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The Unelected

  • Ze Big Enchilada


    Clif High ruminates on the expected failure of the deep state to comprehend why their plan for world domination will eventually fail.

    Failure upon failure.

    (41 minutes)



  • Peace Through State Care?


    I don't think there is anything new in this video that has not been said elsewhere, but sometimes its useful to recap on past events that would otherwise be swallowed up in the maelstrom of past history.

    "... it all makes sense only when you force yourself to think the impossible" - Dr Mike Yeadon

    (85 minutes)


  • Daily Sceptic - Just Too Sceptical?


    And not just the Daily Sceptic - the Free Speech Union and Toby Young himself have been adjudged too free with their speech - or something; the reasoning behind this is about as clear as mud, so it's pretty obvious that it doesn't stand up.

    In this case it is Paypal that is reportedly acting as judge jury and executioner, no appeal possible.

    So if you had a regular donation to either the Daily Sceptic or the Free Speech Union, you will have received an email from Toby directly - if you haven't had the email then you are not affected.

    Under Law it should be open to Toby to sue Paypal for restitution and damages. It would be for Paypal to demonstrate that their terms and conditions had indeed been broken. Under our official legal  system this is inordinately expensive, but in a Common Law Court it should be feasible, and simple enough, although enforcing judgement would be

  • The New World Religion Gets the Go Ahead


    I suppose it's entirely logical that after the NWO we now meet the NWR - the New World Religion.

    What is a "religion"?

    Maybe we should start by asking what a religion is not...

    A religion is not based on logic and irrefutable scientific evidence. It may be based upon ancient scriptures, but humans are notoriously fallible and so cannot be trusted to transcribe the "word of God" without deliberately or inadvertently corrupting it. So we must make the best of what we have and create dogmas that reflect our intentions. 

    Organised Religion is based primarily upon dogma. Doctrines that may or may not be true, but are held to be true as an act of faith. You accept them or you don't.

    Organised religions (Catholic Church etc) lay great store by their dogma, and control their adherents by priests who have been carefully trained to indoctrinate their flock in their dogma.

  • Fulford on Friday 16 Sep 2022


    It's Friday and so it's the Fulford weekly video.

    Following the announcement of the Queen's passing, this is a report to which to pay attention.

    Small subscription required.


  • Transatlantic Geopolitics Targets EU through Germany?


    Leaked Rand Corporation document confirms (corporate) US sees the sanctions on Russian gas as a means to retain American influence (ie: control) over Europe....

    Makes sense, no? No?

    So who is manipulating whom?

    "NATO was there the whole time... "

    The "fog of war" is swirling.

    (21 minutes)


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  • The Fulford Report on the Occasion of the Passing of Queen Elizabeth II


    It seems that Ben may be better informed than many about the historical role of our Queen in defending the world from those forces that would do us harm.

    Big changes may be imminent across the world, and they will likely be very visible public changes, which many will welcome.

    Well worth your attention.

    Modest subscription required for the full works, but the intro is available for free.


  • It's Science Jim - But Not as we Know It


    The Daily Sceptic once again pulls up a "scientific" paper that should never have passed peer review.

    This is a recent paper from a team at the Nuffield Department of Medicine in Oxford Radcliffe hospital, concerning the incidence of myocarditis (the now undisputed side-effect of the Covid / Covid injections). No doubt this establishment gets its funding from the NHS-big-pharma-academia-charitable-foundation blob, so can we expect bias?

    Once again we find our old friend the unwarranted assumption rearing its phantom form to provide cover for a better result than may be true. Note that this doesn't render the result they obtained false - but it does drive a coach and horses through the idea that the results obtained are proven true.

    So their results may be true or may not. Which is pretty much where they started from.

    "The reality is that we had a set of under-tested vaccines that were unleashed onto many

  • Prince Charles and the Great Reset Agenda to Build Back Better


    Prince Charles (as was) at the WEF - also Stroe in the Netherlands where farmers are trying to block their government's plans to stop them producing.

    Now that Charles is in line to be imminently crowned, will he step back from controversial politics, or is Climate Change too important?

    "...they want a consolidation of food and power and resources that they absolutely can control"

    Will the Great British Public gladly acclaim Charles as our new monarch?

    (27 minutes)


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  • On the Passing of Her Majesty


    There is much that could be and will be said by many outlets, but I think that Mahyar Tousi makes relevant and positive points that should be in our minds on this historic occasion.

    (6 minutes)


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    Her Majesty meant and means different things to different people, but it is appropriate to remember both the human, the national, and the ceremonial, and to salute her unfailing public good humour and stoical determination to fulfil her national duties throughout her long lifetime.

    The family unit is the bedrock of our British civilisation, and indeed of virtually all civilisations throughout

  • Who is Q? What is the Plan for the Vaccinated?


    This is a measured and calm review of the deep state and its ambitions to rule a depopulated world.

    Also the push-back from the antidote to the deep state: the Q team (whoever they may be) and what has been happening since the assassination of President Kennedy.

    This has been a clandestine war from the very beginning -  a beginning that goes back millennia at least to biblical times.

