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I never thought I would feature Dominic Cummings, but this polemical brain-dump is too good to miss. It's also tediously long and in many ways repetitive (forgivable in an ex-insider who has seen a lot of both dark and light), but has its essentials squarely in the right place.

Whether or not we agree with his solution, it's a potent message.

It's also too long to digest in one sitting, so I have indexed the sections below :

A great chance (best since 1850s?) to replace the Tories

Some basic questions for The Startup Party?

A few basic assumptions

Sketch of some principles for TSP

What would TSP look like overall?

Using Insider hate/energy…

A very rough path into the forest

What’s the hardest problem?

What next?


Comments on comments

If I have one comment to make, this would still leave us with the Party System - which I believe corrupt. Unless reformed it could still be corrupted, as I see no measures to ensure that MPs would work for their constituents rather than the Party. Until the Party whip is abolished, political donations reformed, and MPs are hired paid and fired by their constituency, the rot may resurface. 

Also, TSP should seriously consider recruiting from the population of the retired - they have "been around the block" a few times, their experience should not be discarded, and many would likely be perfectly prepared to provide support and advice - some might even agree to serve as MPs!