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The Unelected

  • Where Are All the Good Guys?


    Despite appearances, this is essential viewing.

    It's short, but very pointed.

    And probably very timely.

    Or just a "conspiracy theory".

    It's not a prediction - much of it has allegedly happened already, behind the scenes.

    Do not miss, or you may find yourself flummoxed by incoming events - globally. 

    (13 minutes)


    In similar vein - The Great Awakening - Trailer

    (3 minutes)



  • Does Money Grow on Trees?


    If you know how the banking system works then you know its central deliberate design flaw.

    My first job was as a trainee bank clerk - knowing nothing about banking I was put to work on the Enquiries desk...

    Maybe they wanted to keep me ignorant. They certainly succeeded in convincing me that working for them was time wasted.

    The simple con is that money doesn't grow on trees, it' much easier than that. It appears in computers with a few stokes of the keyboard - then you have to pay it back plus interest. With such a business model, how can banks fail?

    It's hard, but they engineer it! And since they are too big to fail, governments co-opt us to bail them out.

    Funny how governments always seem to work to the disadvantage of the people.

    Now factor in the credit-card economy where the bankers take a percentage of every

  • The 50 year Gestation of the Technocratic Putsch


    A couple of articles from Patrick Wood arose in my inbox today, the first summarising the 50 year globalist project to turn the UN into one-world-(unelected)-government "for our own good", the second illustrating the chicanery used to further their ends: the Libor crisis.

    Whilst there is nothing much new here, Patrick provides a useful reminder of both the historical context and the underhand methodologies that underpin the unfolding plans for world domination. Now, where is James Bond when we need him?

    The Club Of Rome, Climate Hysteria And Global Governance

    It Was Central Banks That Rigged The 2008 Lehman Brothers Crisis


  • Fulford Report Monday 22/05/2023


    Benjamin's assessment of the G7 (panicked), the state of Ukraine (outfought), the state of Zelensky (out of country) and the state of the USA (out of oil, out of cash, out of time).

    Other than that...

    Modest subscription required.


  • Durham


    The wait has been extraordinarily long (what was it about again?) but it is finally released.

    John Durham's report on FISA-gate is out.

    So what happens? Very little so far.

    "Durham proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the entire Trump Campaign-Russia collusion investigation ... was a total hoax ... by a corrupt Department of Justice and FBI, acting in collusion... "

    But we knew much of that when the Mueller investigation came up with precisely - nothing.

     "Such an overt retaliatory action by the DOJ ... would not have been possible had Durham done his job and prosecuted those responsible for the illegal

  • MHRA - Enabler - of What Exactly?


    As always we are indebted to UK Column for publishing articles which explore the truth behind the "at the speed of science" production and distribution of the jabs.

    Along the way we have learned how the system was managed within the USA, and we have learned how the UK Government has been busy reconstructing the UK regulatory system for the white hot "Life sciences" revolution that would make us all very rich indeed (always assuming we invested in the correct corporations).

    Now we learn how the "newly independent" UK is streamlining its

    Life is an Urban Network?


    Some might say that life these days is whatever you can get away with.

    Mark Anderson writing for UK Column gives us a quick tour of the U7 - the urban seven network of cities that some think have ideas above their station, harping back to the times of independent city states that existed before the formal concept of the nation was forged by agreement, by war, or by any other means of extending the reach of one's power.

    We sometimes forget that the nations of Europe were originally far more fragmented than they now are.

    But whilst the U7 does seem to hark back to those times, we do have to ask ourselves how much legitimacy they have in the eyes of their citizens? After all, they do seem to espouse the top down dogma of the globalists rather than the bottom-up aspirations of their people (ULEZ anybody?).

    And is that not the primary battleground of our modern world? The Globalists want top-down one-size-fits-all

  • Fulford Report Monday 15 May 2023


    The latest update from Benjamin is a useful sitrep rather than a game-changing revelation, but still an interesting article with an informative video on how the KM rules the world through the Central Banks, global NGOs, UN etc.

    The UK following the coronation is reportedly not a scene of unbroken peace and tranquillity...

    Modest subscription required.


  • The WHO - A Threat or a Promise?


    Is the WHO a blessing or a curse?

    Is it even consistent?

    Is the organisation that changed its pandemic management policies in an instant when Covid appeared fit to be trusted with our long-term health care, when that very term "health care" is now expanded to include all factors that may affect our health in any way?

    Can any factor be identified that does not affect our health?

    Would there be any practical limits placed on the powers of the WHO?

    The Brownstone Institute examines their claim for global health management.


  • "Do your job!"


    Saturday 13th saw people converge on Trafalgar Square to draw attention to the many who suffered and died from the jabs, and to hear from the speakers who came to share their expert testimony with the crowd.

    Martin speaks for many of us in setting out his feelings, his experiences, and his reactions. Not to mention his photographs!

