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The wait has been extraordinarily long (what was it about again?) but it is finally released.

John Durham's report on FISA-gate is out.

So what happens? Very little so far.

"Durham proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the entire Trump Campaign-Russia collusion investigation ... was a total hoax ... by a corrupt Department of Justice and FBI, acting in collusion ... "

But we knew much of that when the Mueller investigation came up with precisely - nothing.

 "Such an overt retaliatory action by the DOJ ... would not have been possible had Durham done his job and prosecuted those responsible for the illegal investigation"

"Completely exculpatory statements ... made to the FBI, CIA, and MI6 asset Stepan Halper were deliberately withheld from the FISA Court, as was the CIA’s note to the FBI that Page was an operational asset of the CIA"

"Durham’s report actively covers up the British role in instigating the entire investigation"

Yes, our fingers were in this pie too it seems.

It's safe to say that LaRouchePAC are not impressed.

But there is plenty of information hitherto suspected by many, now confirmed, and as salvos in the information war go, this will be hard to ignore.

Martin Geddes also puts the Durham report into the context of the ongoing information propaganda and indeed hot war for the once and for all tie take-down of the elite who have ruled our world from the shadows.

It's a long review, but it's reviewing a process that we are all going through. 

" ... while I saw it as a revolution, I had yet to appreciate it as full-scale warfare dominated by military rules and law"

"We did not know that there was a nanotech, biotech, EMF, genetic, and surveillance ‘smart genocide’ planned for us back in 2018"

Quite so.

We await further developments with interest, and note the quickening pace.

Is it too much to hope for an early end to this process?

Given the scope and ambition (which may not yet have been fully revealed to us), the answer must be - Define "early"!


Download the Durham Report here.

Or here (Choice of access).