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The ever-expanding web of NGOs that make it their business to poke their noses into everybody's opinions to check their thinking (and if required cancel their legal communications) comes in for some necessary analysis in the Daily Sceptic.

Of course it has to be a self-important "Institute", in this case the portentous-sounding "Institute for Strategic Dialogue" of which I'm guessing very few have ever heard. 

"The ISD alone spends over £5 million per year and, at this stage, it is likely that tens of millions of pounds have been invested by such groups into developing tools to identify political dissent in the U.K. and other countries"

Which brings us back to the subject of finance - where do all these millions spent by such organisations come from?

"In order to illuminate these nefarious connections, we developed a simple network map for the ISD, where the links between the ISD and others represent real world links in the form of funding or other cooperation"

You may not be surprised to learn that all the usual suspects appear to be involved.

"The ISD (and others) claim a special status in their interactions with government as representatives of wider civil society ... the ISD does not represent a large section of society, but ... actively works against sections of society by trying to censor popular commentators and researchers"

Whilst we permit such institutes to be well-funded by large corporations (and even government agencies) whilst claiming to represent the interests of wider society, they will be forever out of control.

They are simply corporate lobby groups and should be clearly identified and treated as such, and forbidden from receiving funds that originated from the taxpayer.

In no circumstances should they be granted charitable status.

The Daily Sceptic reports.