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This is definitely an article to put up under the "Conspiracy" tag - nobody would have believed a word of it just a few short years ago, perhaps many will never believe it.

Why? It's just so enormous a proposition that most well-balanced people would say "Where's the evidence?", and in truth the evidence has not previously been at all obvious.

Although some real journalists of yesteryear did turn up some disquieting facts, and managed to get them published - if anybody wanted to read about them. Nobody in government, reportedly.

Not surprising really - if you are trying to dominate a world whose population isn't keen on being dominated, then you take great care to hide your intentions behind multiple distractions. The Romans famously had their "bread and circuses", but they were probably not the first to use the technique.

Once you begin to see some of the pieces of the picture though, once you begin to consider that actually, this may just explain quite a lot of our history and our politics, then the whole edifice begins to expose itself through its actions to those who are prepared to look at global politics (and finances) from this different perspective.

Can we prove it? Proof can unsurprisingly be difficult to nail conclusively - but thanks to the many around the world who have already realised that "something is up" and taken steps to investigate the aspects that they have been in a position to check out, there is now a lot of information around the internet. Of course, it's mixed in with a great deal of disinformation to muddy the waters, but truth has a way of coming to the fore when compared to everything else.

What am I talking about?

A quite extensive explanation is provided by the Final Wake-up Call.

This particular explanation starts from a historical perspective. We don't necessarily have to believe every last assertion since much becomes foggy within the mists of antiquity (to mix metaphors) but the overall flow of the logic (especially since the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo) would seem to have sound historical backing.

Personally there are parts of this I find difficult to relate to, they are so far removed from the world with which I am familiar. Other parts resonate strongly with my experience. I recognise that my life experience has not been especially broad, so I park the bits that I don't necessarily accept in the "pending" file, to await serendipitous clarification.

The article is deficient in that it appears to suggest that just through the population waking up, the KM dark forces will be defeated. Whilst it is not given to humans such as myself to know the future, and such an awakening certainly should be a prerequisite, there must be more to it than that. And I suspect that there is - Russia is taking the KM by the scruff (Kazakhstan, Ukraine) and putting it in its place. 

More about Kazakhstan:

(37 minutes)


Besides all that, much more seems to have been going on over many years at a covert level, probably ever since the assassination of President Kennedy, possibly from earlier times. Someone seems to have been fighting fire with fire, turning all their weapons against them over the years in a covert battleground of lies mind-control brainwashing and much else besides ...  but that's another story, which one day fairly soon we can hope to learn more about.

But what of the present? 

Dr Vernon Coleman:

"we are forced to confront a tactical trick designed to keep us at a disadvantage because we are fighting something that doesn’t exist, cannot be defined and when it does appear to exist is constantly changing"

Sounds familiar?

"Individuals from Ukraine are now allowed to travel all over Europe – even though two thirds of them are wise enough not to have received a single covid-19 jab"

"We are living in a world where our own governments have declared war on us ... And most people haven’t even noticed"

So who is really fighting who in WW3?

One thing we have already learned: "ignorance is bliss" may be true temporarily, but in the long run has led to slavery.