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If you are looking to me to answer that question then I cannot say, but I can say that there do appear to be straws in the wind . . .


This video by Mark Steele (well-known "conspiracy theorist") who may well have Gateshead Council on the run is interesting. You don't have to accept the references to Satan if you don't want to, but it's getting to be unarguable that the globalist threat from socialism/fascism/communism/pick-your-own-ism that he talks about is real (whether deliberately so or misguidedly so is up to each of us to determine).


For more from Mark Steele visit the SaveUsNow web-site. This is not just about 5G!


For a Christian evangelical and very American viewpoint, hear Dutch Sheets give one of his "Give him 15" homilies:

For a lesson in how to put the case for preparedness for action in a positive and supportive manner, Dutch provides a master-class every day.

"When the timing is just right, God will have his angels upturn those bowls of prayers and a third Great Awakening will spread like fire all over the globe"


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More from Dutch Sheets here.


Lastly, Del Bigtree and Zach Bush may not immediately spring to mind when we consider the concept of religious revival, but watch this video and tell me that they are not at one with the concept of revival, albeit they approach it from a an entirely different angle.

Watch at the Highwire.