    The message to the Met: "Do your job!"



  • What is Covid?


    After three years and innumerable deaths, seemingly hundreds of conferences and who knows how many video reports....

    Dr Brian Ardis talks to Stew Peters to explain his snake venom theory further.

    Snake venom? Really?

    What one can say without fear of contradiction is that the layers of disinformaton and misdirection over all things Covid have been legion - was it a virus? Was it 5G? Was it developed in a lab? Was it developed in China, Ukraine, Sudan, the USA itself? Was it readily treatable with existing prophylactics? Did the jabs work? Were they safe and effective? Did they stop transmission? Did they cause untold suffering and death? If so, how?

    The deep state is nothing if not determined to own all sides of the argument - if the opposition is controlled, then who can stand in their way? 

    Now I'm not asserting that the opposition is in any way knowingly "deep

  • A King for Our Time?


    What of our Kings, and their relationships with the England of times past?

    For Charles I it ended in civil war and execution, for the nation of England it was turmoil, death, and a period of military rule. Followed by the restoration of Charles II and Royal Rule... 

    So what next under Charles III? The acclamation of the populace at his coronation was perhaps less than overwhelming, and his support for the dubious agendas of the WEF is clearly divisive.

    Maybe we should remember that God is not mocked

    (1 hr 50 mins)


    And Another Control Thing ...


    Mahyar Tousi is probably about as English as we are. Albeit he is of Persian extraction, he is also an advocate for individual freedom, tolerance, and personal integrity, all fundamental values of the English, even if not practised by English politicians and the British "establishment" (you know who you are - and so now do most of us).

    So in some respects he is well placed to criticise those who come here to further causes that are not perceived as wholly peaceful, tolerant, and supportive of individual freedom.

    We may not be satisfied with our top-down government, but is substitution by yet another form of top-down control really the answer?

    It's the oldest trick - make up the myth of a controlling deity and interpose your own person between man and God. The Roman empire has been at it since Constantine "converted", as the Vatican could attest, and the same trick has likely been played by Biblical leaders since Moses went up the mountain to get his

  • Whither Will the New King Take his Peoples?


    Perhaps we need to start with a review of where his peoples have been taken in prior years, culminating in Charles "... becoming the official patron of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset... ".

    Of course the central tenet of royalty is that the bloodline is superior to the bloodlines of the common people, therefore royalty and their sons and daughters are destined to rule the world in perpetuity.

    It's not a fashionable tenet these days, but it is counterbalanced to some extent by the notion that the family as an institution is the bedrock of the human species, responsible for the creation and upbringing of each new generation, and having a family as head of state is the highest acknowledgement of this truth.

    Still, a family may be functional or dysfunctional, and having a dysfunctional family that cannot be removed from position isn't necessarily a good idea in principle. Nor does the UN's idea that the WHO should determine a common "one

  • A Sorry Tale that Cannot Possibly be Accepted


    Joseph Gregory Hallett (AKA King John III of England) breaks cover to give us a preposterous story that no law-abiding and properly informed citizen could possibly believe.

    (31 minutes)


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  • The Collapse Gathers Pace - Fulford 8th April 2023


    Mr Fulford has been on the right side of the truth (so far as I can tell) for a while, and his modest subscription requirements are just that - modest.

    If you haven't subscribed yet, you don't want to miss how the collapse is unfolding before us...


  • A Damp Coronation


    A wet day in London town, and strange reports from some present that they had been screened off and couldn't see what was going on:

    (in the interests of propriety I have cut the last line)

    Of course this person's view of what was on the other side of the screens is pure speculation and may not be at all accurate...  but what is the point of a regal procession if nobody can see it? Surely they can't expect the British to respect a monarch who appears to be afraid of his subjects?

    (2 minutes)


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    Tucker Drops Truth Bombs


    Tucker Carlson unloads on the Biden criminal pretendency and the corruption running rife in America. If you thought that the Biden pretendency is the best thing since sliced bread, then listen on... and if you think it doesn't affect us in the UK, then maybe you really do need to start paying attention?

    (46 minutes)



  • The Coronation - What will Go On Behind the Screen?


    The inimitable Richard Vobes asks a theatrical but pertinent question.

    Just how much if anything should we be required to take on trust?

    (13 minutes)


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  • King Charles - The World's First Technocratic Dictator?


    A startling article from Technocracy News and Trends, obviously prompted by the up-coming coronation, features King Charles of the WEF.

    "King Charles ... outlines the “10 actions we must take to drive the green recovery.” These 10 actions ... would allow for basically no freedom in a top-down dictatorship that decides for us how all resources are to be allocated and used"

    "... in order to allow ... assessments of sustainability compliance ... It is time now to move towards unified metrics and global standards, to encourage accelerated progress... "

    And there will be a meeting in September to discuss how to get their stalled project back on track.