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Martin Geddes reviews the state of life in Britain under the depredations of the unconstitutional state officials, that further their ambitions by controlling our perceptions rather than by implementing our constitutional rights.

"the craven adherence to rules over conscience is how evil spreads and scales"

"So far no council has been able to prove a lawful obligation to pay; they cannot, since it is debt slavery"

" ... in practise we have been ensnared and enslaved via legalese and administrative law, which treats us as commercial vessels rather than living and breathing creatures"

"This was done on health and safety grounds, with zero evidence being offered, despite the law demanding evidence in order to prevent exactly this kind of arbitrary exercise of power"

"It is increasingly commonplace for the state to steal our innate freedoms from us, and then license or rent them back for a fee" - or a fine if you exercise them anyway.

"That such matters are unconstitutional is seen as an irrelevance"

A very useful review that places a number of matters into their proper perspective, and indicates possible avenues for those who find themselves under unlawful harassment.

"Never expect them to show honour — these institutions are just crime gangs using public service as a fig leaf to cover their shame"

Nevertheless, we need to remember that these institutions are staffed by people like you and I, who don't realise the true nature of their employer's business (and who may be open to being shown how their systems are incompatible with justice).

Thus the cause of justice must be progressed through the battle for hearts and minds for the spirit of justice.




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