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The Unelected

  • The Great/Greater Reset Explained?


    Sanctions on Russia - not for the first time.

    But is the West suffering more than Russia?

    Kit Knightly writing for Off-Guardian (via Technocracy News and Trends) points up the contradictions.

    Cui bono? Who benefits?

    If the NWO wants depopulation (and all things Covid failed to deliver) then perhaps food shortages will do the trick? And an open war would help too.

    If the NWO wants to stop "climate change" (but we don't want to disfigure our environment with solar farms that take out our farmland, and wind-mills that take out our bird life, and we still need carbon fuels for power when the

  • WW3 According to Benjamin Fulford


    Fulford on Friday - WW3 is coming to a head, the golden rouble will end the central baking system.

    Worth watching (modest subscription required)

    The façade is cracking up - hold the line.

    You can't terminate a millenium-old cult without unleashing a certain amount of mayhem, but the end is nigh.

    According to Fulford cool.


  • UK Column Reviews the Geopolitics Surrounding the Ukraine Situation


    UK Column bring out their big guns to survey the background to the conflict in the Ukraine and the implications for the ongoing geopolitical Great Game.

    They follow this up with an excursion around the UK Deep State, which pulls the global strings of soft power, via the usual network of word salad charities think tanks and "arms length" bodies, operating behind the usual techniques of secrecy obfuscation and ambiguity that normal people find off-putting and irrelevant to their own lives.

    Oh, and there's the usual opaque educational schemes that bring forward "selected" candidates into scholarship / leadership schemes that may or may not have anything to do with the candidates' merit / abilities.

    Followed by a clip from an NHS "board meeting", complete with a contribution from June Raine of the MHRA "enabling organisation", in case we thought that our NHS crisis is over. 

    Dr Tedros has called a World Health

  • Ukraine - Post WW2 Outpost of the CIA?


    "A nine minute segment from Part 2 of Doug Valentine's The CIA As Organized Crime. For 70 years the CIA has been working to undermine and occupy Ukraine to bring down Russia"

    "The United States Occupies the Ukraine"

    I'm not sure that's an entirely appropriate sentiment, but to suggest that the CIA runs the Ukraine might be nearer the truth.

    This could explain a great deal...

    (9 minutes)


    Like / Dislike this video here.

  • The European Council Prepares for Global Pandemic Preparedness


    It's a good job that EU leaders are still looking to our health needs despite the dominating imperative of dealing with the war in the Ukraine, otherwise we might forget to demand that they negotiate a new international treaty to make us all obey the diktats of the WHO, and we would risk obliteration by the next pandemic.

    The European Council (ie: the pinnacle of the EU power pyramid, and not to be confused with the Council of Europe) has set out its vision of how it intends to place the EU nations under the control of the UN by international treaty so that they can all be protected from the next pandemic under the wise guidance - no wait, that was the last pandemic - under the orders of the UN's WHO (ably assisted of course by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation et al).

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Now I've been on this earth for well over half a

  • Fulford on Friday 25 March - Video Update


    Benjamin's latest report summarises the world situation concerning who the Khazarian Mafia are, where they are and how they are faring.

    The war is on track.

    Watch his report here (25 minutes, subscription required).


  • Swedish 5G Study Gives Serious Pause for Thought


    The Environmental Health Trust has been active in the EMF space for some years, and has now published a significant study, albeit of one couple, who had a 5G base station installed in the roof above their apartment.

    No it wasn't randomised and double-blinded but it does illustrate that some people are seriously affected by electromagnetic radiation below the official limits.

    So who sets those limits? The national authorities of each country - but they all tend to take their lead from the United States. That can make sense, since if the work to determine the safe limits has been done conscientiously there is no point in duplicating the effort, all other things being equal.

    "Measurements before and

  • The Central Banks are Tottering - Long Live the Stable Currency!


    Clif High tells it like he sees it.

    If you value your wealth, take heed. He may not have everything right but I suspect he has a good grip on most of it.

    "we don't know in our lives what it is like to live with sound money"

     (31 minutes)


  • Update Following the UN Security Council Mtg of 11th March


    At the UN meeting of 11th March the Russian Federation protested that the US had been running bio-labs in the Ukraine.

    UN Security Council Debates Threats to International Peace and Security

    One week on and Russia has documented further details:

    "Over the past week, we have discovered new details indicating that components of biological weapons were being developed in Ukraine"

    "I suggest that you should study it carefully. It confirms that Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) directly funded and supervised military biological projects in Ukraine"

    "Representatives of the US Department of State still get confused when asked about it and assure that the United States allegedly takes

  • Ukraine - Betrayed by Elites?


    Dr Lee Jone, "Professor of Political Economy and International Relations at Queen Mary University of London", writing in Unherd has produced one of the most thoughtful and (hopefully) informed contributions to the Ukraine situation that I have seen. 

    Examining the situation from the different viewpoints is not very fashionable given that war has broken out and the first casualty is truth, but without such an analysis, peace is unlikely to be either concluded or successful.

    Worth reading.


  • QFS Ends Corrupt Cabal Central Banking Systems


    This article is not for everyone, but if your mind is open to possibilities and recognises that "there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy" then this may be for you.