    This war is coming to a head as we live and breathe - a war to end all wars, and to end the influence of institutional evil that has been festering within the halls of power from earliest known times.  

    We indeed live in the most "interesting" of times.

    In only 30 minutes much is left unsaid, but the primary message concerns the fate of the jabbed - how will the negative effects of the injections be countered?

    Operation "warp speed" was

  • The Power Behind the Boris?


    I do recall that soon after the start of the Ukraine war, peace negotiations were held which I thought at the time showed great promise.

    Soon afterwards the negotiations were broken off seemingly for no clear reason and the fighting has been unbroken ever since.

    Now Raheem Kassam has put the clues together and suggested a likely culprit that may surprise many and few in equal measure.

    This site has remarked before that the war in the Ukraine is no business of the UK and not in any way in our interests (unless we are all suffering from the delusion that Russia is run by a power-crazed dictator who is hell bent on world domination - whilst Russia has in truth taken several limited military interventions to protect her interests, it is NATO that has invaded and bombed multiple middle eastern and Balkan

  • UK Banks to Limit People’s Accounts Due To Banking Woes?


    "We've added a new condition that says if it's necessary due to economic circumstances that affect the banking industry, we may restrict the amount you can have in your accounts either by applying a limit or by imposing a charge. If we have to do this and it applies to your account, we'll write to you with more information"

    (4 minutes)


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  • NHS Roundup


    Debi Evans reviews the current state of "health care" in the UK for UK Column.

    Lots of good info here:

    "Anyone of pensionable age (66 years) cannot be cut off between October and March. It is that simple; it’s against the law"

    No prizes for guessing what cannot be cut off.

    On the other hand it's perfectly OK to cut other things out if you are a young girl confused by your school's propaganda:

    "Gender-affirming hysterectomies" is a fancy euphemism for the hacking-out of a girl’s reproductive system because she is confused about her identity ...These barbaric procedures on minors need to be criminalised. Instead, they’re being

  • Bob Tells It Like It Was, As We Guessed it Must Have Been


    But it still shocks to the core, because it confirms beyond any doubt that "our government" is not ours when push comes to shove.

    Yes we knew that, or those of us who thought about it knew, but seeing it in black and white brings an inflexion point, a point of no return to the days when, well, when we might have been mistaken.

    The media left many questions unasked - deliberately. Does that not make them complicit?

    "How many more months will they spend sitting comfortably on the truth, watching millions of people suffer at the hands of a lie?"

    TCW tells the story and asks the questions. And, just maybe, helps open the flood gates.


  • The Power of Rome, London, and Washington DC to Rule the World will be Cancelled


    Do we want a MEGA hat?!

    A Make England Great Again hat?

    It's a catchy concept that has some allure.

    Did you know that there is an English Constitution Party? Nor me, but our English Constitution deserves to be widely known and respected.

    How is it not already widely known? Because our schools do not teach it!

    It is said that our Constitution is the antidote to slavery - so one may ask what happened to it? Since slavery is a hot topic these days, the antidote should be equally hot, so why do our schools not teach it? Do our elites not want it widely known?

    It isn't just England that is in trouble, the whole (mainly English speaking) western world, all of which governments tried to treat their entire populations like slaves

  • Swindon Residents Association research 5G


    Two videos of local residents association members checking out the 5G towers in their area.

    Not exciting, and not too difficult!

    (23 minutes)



    (25 minutes)



  • So Will the Vatican be Humble and Obedient, Or Will they Unleash a Last Throw?


    The Fulford Report today throws out a question that will be answered shortly, when the results of this past week-end's Vatican conclave of Cardinals become apparent.

    It may take a while, but it's in nobody's interests to spin this out.

    Now that the damage caused by the jabs is hitting insurance companies in the pocket, the corporate ranks are under increasing pressure to face the truth, and the media will have a hard time not following suit.

    An interesting report (modest subscription required).

    (NB: IOR: Institute for the Works of Religion, AKA the "Vatican Bank")

  • Policing - Fit for Purpose? But Which Purpose?


    Philip Flower (former Met Police Chief Superintendent) writes for the Daily Mail:

    "... senior officers appear to have completely lost sight of their basic role: to catch and deter criminals... "

    "... junior colleagues, the products of a woke education system, often have totally unrealistic notions of what their job entails... "

    "Drug-dealing, burglaries, car theft, dangerous driving, mass shoplifting raids and all kinds of other crime seems to go increasingly unchecked"

    "As recently as 2014-2015, some 16 per cent of reported offences led to a suspect being charged. That figure has collapsed"

    ‘Pride is one of the many wonderful community events we are there to police,’ he said, ‘but also to allow people to look behind the uniform and see who we are’

  • Quick Reminder to Prime us All for September


    It's all been said before (this video is from Dec 2020) but it bears repeating - the great one percent unelected elite are out to rule the world, and democracy is no part of their plans - they have already corrupted the democratic systems of the western world to be their obedient servants, and used Covid to demonstrate exactly that:

    (6 minutes)