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Many of us have watched videos of strange particulates found in the "jabs" and have heard speculations about what they may portend.

Ricardo Delgardo of La Quinta Columna (or for us Brits La Quinta Columna via Google Translate) explains the results of his investigations in this video.

"Graphene oxide is extremely toxic, and the toxicity is also dependent on the electromagnetic radiation it absorbs"

" ... this graphene oxide can be stimulated remotely and wirelessly, using .. the new 4G, 4G plus and 5G technology ... "

"All vaccinated people send their data to an external server controlled by artificial intelligence ... "

I cannot vouch for the accuracy of some of these conclusions, and it is not clear how he has reached them, but it is clear that this ingredient was not declared by the manufacturers and thus may be assumed unlikely to be there for our benefit.

Whilst this explanation of the effects of Graphene Oxide is in many respects alarming, the good news is that the body's natural defences (including antibodies and glutathione) will clear it up given a chance. More booster jabs anybody?

(11 minutes)


For those of us concerned about the graphene oxide side of things, he covers this research in this article:


"This research remains open and is made available to scientific community for discussion. We make a call for independent researchers, with no conflict of interest or coaction from any institution to make wider counter-analysis of these products to achieve a more detailed knowledge of thecomposition and potential health risk of these experimental drugs, reminding that graphene materials have a potential toxicity on human beings and its presence has not been declared in any emergency use authorization"