizes for guessing the reason.

    Dr Ryan Cole decries the "Centre for Deception and Confusion" to USA Watchdog.

    "Dr. Cole is seeing dramatic increases in all types of illness such as aggressive cancers, heart disease, strokes, brain problems and autoimmune disease to name a few"

    "Our country doesn't even have a code for vaccine injury"

    "The reason cancers are taking off like wildfire... we've suppressed the immune system that would normally keep these cancers in check"

    "... you will never have an effective vaccine against a coronavirus... "

    (68 minutes)



  • Del on Davos - and Monkeypox


    The inimitable Del Bigtree, along with Jeffrey Jaxen reviews the Davos powerfest - worried about the "next pandemic"? Well, yes and no.

    As Bill Gates admitted, they didn't make such a good fist of the vaccines for the last one.

    (19 minutes)



    Of course, given the burgeoning scare du jour, we can't ignore the monkeypox issue - especially as they ran a monkeypox simulation in 2021 - Del gets some thoughts from Dr McCullough. A bit of a shame that these Yanks can't debate without shouting at each other, but it's what they say that counts, not how they say it

  • The End of the Beginning or the Beginning of the End?


    Fulford on Monday today doesn't disappoint - he doesn't necessarily get everything right either but let us hope that the direction of travel is correct.

    With the pace of happenings overall still seemingly accelerating I'm guessing that his pieces are a combination of educated guesswork supported by information from his various contacts - given that he produces two reports a week we can't in reality expect any different.

    He still paints the most comprehensive picture of any commentator that I am aware of, and his article this week is very optimistic.

    "To me, it looks like they have all been captured and either being forced to say or have CG versions of themselves say incriminating things"

    Either that or they live in an impenetrable bubble and totally lack any self-awareness, but how else to explain Bill Gates' spectacular admission, or the WEF badges on the Swiss police on duty in

  • Is the WHO Corrupt? Some Think So


    The Brownstone Institute makes a good case:

    "As with any historic shift towards fascism and colonialism, it takes a considerable group effort to ignore reality to keep this tide moving but humans, especially in hierarchical structures, have always been up to the task"

    Once, a while ago, "Causes such as improving childhood nutrition, empowering minorities and protecting girls from enslavement and mutilation were acceptable battles to fight"

    Now, "Coercion, exclusion, impoverishment and big business are in, whilst highlighting those other areas is ‘free-dumb’ or some subversive form of denialism"

    The article then lists all the things that the WHO (and we) know, indeed have known for a long time, and yet now:

    " ...the WHO ...acts as if unaware, even ignoring their standard age-dependent metrics for 

  • Censors' Charter?


    Toby Young (General Secretary of the Free Speech Union) takes a critical view of the On-Line Safety Bill in this Daily Sceptic report.

    " ... it’s a gold-embossed invitation to woke activists to censor the speech of their political opponents in the name of protecting vulnerable people from ‘harm’. Why a Conservative Government with an 80-seat majority is handing this weapon to its enemies is a mystery"

    No mystery Toby - the Tory leadership themselves have been swallowed by the blob and are now  an inseparable part of it.

    "What does the Government mean by ‘harmful’? The only definition the Bill offers is in clause 150, where it sets out the details of a new Harmful Communications Offence, punishable by up to two years in jail: ‘harm’ means psychological harm amounting to at least serious

  • Open the Gates for Pandemic Prevention


    Bill has laid it all out for us - all we need to do is just read his book to receive his wisdom - fortunately it has been published just at the right time to help us deal with the very serious threat of Monkeypox. Can this threat be countered before it becomes a pandemic?

    Of course all the usual suspects are queuing up to tell us how he is totally wrong and his solutions have been disproven, most recently by the response to the Covid pandemic, but we should remember that this isn't just Gates speaking, he has a great wealth of authoritative people behind him (the WEF, the UN, the WHO, plus sundry similar bodies that characteristically don't make the headlines, such as the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome etc, plus many distinguished academics such as Professor Neil Ferguson, and the full weight of the pharmaceutical industry), so we should pay close attention.

    For an untimely review of this book by some who do seem always to be at the forefront of those usual suspects,

  • Thinking of going to Uni? Read This First


    I've reflected only recently on my student days, but now I find myself posting another article that evokes another memory from those times.

    What is academia for? Does it fulfil the function?

    Uni was always sold as a place to go between finishing school and starting a career, a place where the clever and inquisitive should go to question the established knowledge, to push their understanding beyond the current boundaries, and to have fun doing it.

    Potentially difficult terrain though, especially when the answers to your questions on the established knowledge turn out to be inadequate. That would mean that a certain amount of established knowledge must be demolished before one's understanding could be pushed beyond the (revised!) boundaries, within an establishment notoriously averse

  • Everything We Are Told is a Lie? - The BBC told us in 1968


    I found this clip stirred memories for me, as in 1968 I had already been trained as a new-fangled "computer programmer" and I was about to start a sandwich course at a polytechnic for a BSc in "Computer Science and Data Processing" (which turned out to be more like Maths and Stats with some computing thrown in as an afterthought).

    Looking back to those days I would have rejected out of hand the idea that a computer could control anybody, even in the relatively elementary manner posited - they were nowhere near sufficiently sophisticated, there was no internet, and although radio comms as a technology was clearly feasible it certainly lacked the coverage (unless the controlled person would be held in confinement).

    We could just about run a payroll for a large corporation after months / years of development and testing, on machines that read their data off punched cards and then stored it on magnetic tapes - no ubiquitous discs for us at that time. Happy days!

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