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The news is full now of the Hancock WhatsApps which purport to explain the unconscionable decisions made by the then Health Secretary, particularly in regard to the now infamous operation to get the elderly out of hospitals and into care homes.

This is ultimately a revelation of insufficient substance. The term "Limited Hangout" comes to mind.

Is it all about diverting us into looking into the intricate details of some sub-events that can be blamed on "incompetence", or perhaps on the negligent criminality of some minor bit-player, who can be thrown under the bus to satiate the mob's lust for vengeance and thus protect the main players who operate in the background?

It seems that Matt Hancock is to be the first such victim, and he will be lucky to get off with "incompetence". Other associates of the time will follow him as the loose ends are followed through, perhaps right up to prime minister Johnson. But will we find out who was actually pulling their strings?

There is a good way to go yet, but it is a start.

Why do I present such a jaundiced viewpoint?

Is it not all to the good that the public are now being exposed to some of the things that went on behind the scenes at that time?

Yes it is. Provided that this is just the first stage in a longer process of bringing out the full and awful extent of the criminality of those who presume to rule over us. It's a necessary and unavoidable first step, but it's trails must be followed all the way to the top of the hidden power pyramid. It will take many months, probably years - ultimately these trails span the globe.

How do I know?

I have been reporting on this since the beginning, in fact from before this website was started.

There are trails that lead more directly to the top, without ploughing laboriously through so many layers.

It was clear from early on that the Covid tests did not test for infection, and possibly not even for SARS-CoV-2. They were useless for the stated purpose (but excellent for creating a pseudo-pandemic). They were approved by the WHO and all the supposedly competent regulatory authorities in the world (bar a few African countries whose presidents were less enamoured of Big Pharma and not above testing a papaya or two). But the test was also assessed by qualified independent experts and found seriously unfit for purpose. And perhaps crucially, they could be manipulated to produce positive results from almost nothing by simply running enough cycles.

It's very hard to conclude that the pandemic itself was genuine, especially since the overall rates of excess deaths worldwide did not rise significantly prior to the introduction of the vaccines. Deaths labelled as "Covid" on account of the test were through the roof, but flu somehow disappeared and many "Covid" deaths were in the elderly and clustered around normal life expectancy, so we can surmise that they were "normal" deaths from whatever the elderly normally die from - falls, respiratory problems, etc.

And bear in mind that in those days merely a positive test within the preceding 28 days would suffice to be counted by the statisticians as death by Covid, regardless of clinical opinion.

Yes, the official statisticians also have some explaining to do. Will "only following orders" cut it?



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