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In counterpoint to Ivor's "Wars of the Bankers", LaRouchePAC runs us through the history of the oligarchy from Plato/Socrates through to America and Lyndon LaRouche.

Do you think that rule by filthy-rich oligarchs is a modern phenomenon? Think again ...

"Through Plato’s writing, Socrates details all of the inherent flaws of oligarchical rule and all of the practices which will lead to its downfall"

"The American Revolution changed human society in the most profound ways possible. It proclaimed a culture based on human freedom, equality, economic development, and ongoing upward human progress"

The above isn't strictly accurate - it didn't change the existing societies, it set up a new beta test version of how we as free men would best govern ourselves. Like all beta tests, it uncovered significant problems, including the absolute determination of the existing oligarchy to take it over and bring it down.

In consequence, the United States has been driven through several historical bankruptcies, each enabling the oligarchs to tighten their control.

"What LaRouche outlines is the nature of an oligarchical financial empire, one which has established the means to rule in perpetuity"

To understand the how that perpetual rule has been established, read on.