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Stew Peters interviews a "whistleblower" who spills the alleged beans about the Pfizer shot - are the 'Covid-19 breakthrough' cases we currently hear so much about really vaccine adverse events?

The 9/11 attacks caused 2977 victims, "that day will never be forgotten",

"the 1900 Galveston hurricane ... killed anywhere between six and twelve thousand people and is recorded as being the most deadly event in the United States - until now"

"this so-called 'FDA approved vaccine' has recorded more deaths than any of these horrific tragedies, and it's not even talked about"

"these serious adverse events ... in October 2020 the FDA ... said: ' look, here is about two dozen serious adverse events we need to look for from these injections' - and they happen to match up with what the Mayo Clinic is calling 'Covid-19 breakthrough'"

"they are 100% unequivocally approved, the Pfizer BioNTech BNT162b Covid-19 vaccine has been approved as of August 23rd 2021 as per letter from the FDA ... this is a standard FDA authorisation letter"

"what's in these vaccines is going to be known in the next two weeks at the latest"

"those safety strategies, those safety protocols that were put in place were thrown out of the window"

"if Pfizer have not been honest with the American people, and with the FDA, in regard to what's in these vials, they have 14 days to come clean"

"just for the heart inflammation this product should be recalled"

"the diversity of these adverse events are not consistent with a consistent product"

"if they launch a web-site, there is a whole other slew of lawsuits and charges that can be brought against them"

"Have they violated any criminal law that you're aware of?" "Yes absolutely, as a manufacturer they have"

The above is just for starters - there is much more.

Prepare to be shocked.

"... read the authorisation letter - it is horrifying ... as I have ever read, this is enough evidence to say 'no, I'm not putting myself at harm or my child at harm ...'"