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Teenagers have always had a problem with society's expectations of their interactions with the opposite sex. So it's no surprise if that tradition still lingers, although perhaps it is a disappointment that expectations seem to have become more extreme, perhaps in particular for white indigenous Brits.

"This moral shift has been encouraged by social media and an expansive higher education sector that delights in tearing down the old order. Things we once took for granted are merely ‘constructed’ – and anyone who disagrees is a misogynistic privilege-hoarder"

Sounds a bit extreme doesn't it? But in a world where pre-pubescent kids are expected to attend "Drag Queen Story Hours" it may be that our teenagers are actually getting off lightly.

As far as I can see it's the usual gaslighting technique - encourage them by a constant barrage of LGBTQ+ sexual propaganda and then trip them up over trivial or imagined minor misdemeanours that will only add to their mental confusion.

Some strong-willed boys will see it for what it is, and get themselves into even more hot water by pushing back too hard, whilst others may become cowed and resolve never to speak to a girl again.

Funnily enough this circus seems to be driven by the usual self-righteous lobby groups of dubious funding that claim to speak for society. 

"Look at the ‘Global Boyhood Initiative’, which is writing a new curriculum – currently being piloted in a couple of London schools – on gender equality for children"

And wouldn't you know it, it's all resulting in more business for Big Pharma, courtesy of "our" NHS:

"the NHS has found that the proportion of boys with probable mental health issues has increased by more than 50%, now at nearly one in five. The suicide rate for boys aged 15 to 19 has more than doubled over the past decade"

Not to mention the breakdown of a functioning society, and young adults who have trouble relating to the opposite sex, creating a stable family, and bringing up their own kids.

The Daily Sceptic reports.

So who funds the Global Boyhood Initiative? Well, it's "coordinated by Equimundo".

Who funds Equimundo?

No surprises here, it's a selection of all the usual suspects.

Whilst our schools are in thrall to such well-funded NGOs who have responsibility to neither governments nor parents, they are to all intents and purposes unaccountable. Parents should be up in arms about such involvement.