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Would the world turned upside down not see the Aussies on top? Sadly although they have had their world flattened (if not turned upside down) they are not currently on top.

Sitting here in relatively relaxed Blighty it's easy to forget that the rest of the world is far from being relaxed - various states in the US are trying to emulate Australia whilst many others are as relaxed as we are; Canada is also on track to emulate the Aussies and as for New Zealand - well, words do not suffice. Europe is little better with many protesting the "Macronovirus" and with Pass Sanitaire in the ascendant.

The Daily Sceptic reminds us of the situation down under by publishing a piece by Australian writer Steve Waterson, who paints a sorry picture of life under the Covid Heel.

We in the UK would do well to eschew any complacent assessment over whether the screws will not be tightened here once more. It won't be long before first signs of resurgence in the usual seasonal respiratory illnesses begin to appear in the charts, and we have plenty of our own domestic little "Hitlers" who will seek to take advantage.

The "temporary" Coronavirus Act 2020 falls due to be renewed this September - it should either be promptly repealed, or very significant time must be scheduled for the long overdue Parliamentary debate on this Act - where currently is the emergency that would prevent this?