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I gave up being a religious person a long time ago. "Spiritual" and "Religious" are words with variable meanings depending on your life experience - how are they to be interpreted?

Why is the notion of "sacred" religiously excluded from all "science"?

If science means anything it means "to know" ... to know the truth about how the universe in which we find ourselves, the universe of which we ourselves are very much a part, how this universe actually works - and if matters sacred exist here at all, then an understanding of "sacred" is surely an intrinsic part of the "science"?

Do such questions have answers? If so, where are they to be found?

I don't always relate to "Stop World Control" because I normally find him too hectoring, too "in your face", maybe a bit too "melodramatic" to be persuasive, but at the same time I don't doubt his authenticity or his motivation - these are times to try men's our souls and we all react differently.

But whatever your religious or spiritual inclination, I suspect that the point he is flagging up this Easter is likely pertinent to us all, even if delivered from a Christian (ie: follower of Christ's example) perspective.

After all is said and done, each of us has been given a magnificent organ between our ears by our creator (whoever/whatever you believe Him/Her/It to be) and it would be the very height of discourtesy to duck out of using it to its fullest extent - it is our duty and responsibility to think for ourselves and to act accordingly, and not merely to follow and obey those who declaim the loudest.

We are called to seek out, verify and weigh the evidence, apply the logic, assess alternative viewpoints, and yes, in humility listen to that still small inner voice of intuition that can help us determine what feels right in those cases that still defy confident assessment.

It's truly a tough call these days, given that almost anything except flesh and blood face-to-face interaction can be (and is!) faked, but we are where we are and we must make the best of it.

It's our call, and nobody else's.