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Many organisations are now set on mandating Covid jabs for employees, and the government seems set on requiring them for schoolchildren.

In my opinion, the notion of jabbing children with these experimental inoculations which have only emergency authorisation amounts to a criminal act on many counts:

  1. These vaccinations have unknown long-term safety profiles

  2. There is no current emergency that justifies their use for this purpose under the existing EAUs

  3. Children are at no significant risk from Covid-19

  4. Vaccination may not prevent onward transmission of the virus by the vaccinated - indeed it may enable the vaccinated to harbour larger concentrations of the virus whilst remaining asymptomatic

  5. Children are at demonstrable risk from the vaccines, even if the MHRA are criminally negligent in not following up their yellow card reports to establish and publish the true extent of that risk

  6. In the absence of such follow-up by the MHRA, how can the principle of "informed consent" be respected? The data is available to the MHRA but the analysis is not publicly available to those who are to be vaccinated

  7. There is scant serious evidence that adults are at significant risk from children passing on the SARS-CoV-2 virus anyway

  8. Those adults primarily at risk from SARS-CoV-2 are the elderly with comorbidities

  9. The primary medical principle has always been "first do no harm" - when was that discontinued?

How many inevitable injuries to health (including death) to our children, through adverse mass vaccination events, do we consider acceptable, so that we may notionally save some of our mostly elderly with few remaining years of life expectancy from catching Covid-19?

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