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Stop World Control posits an amazing theory - but does he prove it?

And if so, what on earth is going on?

"Biological knowledge, multiplied by Computing power, multiplied by Data, gives us the ability to hack humans"

"Now we are gaining the power to create life, just like God, and in a way, we even go beyond the Biblical God"

"It sounds like the plot of a cheap science-fiction movie, but ... it's ... the official agenda, published and promoted, all over the world by the World Economic Forum and by their puppets in government ... "

Nothing really new here, but in today's world of smoke and mirrors, it's a fascinating and useful, scary, even essential, reminder (where is James Bond when we need him?!).

I suggest however that it's as succinct presentable and informative a summary of the state of play at the end of 2022 as we might hope to find.

Make of it what you will ...

(54 minutes)