    From my point of view there is nothing here that can be proven (unless you know differently?) and the QFS (and much else besides) has been touted by various sources for a long time with no obvious result, but that of itself does not yet invalidate it. 

    As St Paul said:

    "for now we see through a glass, darkly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then shall I know, even as I also am

  • Don't Let Your Bank Manager See This, Show It to Your Lawyer


    Masterly interrogation of an unfortunate bank employee . . .

    No doubt it's totally different in the UK (?)

    (17 minutes)



  • Review of Ukraine, NATO, the EU, Putin and the WEF-UN


    Catherine Austin Fitts and Karel van Wolferen Discuss NWO, Ukraine, NATO, EU and Putin’s Shock Chess Moves on Davos

    CAF and KW knit together the goings on in Ukraine, the EU, NATO, and the UN, which wants an international treaty to subject us all to UN control in the event of another "pandemic".

    "When Fitts and van Wolferen speak, their emotions are subjugated to their knowledge, not vice versa"

    You won't find this in the mainstream then.

  • Who Rules the World? WW3 will Decide the Issue


    This is definitely an article to put up under the "Conspiracy" tag - nobody would have believed a word of it just a few short years ago, perhaps many will never believe it.

    Why? It's just so enormous a proposition that most well-balanced people would say "Where's the evidence?", and in truth the evidence has not previously been at all obvious.

    Although some real journalists of yesteryear did turn up some disquieting facts, and managed to get them published - if anybody wanted to read about them. Nobody in government, reportedly.

    Not surprising really - if you are trying to dominate a world whose population isn't keen on being dominated, then you take great care to hide your intentions behind multiple distractions. The Romans famously had their "bread and circuses", but they were probably not the first to use the

  • Fulford on Monday 14th March


    Is this the end-game?

    "a huge campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and expand into the universe is about to begin".

    Worth reading.


  • Draft Terms of Reference - Covid19 Official Enquiry


    The Daily Sceptic brings us up to date with the official thinking (and remarks thereon).

    "1. Examine the COVID-19 response and the impact of the pandemic… and produce a factual narrative account"

    "2. Identify the lessons to be learned from the above, thereby to inform the U.K.’s preparations for future pandemics"

    As the author notes, the scope has been drawn sufficiently widely to cover just about everything, including the "development and delivery of therapeutics and vaccines". That might or might not include whether any therapeutics were suppressed, and whether the vaccines were actually proven effective - both highly significant issues.

    It will also consider "preparedness and resilience" - will it determine why the lessons from

  • UN Security Council Debates Threats to International Peace and Security


    Meeting today, Friday 11th March.

    Watch on UN Web TV:

    Under-Secretary General -
    Dept of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs - situation summary - starts at 30 minutes

    High Representative for Disarmament Affairs - biological weapons - starts at 39 minutes

    High Representative for Disarmament Affairs - nuclear power plants - starts at 45 minutes

    (the above is mostly reminders of procedure and associated formalities)

    Statement on biological weapons by the Russian Federation - starts at 47 minutes

    "... we discovered a truly

  • The Ukraine - and Thereby Hangs a Tale ...


    I don't have a date for when she made this video, but it was just after Zelensky was elected which would place it in late April or in May 2019. I couldn't find it on her current channel, but others seem to have preserved it for us. 

    A recent history of George Soros' involvement in the Ukraine, as investigated by Amazing Polly.

    "... all these new agencies he wants to set up, all so that Ukraine can get massive debt from the World Bank and IMF, plus be allowed to buy insurance from four other agencies who will then have all of that underwritten by the European Union; but the European Union won't underwrite any of that unless Ukraine does exactly what George Soros says in his paper"

    "as part of the new reform support architecture for Ukraine, the European Bank [ for reconstruction and development ] goes on to add more layers of bureaucracy to this... the NRC needs to support newly formed reform support teams and extend support for activity and

  • Highwire Round Up - Episode 256


    No, nothing to do with Bayer's RoundUp.

    This is the Highwire's take on recent and current global events, and no, not just health issues.

    Del Bigtree and Jeffrey Jaxen as usual, discussing the protests around the world, the situation in Canada, the events in the Ukraine, back on more familiar territory with the appointment of a new head for the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) who intends to prioritise "fighting misinformation" (well, he does come from Google).

    It's time to start a new paradigm - cheaper health insurance for the unvaccinated - that should put the cat amongst the pigeons.

    Oh, and seguing seamlessly into climate change safety, personal carbon allowances, how would that ever work... ? Oh, the WHO's international treaty on pandemic prevention and preparedness which is

  • Sajid Makes a Promise


    On the face of it it's a step forward - but after the last two years of government politicians advisers civil servants and associated bodies turning resolutely deaf ears to all logic and science, we might be forgiven for examining the teeth of this gift horse with a microscope.

    I'm not going to bother, since a politician's promise is not normally worth the breath expended when making it, so I'll content myself with just reporting on it, with a caveat.

    Health Secretary Confirms Coronavirus Act Will Expire in March and Tells MPs He Does Not “Envisage” Ever Bringing it Back

    The Daily Sceptic's report is slightly vague in so far as it isn't clear whether it's just the "provisions" that will expire or whether it is the Act itself in toto - but I take