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"There's more to come"

We await the official release of audit results (possibly next month) with interest.




This is it!

Inspired by Robert David Steele and produced under his aegis, this is the long awaited 1hr 30 min movie on the history of elections in the United States.

It does rather put the current electoral shenanigans into historical context.

Does anybody remember the infamous "hanging chads" of Florida? It doesn't seem that look ago, but the voting machines of the time were still using punched cards.

Was there ever an election that was not marred by fraud? Who knows?

Watch and find out.


"𝗔𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗧𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗩𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗼
This video was funded by the individuals listed as co-producers. The interviews and narration were done by Dr. Cynthia McKinney, six term Congresswoman from Georgia cheated out of her seventh term by one of the first implementations of electronic voting machine fraud. Post-production and editing was done by Angie Blake of Victurus Libertas.

The other two videos – the one on “Wall Street Treason & Crime” and the one on “Satanic Pedophilia”, are scheduled to be released free to the public very soon"



It's now a (relatively) safe distance from November 2020, things have, at least on the surface, settled down a bit, so now perhaps is a good time to take a (relatively) dispassionate review of the whole sorry affair.

As we might expect, given the magnitude of the stakes, it's still not realistic to find an impartial team to speak about it (and it wouldn't be half as interesting), so we have Doug Billings talking to lawyer Sidney Powell.

I find this a revealing interview, and I think you will too:


 Watch on Bitchute.



Featuring a Special Guest Appearance from:-

   Sensational Star Politician, 

   45th Vice President of the United States of America,

   One-Time Presidential Candidate,

  and  Climate Futurologist of World Renown (Drum Roll Please . . . . . )

- Al GOOOoooore!!! (Rapturous Applause)

The Arizona audit has been going for weeks now and we hear that most of the work has been completed.

All that remains is to parcel the information up into a comprehensive report, which it is suggested will be made available when ready, probably in August.

What has Al Gore got to do with this? Not a lot, but CNN presumably decided that his input would be relevant.

Here you can watch the latest update on the audit and its surrounding politics, strictly for your entertainment, Al Gore clip and all:



Mike Lindell launches a lawsuit based on hard evidence that all five swing states elections were hacked. Period.

The interview with Mike starts at 5 minutes, but you might want to start at 26 minutes where he does a straight explanation to camera of what the evidence is, how it was captured, and why it is incontrovertible.

My reading is that the first lawsuit will be his own personal lawsuit against Dominion machines starting "tomorrow", the objective seems to be to get the information about the evidence in the public domain prior to taking it all to the Supreme Court in July to get the election overturned.

Things seem to be finally moving . . .