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Alex Story writes short piece for Brexit Watch which nails exactly what is going on in the western pseudo-democratic world.

"In an interesting turn, they affirm that meteorology, one of the most complex areas of scientific endeavour known to man, is 'settled' whilst simultaneously asserting that sex, hitherto the most settled field of biology, is 'fluid' and, therefore unsettled"

For "meteorology" we could equally well substitute "climate change".

I think it sums up exactly how the subversion process is being slowly but assiduously rolled out across the western nations by their own institutions, backed up by the one hundredth of one percent who effectively own all the earth's money and resources.

The primary battleground is for our schoolchildren - and not just for their mental and spiritual attitude, but for their very imminent well-being. The pandemic poses zero risk for kids, but they still intend to jab them despite the certainty that adverse effects, immediate and not so immediate, will claim health and lives.

"The intellectual putrefaction is almost absolute"

Truly we are being gaslighted, and by design.

Highly recommended.